25 Uñas Plateadas Deslumbrantes Perfectas para la Temporada de Fiestas


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Looking for eye-catching nail designs in a color that often flies under the radar? These 25 gleaming silver nails are perfect to add a metallic touch to your fingertips!

If you have a special occasion coming up, every accessory counts. And what better way to add a touch of sparkle than in the way of a sophisticated metallic manicure?

Silver nails are an easy way to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your look, whether you’re after an eye-catching chrome design or something more subtle, like a silver French tip with a sweep of glitter. From chic star nails suitable for NYE, to opulent nail art best reserved for the birthday girl, you’ll find 25 classy designs below to fit any taste.

The Most Beautiful Silver Nails To Copy

1. Minimal but mighty

Sort silver nails for winter.
via @naildiary0

Silver is a bold nail choice, but going for a dainty design like chrome or glitter tips and accents can be a fantastic way to be on trend but still true to yourself.

2. The swiftie

Short, simple and minimalist silver nails

via @betina_goldstein

This has nothing to do with our favorite popstar, though it would be a great look to wear to her concert. A swipe of silver glitter on a neutral base color is a subtle way to embrace metallic nails.

3. The statement nail

Short neutral nails with silver glitter.
via @melani_nails

The nail art industry seems to have lost love for a statement ring finger, but it’s slowly making its way back into mainstream beauty trends.

4. Fashionably futuristic

Silver velvet nails with star nail art.
via @blingstar_nail

This is a fabulous look with magnetic nail polish, topped with mirrored nail embellishments. Though it looks difficult, it’s a fairly easy look to do at home.

5. globs of gold (and silver)

Gold and silver French tip nails.
via @thenaillologist

This irregular glob design is all the rage as it’s not as clean-looking as a French manicure but is still polished and chic. You can create this look at home much easier than a basic French manicure too!

6. silver gilded tips

Short silver French tip nails.
via @naildiary0

Chrome is an easy-at-home nail art technique that is very effective and great for the festive party season. Go for a neutral pink base coat and add small accents of silver.

7. silver French

Silver French tip nails with stars.
via @victorianatdha

If you’re looking for a fun French manicure, go for glitter instead of white tips! French manicures are also great for masking re-growth if you go for a base coat close to your natural nail color.

8. simply Silver

Short silver chrome nails.
via @samrosenails

Silver is super chic and simple, great for the winter months. It pairs well with black and grey tones. These silver nails will be a great addition to your winter fashion looks.

9. Rays of silver

Long neutral nails with silver stripes.
via @lesonglesdesabrina

This safari-inspired nail design is perfect for fashion girlies. The statement design will work well on both long and short nails and could be paired with any base color.

10. silver-dipped tip

Silver French tip nails.
via @thehotblend

If you’re looking for something non-basic but aren’t ready to go for a completely silver nail, a dipped design like this is a perfect in-between. The laidback aesthetic is reminiscent of Scandi-vibe fashion.

11. Chrome Silver

Chrome silver nails

via @chillax_nails

Chrome manicures are easy and effective. You can easily purchase a kit and do this at home. Be prepared for some mess, and you’ll likely have to wash your hands a few times afterward.

12. Space Cowboy

Silver french tips with glitter

via @amyle.nails

If you like silver, glitter and gems – this is the nail look for you! Go for a silver French tip, and dab on some glitter to blend it into your base coat. If you have any gemstones lying around, you can stick this on with a clear top coat and voilà, you’ve got the perfect New Year’s Eve nail design!

13. Chrome French

Silver french tips

via @naildiary0

Chrome tips are tricky to do at home, so this is likely a job for your nail tech. This nail look is great if you’re used to wearing silver or mixed metal jewelry.

14. A swipe of silver

Neutral nails with silver accent.
via @chillax_nails

For all the artists, pay homage to your talents with a paintbrush stroke of silver. Go for a neutral pink base coat, and add on some extra embellishments (before more is more, right?)

15. Glitter girl

Long silver glitter nails with star nail art.
via @overglowedit

If you’re not afraid to make a statement, this look is perfect. A silver coffin nail is a classic nail design and a perfect birthday or holiday nail.

Short silver French tip nails

via @gelsbybry

A square, short nail is super ‘clean girl’. Make it fashion with a silver chrome asymmetrical melted tip. To ensure it looks elevated, go for a clean pink base color.

17. Quartz & Chrome

Short white marble nails with silver polish.
via @aztec.charlotte

Pink quartz is a super popular nail art trend for nail techs and looks a lot more difficult than it is. Simply swirl together pink and white nail polish while it’s still wet on your nails. The silver leaf will tidy up any parts that look messy and result in a fabulous nail look.

18. Silver squiggles

Long silver chrome nails with swirls.
via @lesonglesdesabrina

Silver squiggles like these are perfect if you have long nails but are unsure of which designs to go for. A block color on long nails can be overpowering, so this is a perfect medium.

19. You’re a gem!

Short silver nails with crystals.
via @nailsbymonka

Gemstones like these are a simple way to amp up any nail look. Silver gems on silver nails may seem like overkill, but on short nails, this can still look very chic.

20. silver Flames

Short silver flame nails.
via @_by_shelley

Flame nails can sometimes be overkill and a little bit tacky. On short nails, though, with a neutral base color, it looks minimal and chic.

21. 3D tips

Short silver French tip nails.
via @naildiary0

3D nail art is still an early trend, but it’s a great way to be ahead of the masses. It can take some getting used to, but 3D nail art is a favorite of fashion it-girl Kylie Jenner.

22. Frozen French

Cute silver nails with glitter

via @nailsbyeffi

Silver ombre French is a traditional nail design that looks fabulous on long nails. If it feels like overkill, you can do this on a few statement nails.

23. The silver at the end of the Rainbow

Silver french tips with rainbow design

via @cindypaola.nails

You’ve heard of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, this is the silver version! If the design is too overpowering, go for the rainbow on your ring finger, and silver French on some.

24. silver Stripes

Cute short silver nails with glitter

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A fine nail art brush can work wonders and is a great tool for starting your at-home nail journey. On a neutral base color, create thin silver stripes along with some white stripes. It creates the illusion of icicles, perfect for the holiday season!

25. Mirror Mirror

Silver nails with white design

via @erk_hsmt28

Chrome is an it-girl favorite; we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. This works on long and short nails, and though statement – is still minimal and chic.

Have you found your next manicure idea from this post? We hope you did!

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