30 Rescued Dogs Thriving In Their New Lives



There are so many dogs without homes or living alone in shelters and it’s wonderful to give them a forever and see them blossom into their best selves. Scroll down to see 30 dogs whose lives were completely transformed when they were rescued and adopted, proving that rescue and adoption really does save lives. Please adopt, don’t shop, whenever possible.

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2 photos of a black and white dog laying down

Via u/Betatide

2 photos of a black dog

Via u/whateverthefuckidc

2 photos of a white dog laying down

Via u/geekity13

black and brown dog standing on sand

Via u/thehowsph

black and white dog holding a green cloth toy

Via u/Turbulent-Change7700

black and white dog in red harness standing in the backseat of a vehicle

Via u/Butterfly-5924

black and white dog laying down on brown carpet

Via u/jeremycb29

black and white dog laying on a lounge chair

Via u/lilfish01

black and white dog laying on a woman hugging the dog

Via u/Erase_decay

black and white dog standing on wooden floor and looking up

Via u/kaylastreussnig

black brown and white dog standing next to a woman sitting in the driver's seat of a car

Via u/Muntu010

black dog in a green collar and leash in the back seat of a vehicle

Via u/hoobastank_fan_1994

black dog laying down on green tiled door

Via u/Feeling-Sad-Archive-

black white and brown dog standing on black and white carpet

Via u/Mindful-runner

black white and brown dog with the tongue out standing on grass

Via u/Kidsnpetsnstuff

brown and white dog laying on a bed facing a man

Via u/theduckwashere1

brown and white dog wearing a red harness in the back of a car being hugged by a woman and a girl

Via u/Houstongamer713

brown and white dog wearing an orange and black coat sitting on a bench

Via u/rotgirlsummer

brown and white dog with brown spots laying halfway on a grey dog bed and on the floor

Via u/KaNikki

brown and white english bulldog sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle

Via u/JohnnRose

brown and white smiling dog with the front legs on a red stool

Via u/papamurph66

brown dog on a green leash standing in the snow

Via u/cellibelli09

close up of black white and brown dog's face

Via u/derpman1

Via u/leezardmik

smiling fluffy brown black and white dog looking up

Via u/Nornarina

Via u/AntwonDonson

brown puppy laying on someone's lap and playing with a green and white rope toy.jfif

Via @Bangtansgirlele

white guy sitting in a black and pink car seat in the back of a vehicle

Via @ministeranc_c

close up of brown smiling dog's face

Via u/DaughterOfDeathwing

golden retriever sitting on the floor and looking upVia u/MaeveGamer

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