3 Kittens Came from Back of a Truck, Now Run Around Giving People, Other Cats and Even a Dog Their Adoration


Three kittens who came from the back of a dump truck, now run around giving people, other cats and even a dog their adoration.

three ginger kitten@kangaroothekitty

Early last month, three tiny marmalade kittens were brought into Animal Fix Clinic after they had been found at a construction site.

The kittens were just skin and bones and covered in dirt and grease. “They fell from the back of a dump truck. They were about three weeks old,” Amber, founder of Saving Grace Rescue (SGR), shared with Love Meow.

The veterinary team was a beacon of hope to the kittens. They cleaned them up from head to toe and gave them much-needed medical care. Robin, a vet tech, reached out to SGR in hopes of getting the trio into a loving foster home.

tiny ginger tabby kittensThey fell from the back of a dump truck at a construction siteSavingGraceRescue

Marcy, a SGR volunteer, didn’t hesitate to take them on and started feeding them every few hours. With a cozy bed to call their own and full bellies every day, the kittens flourished, their spirits soaring.

When they graduated from their bottles, Joyce, another volunteer, took them in for continued socialization, with the help of her resident cats and a foster dog.

three ginger kittens cuteWhisker Biscuit, Fluffy McScratch, Purrlock Holmes@kangaroothekitty

The three “musketeers” (Whisker Biscuit, Fluffy McScratch, Purrlock Holmes) were inquisitive with wide eyes when they arrived in their new space. They explored every nook and cranny, their paws padding swiftly on the floor.

The kittens quickly felt at home, claiming every inch they touched as their own. Like a furry symphony, they moved as one.

playful cute ginger kittensThey play together and nap together@kangaroothekitty

They ran together, chasing each other through the house. They climbed together, scaling cat trees and perching on counters.

And they snoozed together, curled up in a pile on the couch or on a sunny spot on the floor.

kittens snuggly gingerThey use each other as pillows@kangaroothekitty

When Charcoal, the foster dog, made his debut in the kitten room, the trio’s curiosity piqued, and they meowed softly to him for attention.

“These guys have been around cats and dogs since they were 2-3 weeks old. They are very loving, cuddly, and purr their hearts out,” Joyce told Love Meow.

kittens snuggly dogThey enjoyed the company of their canine friend@kangaroothekitty

When they were given access to venture around the rest of the house, their noses twitched with excitement. Their eyes lit up at the sight of another orange cat, named Hector, a member of the household.

They made a beeline to him, and their paws yearned to follow him on his adventures.

ginger kittens cat friendThey were immediately intrigued when they met another ginger cat (Hector) in the house@kangaroothekitty

The kittens have grown to be a confident bunch, seeking out the warmth and comfort of human laps. They strut from room to room with their heads and tails held high.

They share their toys, cat trees, beds and humans. Their love is boundless.

three ginger kittens cat tree@kangaroothekitty

While they enjoy racing around with their unbridled ginger vigor, their favorite pastime is cozying up to their people for a cuddle.

“They purr on top of us in a bundle. They love to sleep near us.”

ginger kittens lap catsAll three of them adore lap snuggles with their humans@kangaroothekitty

After a rough beginning, these three bundles of joy have blossomed into fearless, boisterous, snuggly young cats. They are ready to find their forever homes, where they can be loved and cherished endlessly.

cat caring kitten sweetGetting loved on by Kanga Roo, another resident cat@kangaroothekitty

Share this story with your friends. More on the three kittens (in SF Bay Area) and Joyce’s fosters on Instagram @kangaroothekitty and Saving Grace Rescue @savinggracerescue.

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