30 Nail Ideas for February, Without a Single Heart in Sight

Retro swirly red manicure

Let’s play a little Family Feud-esque game: We say “Valentine’s Day nails” and you say the first thing that pops into your head. Chances are, hearts are top of mind.

As pretty as heart-adorned manicures can be, they’re not for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your nails done with the holiday (and February’s hottest colors) in mind, though. You just have to get creative with all the possible pink and red combos. Fortunately for us, nail artists on Instagram are a step ahead, creating gorgeous pink, red, and combo-color nails that are perfect for February. So, without further ado, keep scrolling for over two dozen February nail art ideas that don’t revolve around hearts.

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Two-Tone Pink French Mani

Two-Tone Pink French Mani

Barbie pink is the look of the moment, making this two-toned hot pink French mani a fabulous idea for February. Best of all, it’s one mani that’s easy(ish) to recreate: With French manicure nail stickers (like the Orly Half Moon Guides, $6), you can section off your nails to paint within the lines and perfect the design.

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Hot Pink Outline Nails

Nude nails with hot pink outline

Love the idea of adding hot pink to your nail look but prefer a more minimalist design? This bordered set is worth a shot. To bring the look to life, use a fine-line nail brush (like the Beetles Nail Art Liner Brushes, $10) to create the thin outline.

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Tortoiseshell Accents

Tortoiseshell and glossy red nails

These tortoiseshell and cherry red nails are giving major ’90s vibes. Admittedly, they’re also giving a “hard-to-DIY” vibe, so your best bet is to book a nail appointment if you opt for these fun February nails.

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’90s Supermodel Nails

'90s supermodel-inspired red nails

Speaking of the ’90s, a bright red negative space half-moon manicure (or exaggerated French tip, depending on how you look at it) is undeniably chic. It’s also an easy set to DIY thanks to the Chillhouse’s Chill Tips in ’90s Supermodel ($16).

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Valentine’s Day Swirls

Red, pink, and white swirl manicure

These pink, red, and white swirl nails remind us of the old-school Creme Savers Strawberries & Creme commercials. Needless to say, they’re a very sweet nail art idea for February.

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Girl Power Mani

Girl Power Nail Art

Prefer a graphic nail art look? This Girl Power mani says it all. (But do yourself a favor and book a nail appointment to bring these bold beauties to life.)

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Red Velvet French Tips

Red Velvet French Tips

The velvet nail trend is alive and well, and these ruby-red velvet French tips are nothing short of stunning. Since these are typically created with magnetic gel polishes cured under UV lights, you’ll likely need to book an appointment to achieve the look.

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Baby Girl Nails

Matte red nails that say 'Baby Girl'

If you love the idea of a manicure that has a lot to say—but prefer a more minimalist design—consider these matte red baby girl nails.

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Pink Chrome Nails

Pink chrome nails

These pink chrome nails conjure images of tiny plastic Barbie heels (you know the ones), and we’re loving it. True chrome nails typically require a pro’s expertise, so get your manicurist on speed dial to bring these eye-catching nails to life.

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Matte Half and Half Nails

Matte Half and Half Nails

You don’t have to cover your entire nail in polish to make a statement. Case in point: These half-and-half matte red nails. Oh, and did we mention that these are easy to DIY? Simply use a piece of nail tape (or trace a fine line) to divide each nail, then fill in one side with red polish. No worries if it’s not matte—you can always finish the look with a mattifying top coat, like OPI’s Matte Top Coat ($12).

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Iridescent Aura Nails

Iridescent nails with metallic pink center

For a mystical February mani, copy this iridescent aura-inspired nail look. To create this set, the nail artist used shimmery red powder topped off with gel.

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Bubblegum Pink French Tips

Bubblegum pink French tips with gold accents

Bubblegum pink French tips are a bit more playful than classic red. To make them even more fun, add gold accents here and there.

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Iridescent Rose Nails

Iridescent Rose Nails

Iridescent nails remain a top request after Hailey Bieber sparked the craze in 2022. To make the nail trend especially fitting for February, add rose decals for a romantic twist. The Deco Miami Ornate Nail Stickers ($10) make recreating the look easier than ever.

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Barbie Pink Nails

Classic Barbie pink nails

There’s no shame in opting for a solid coat of color this February. To DIY a similar look, consider the Dazzle Dry Quick-Dry Nail Lacquer in Pink Plume ($22).

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Two-Toned Negative Space Pink French Mani

Two-Toned Negative Space Pink French Mani

For a daintier take on French tips, take this two-toned pink approach. Just keep in mind: Unless you have a very steady hand, this nail look is best achieved by a pro.

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Tie Dye Pink and Cream Nails

hot pink and cream tie dye nails

If you have long nails, you can create an intricate February nail look like this multi-color pink and cream tie-dye set.

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Glossy Red French Tips

Glossy red French Tips

You can never go wrong with a cherry red French mani. Here, you can see how the design works well on short, squoval nails.

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Classic Red Mani

Glossy red nails

Just like plain pink nails are bold enough to make a statement this is February, the same goes for red. The trick is finding the perfect shade. If you ask us, the Olive & June’s Nail Polish in Kiss Cam ($9) is hard to beat.

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Minimalist Squiggle Nails

Red squiggle border nails

This milky mani is February-ready with its glob-like red splotches. And despite being non-uniform, the end look is positively chic.

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Diamond Accents

Oxblood French manicure with diamond accents

On the topic of chic, let’s take a moment to appreciate these oxblood French tips, complete with crystals. You may want to enlist the help of a pro to create these fine, art deco-style lines.

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Retro Swirl

Multicolor red swirl manicure

We’re suckers for swirls, and this is just another way to add them to your February nail look.

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Pink and Red Distorted Checker Nails

Pink and red checker manicure

Checkerboard nails are trending, and this pink and red iteration is an obvious choice for February. Best of all, the look is super easy to recreate thanks to the Nails of LA Vibe Check Nail Wrap ($10).

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Pink and Gold Swirls

Minimalist Pink and Gold Swirls Manicure

Who said pink and red are the only colors appropriate for February? Adding metallic gold to the mix gives any nail look a luxe feel.

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Pink and Purple Aura Nails

Pink and Purple Aura Nails

Here we have another take on aura nails. Only, instead of an iridescent background, lilac polish takes the stage—and we’re into it.

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Negative Space Red French Tips

Negative Space Red French Tip Manicure

Why stick to one style of French tips when you can switch it up? As noted above, the easiest way to DIY a French manicure is with half-moon nail stickers.

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Valentine’s Day Ombre Half and Half Mani

Valentine's Day Ombre Half and Half Nails

Love the idea of a half-and-half mani but can’t pick a single color? Stick to a classic February palette and arrange them from light to dark.

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Magenta Tie Dye Mani

Magenta Tie Dye Mani

Magenta is the color of the year, so these deep pink nails aren’t just perfect for February—you can wear them all year ’round.

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Bejeweled Baby Pink Mani

Bejeweled Baby Pink Mani

For a flirty, feminine February nail look that’s on the subtler side, consider recreating this milky baby-pink bejeweled manicure. You can DIY it with nail jewels, like those found in the HUETFAT Nail Art Rhinestones Kit ($7).

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Glossy Matte Blush French Mani

Glossy-matte blush French mani

Prefer more neutral nail looks? Opting for a blush-toned manicure is a lovely idea for February.

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Ombré Square Nails

Hand with long pink and blue ombre nails with red designs and pearl accents

The longer your nails are, the more room you have for February-friendly nail art. These tattoo-inspired square tips prove it.

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