30 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Backyard Fence

  • Sugar & Cloth

    Use your fence as a means to showcase your outdoor plants. Whether you opt to install plant hooks or introduce a more complex display like this ladder with small pots for succulents, you can’t go wrong.

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  • Design Improvised

    There are so many different types of wreaths that you can hang outdoors all year, even once the winter holidays have passed. This corn husk wreath is a great accent for fall, and you can hang it from your fence using a small hook.

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  • Crafting Cheerfully

    If you’re looking to add some color to your fence, opt for butterfly decals like these. Style them however you wish; part of the fun is creating a pattern that will bring you joy.

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  • @the_willow_teahouse / Instagram

    Bird lovers, this one is for you! Attach small birdhouses to your fence—they look adorable as decorative objects, but they’ll also attract some feathered friends to your backyard.

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  • @mygardenxx / Instagram

    Woven baskets make for beautiful planters, as demonstrated here. Attach a few to your fence to create an instant backyard art display.

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  • @mygardenxx / Instagram

    Mirrors aren’t just for interior spaces. Here, an antique-looking mirror shines on this fence and makes this little garden appear more styled and complete.

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  • @myloveofcoastal / Instagram

    Dried leaves, flowers, and grasses make for excellent decor, as such items are long-lasting and textural. Select a few dried items that speak to you and replicate the simple look shown here.

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  • @bellacottage2011 / Instagram

    Flower boxes aren’t just for the windowsill. You can hang a few from your fence to add extra cheer to this part of your yard.

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  • @thyme_cottage_gardens / Instagram

    Go bold with dragonfly sculptures like these. They’re instantly eye-catching and add plenty of personality to any yard.

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  • @healy_fencing_and_landscaping / Instagram

    These decorative panels are basically your backyard’s version of wall art! These feature an intricate floral motif that adds plenty of visual interest.

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  • @elaine_lovinglife / Instagram

    Here’s another example of gorgeous fence art—how stunning are these black-eyed Susans? Even if you don’t wish to paint directly on your fence, you can easily jazz up the area with a wooden mural like this.

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  • @colour_my_day_designs / Instagram

    An artful mural like this one will truly make your backyard feel like a tropical oasis as you float in the pool.

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  • @apeturepetportrait / Instagram

    If you wish to paint directly on your fence, go for it! Many people opt to go with a garden theme in their art—here, vibrant flowers and bees add a happy touch to this portion of the yard.

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  • Mama Needs a Project

    Repurpose an old window and build your own shabby chic-inspired flower box, which you can attach to your fence for instant flair.

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  • Sadie Seasongoods

    Believe it or not, these flower-shaped sculptures are actually made out of plastic party trays. This is a simple, budget-friendly DIY project that you can complete in just an afternoon.

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  • Be Brave and Bloom

    If you love succulents, why not design your own succulent planter for the fence? Your backyard has never looked more lush.

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  • A Cultivated Nest

    Animal motifs are excellent for the yard. This green-painted metal chicken adds a touch of farmhouse style to the fence.

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  • A Cultivated Nest

    Some people like to showcase porcelain plates on the walls of their dining room, and others opt to do so outdoors on the fence. With the help of a plate hanging kit, you, too, can embrace this charming look in your yard.

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  • A Cultivated Nest

    If you love the look of cottage gardens, which oftentimes feature small plaques like this one, a setup like this is calling your name. Search for a garden-themed quote that speaks to you, or design your very own piece of wooden art using supplies from the craft store.

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  • Jen Bowles Design

    Go green by repurposing unused household items to make your fence shine. Here, extra chairs double as unique planters on this fence.

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  • Cuckoo 4 Design

    Decorate wooden discs to your liking then hang them in an artful pattern on your fence for some boho style beauty. You can also achieve a similar look using rounded woven baskets.

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  • The Bay Area Muralist

    This peppy mural will make every day spent in the yard feel like a celebration. The birds, butterflies, and flowers couldn’t be more beautiful.

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  • At Home With Ashley

    If you choose to paint your entire fence, why not opt for a pretty striped look, as seen here? As a bonus, this approach means that you don’t have to settle on solely just one hue to use.

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  • Thistlewood Farms

    A flowery wreath and some planters add instant romance to this classic white picket fence.

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  • Thrift Diving

    Use your fence to grow your own fruits and veggies. Design your own customized flower boxes using stencils and watch your garden thrive.

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  • @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    If you’re drawn to a neutral look but are looking for a way to add texture to your yard, hanging a round basket and/or a woven tapestry from your fence makes for a foolproof solution.

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  • @herzenstimme / Instagram

    A black and white canvas banner is another option for the neutral lover looking for just a bit of backyard decor.

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  • @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Use the ledge of your fence to create a full-on backyard gallery wall! Lean a grouping of frames (or nail them) with your favorite prints to create the outdoor living room of your dreams.

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  • @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Let nature do the talking. Winding wisteria woven through a fence couldn’t be more elegant.

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  • @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Hang string lights from your fence to illuminate your backyard as the sun sets. You’ll never want to go back inside!

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