26 Unique Ways To Recycle Broken Fountains And Bird Baths Into Stunning Planters


When a fountain or bird bath becomes damaged or unusable, don’t discard it just yet! With a little creativity and a green thumb, you can transform these broken pieces into beautiful and unique planters. Repurposing broken fountains and bird baths not only breathes new life into these objects but also adds an artistic touch to your garden or outdoor space. In this guide, we will explore 26 inspiring ideas to help you unleash your creativity and create stunning planters from your broken fountains and bird baths.

Each idea in this collection represents a unique opportunity to breathe new life into these damaged treasures. From tiered planters that take advantage of the different levels of a broken fountain to succulent paradises that fill the cracks and bowls with an array of colorful succulents, there is something to suit every gardener’s taste. Discover the charm of hanging gardens, where suspended broken fountains or bird baths become enchanting homes for trailing plants, or embrace the practicality of herb havens, where each section or bowl is transformed into a thriving herb garden.

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