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The colors you choose for your hallway exude your personality. It can reflect more about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your traits, etc. For instance, a bright and happy-colored hallway can reflect your extroverted personality, while picking an all-white hallway paint with a tinge of gold shows your penchant for luxury. 

The right color scheme is also important to show your visitors that they are welcome in your home. For instance, pastel colors, neutrals, and jewel-like tones usually create a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Choosing a color scheme can be a daunting task, especially since there are thousands of colors to choose from. Nevertheless, here are 4 simple steps to pick the best color scheme for your hallway:

  • Pick the paint colors you like from the color wheel. Choose primary, secondary and tertiary colors that you like.

color wheel to create hallways color schemes

Image Credit: canva.com

Here is a free color wheel calculator for you. 

  • Analogous – These are colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel. For instance, blue can be used with purple or green. This creates a soothing effect.
  • Monochromatic – It uses the tone of a single color with the addition of black or white to darken or lighten the color. 
  • Complementary – Two contrasting colors are used, which tends to create a bold, dramatic, and high-energy color scheme. For instance, yellow and blue.
  • Contrast – To add more energy and drama to the hallway, you can choose contrasting colors like red-purple, yellow-orange, and blue-green.

Take the lighting of the hallway into consideration before picking the color. For instance, if there is going to be ample natural light, then pick colors that blend with the lighting of the entryway. For instance, pastel orange will blend beautifully with natural light. 

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Here is our pick of 30 hallway color schemes for your hallway – 

These colors will add a bold accent to your hallway, which, in turn, will bring a unique look to the space. Supplement it with white or wooden artwork, which would accentuate the color even further. Bonus if you can adorn the walls with decor in silver. 

hallway color schemes - brown and grey

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Most hallways do not get direct sun. So picking yellow will automatically bring warmth and light to the hallway. Hang a series of black-and-white photographs or mirrors to give a contrasting gallery wall look to the hallway. This will ensure that there isn’t any gray pallor that we usually see with light-colored walls when there are no windows.

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hallway color schemes - pale yellow with black and white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

A hallway washed with light colors might be boring for some. To make it more interesting, paint it dark brown. It could be the brown of coffee or that of a chocolate chip. Make sure that the wall hangings, front door, home decor, and furniture are in contrasting cream.

hallway color schemes - dark brown with tinges of cream

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Some architects strongly believe the hallway should exude the reverse of the surrounding areas. For example, if you have rooms painted with lively colors such as orange or red, opting for beige in your hallway is a great choice. It will give a sharp look to your entire home.

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hallway color schemes - beige with lively wooden decor

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Many people love dark colors, but it ends up making for a dark hallway. This is where a light gray color scheme can help. It will not only feed your need for dark colors but also avoid making the room appear dark. To make the hallway livelier, add paintings or mirrors with dark frames.

hallway color schemes - all light gray

Image Credit: pinterest.com

If you have no windows in the hallway, you can make it even more mysterious by picking a deep blue color mixed with a dash of green. This will give a wet and glossy finish to the hallway. You will feel like you’re swimming deep in the ocean. (Transferring this color to the ceiling might be a bad idea as it will feel like you are stuck in a cocoon.)

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hallway color schemes - deep blue

Image Credit: pinterest.com

A high gloss black hallway will not only ooze a serious look to your hallway but also help create a mysterious aura to your entire home. The best part about this color is that it can easily pair with any light color, like white.

hallway color schemes - high gloss black

Image Credit: pinterest.com

If you have rooms opening directly from the hallway and they have white walls, then coloring the hallway with cream white paint generates a uniform look to your home. Being cream white, it will also not compete with the color of your rooms. 

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hallway color schemes - cream white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Even though there are millions of colors in the world, white still remains a favorite for many people. A hallway in all white need not be boring. Just add the right furniture and wall decor to make it cheerful. It is recommended to create a focal point at the end of the hallway using a mirror or a wall decor.

hallway color schemes - all white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Soft pink will surprisingly look good in your hallway, especially when paired with modern geometric decors or artistic pots. This is ideal for those who love to create eccentric and playful places. Adding a round mirror on the wall will amp up the look.

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hallway color schemes - soft pink

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Time for some experiments. Contrary to popular belief, many people will fall in love with a hallway that is popping with hot pink. It will make the room eye-catchy, adventurous, and intense at the same time. 

hallways color schemes - hot pink

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Adding a shiny coat of green will help the walls reflect light and bring out a shimmering glow. It will also reduce the long tunneling effect of the hallway. Elevate the look of the space by adding an ancient-looking metal chair with modern pillows. It will make the space truly royal.

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hallways color schemes - glossy green

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Hallways need not be lonely and pathetic passageways. You can make it merry and full of pep by adopting a baby blue undertone to the walls. Add a long seating arrangement or paneling to emphasize the look, even though no one uses it.

hallways color schemes - baby blue

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Eggshell white with cream is a battle-tested combination. It is a safe choice for all types of hallways. It will emit a soft tone and reflect light better than matte white. This is also the best choice for concealing flaws. The best part is it will give you wide options for wall decors as almost every color goes well with this color scheme.

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hallway color schemes - eggshell white with cream

Image Credit: pinterest.com

This is a unique combination that can illuminate any hallway. Multi-color frames will give depth and structure to the space, while yellow will brighten the hallway and make it look wider. This can be made more enticing by adding a simple mirror in the center. This color scheme is best if you do not mind a little clutter.

hallway color schemes - pastel yellow with multi-color frames

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Make your hallway more refreshing by using olive green and white. The white will make your hallway look spacious and can absorb light easily. This will eliminate the risk of tripping or falling, even in the dark. White and green seamlessly blend to add more character to your hallway than other neutral colors.

hallway color schemes - olive green and white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

If you are looking for another combination that seldom goes wrong, it has to be tan and white. It will give your hallway a rustic appeal and will also give you the flexibility to change anything later, as it is a versatile color scheme.

hallway color schemes - tan and white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

When you pair light mauve walls with white accessories, you will get a beautiful mixture of richness and minimalism at the same time. The white and light mauve combo will also make your hallway feel less cramped, irrespective of its size. 

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hallway color schemes - light mauve with white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Adding a dark and deep red color in your hallway will make every visit memorable for your guests. And the bold red color will make the adjacent rooms, like the dining room or hall, seem larger and lighter in appearance, especially when painted in light colors. 

hallway color schemes - all red

Image Credit: pinterest.com

If going bold isn’t your cup of cake, try experimenting with color blocking and contrasting shades. Splashing your hallway walls with peachy pastel colors will go well with the white artwork on the walls. You can add a tinge of floral designs to the wall if you want the space to be more feminine.

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hallway color schemes - peachy pastel

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Yes, you read that right! Your hallway walls can have two colors. One on the bottom and the other on top or on opposite walls. A great combination is green and orange. Elevate the feel of the space with unique lamps and wall decor.

hallway color schemes - two tone walls

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Build more focus in your hallway by using darker and lighter tones of the same color. This is quite similar to adding contrasting colors to the fireplace in the living room. A similar effect can be achieved in the hallway. It will give a contemporary and sunnier feel.

Image Credit: pinterest.com

If you have really small hallways, you can cover them with blackboards. If you have toddlers and kids who love to doodle on the walls, this will be a great idea for a feature wall. Even adults can use the boards to write something important. You can even pin the memories of your family trip on the blackboard.

hallway color schemes - blackboard colored

Image Credit: pinterest.com

This color scheme is probably the only sure-shot way to bring luxury to your hallway. Use reflective gold wallpaper, sideboards, and mirrors to reflect light as much as possible so that the hallway remains bright. The brown will keep the room fresh and less dramatic. Having interiors with a gold finish can add to the luxury quotient further.

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hallway color schemes - gold and brown

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Bring the peacefulness of breezy waves crashing against the shore to your hallway with an equally calm color palette involving sea blue, white, and sand color. Painting the walls blue and keeping the ceiling white will come together perfectly, while sand-colored furniture will make your hallway a relaxing retreat.

hallway color schemes - beachy blue with white with sand

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Deeper shades of blue, like navy, are known to induce calm within. So it makes complete sense to bring that relaxation right to the entrance of your home. You can enhance the beauty of navy walls with multi-colored frames or woodwork.

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hallway color schemes - navy blue

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Create a calming ecosystem in your hallway by adding a dash of champagne hue to the walls while keeping the ceiling white. This will provide an ideal backdrop for complete relaxation. 

hallway color schemes - champagne and white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Enter your home to sunny color combinations, such as yellow and soft blue. Yellow symbolizes happiness, while blue lets you escape to the seaside every time you step into the home.

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hallway color schemes - blue with tinges of yellow

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Add excitement to your hallway with a bold wall color in the form of burnt orange. Tone it down with shades of white to create a sunny oasis in your hallway.

hallway color schemes - burnt orange and white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Homeowners can transform the hallway into a personal getaway within the house. Use periwinkle blue and white to create a soothing space that feels adventurous yet relaxing. Tranquil tones of blue and white will ensure that your guests instantly relax when stepping into your home.

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hallway color schemes - periwinkle blue with bright white

Image Credit: pinterest.com

As we pointed out earlier, hallways are an extension of your personality and ideas for home decor. So picking the right color scheme will portray who you are and what people can expect by visiting your home. Use one of the above hallway paint ideas, DIY decorating ideas, and the best hallway paint colors to ensure that your hallway not only stands out but also welcomes your visitors.

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