25 Staircase Landing Ideas That’ll Add Style

Sarah Lyon
25 Staircase Landing Ideas That’ll Add Style

If you’re struggling with how to make the most of your staircase landing, note that there is no right or wrong way to decorate this space. Landings can vary greatly in shape and size, so the key here is to determine the setup that works best for you.

Below, you will find a number of creative approaches to decorating landings of all kinds, which prove that whether you opt for a leaning mirror, bench, table, or something else entirely. Read on to gain some inspiration from 25 staircase landing ideas.

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    Go the Funky Route

    leaning mirror in landing

    @homeofcharl / Instagram

    If your style leans funky, make your landing a bit playful with a squiggly mirror that will have you feeling extra excited every time you catch a glimpse of your outfit of the day. The colorful wall art also follows a similar theme, so everything looks cohesive.

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    Try a Built-in Bench

    built in bench in landing

    @queenvillagevictorian / Instagram

    Maybe your landing features a super cool, built-in bench like this one, to which you can add your favorite accessories. The addition of pillows and picture frames ensures that this seating area really stands out on its own.

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    Keep It Neutral

    ceramic pot in landing

    @ainjamlus / Instagram

    If you’re drawn to neutrals and minimalist styles in your home, keep your stairway landing simple. Here, an artful pot adds some texture to the landing without taking up much space.

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    Think Narrow

    bench and planter in landing

    @thehousethatbrumbuilt / Instagram

    A narrow planter and bench fit perfectly in this landing while still allowing for a wide passageway. You want to ensure that the furniture or accent pieces you choose for the landing won’t get in the way of foot traffic, particularly if you have an active household.

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    Add a Faux Plant

    plant in landing

    @noraa_ridz / Instagram

    Plants are a great item if you’re looking to add a bit of life and energy to the landing. However, if your landing doesn’t receive much natural light, you may want to opt for a realistic-looking faux option instead of a living plant.

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    Don’t Forget an Artful Pot

    fake plant in basket in landing

    @my.millennium.maison / Instagram

    Dress up your faux tree by placing it in a cute basket, as seen here. This wicker style adds some farmhouse flair to the landing.

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    Decorate With a Chair

    wooden chair in landing

    @myvictorianhousetohome / Instagram

    A small chair can be a useful piece to place on the landing if space allows. You can use it to set down various family members’ items that should eventually make their way upstairs, such as books, clothing, and the like.

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    Opt for a Two-Tiered Table

    tiered side table in landing

    @floraandfont / Instagram

    A two-tiered table provides double the storage in a small space without leaving a large footprint. This antique-looking piece is full of charm and character.

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    Place a Bench in the Landing

    small bench in landing

    @little_edwardian_semi / Instagram

    A small bench is never a bad idea—you can sit there and lace up your shoes before heading downstairs or cozy up to your favorite book. It also serves as a helpful surface for setting down purses and backpacks upon returning home each evening.

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    Select a Piece That Complements Your Aesthetic

    bench in landing

    @designsixtynine / Instagram

    The type of bench you select for your landing is entirely up to you. With so many options, there’s a pick for every aesthetic. This wooden bench actually doubles as a plant stand and adds a bit of industrial style to the landing.

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    Lean a Full Length Mirror

    mirror and side table in landing

    @charls_home_interior / Instagram

    Placing a full-length mirror on the landing makes it easy to double-check your outfit before you rush downstairs and out the door. Mirrors also make spaces appear larger and brighter, so such a piece will definitely serve a functional purpose in your landing.

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    Pick a Textural Rug

    woven rug in landing

    @cups_of_tea_and_faffing / Instagram

    If you’d prefer to keep your landing open and free of furniture, you can still have some fun with accessories. Here, a woven circular rug adds style and texture to the hallway.

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    Don’t Forget a Lidded Basket

    woven basket and side table in landing

    @decorkatey / Instagram

    You can never have enough storage solutions around the house. A lidded woven basket is a great place to tuck away outerwear, slippers, scarves, and more in the landing to ensure there’s no clutter.

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    Give Yourself Room to Relax

    accent chair and plant in landing

    @prettygate_home / Instagram

    Turn a nook of your landing into a soothing place to sit down and collect yourself before starting the day by adorning it with a petite accent chair and a pretty plant. You can also bring in a pop of color to make the nook stand out more.

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    Bring on the Boho Style Touches

    wicker shelf in landing

    @janki.home / Instagram

    A rattan shelf complements the other boho style decor in this landing and makes it easier to stay organized with its additional storage units. Match any nearby frames with a similar color or material to create a cohesive look.

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    Make Way for Storage Solutions

    armoire in landing

    @resinn_ / Instagram

    Here, a large armoire fills the landing and provides major storage on the upstairs floor of this home. Cabinets such as this one can be useful for stashing bulkier items including extra bed and bathroom linens, out-of-season clothing, sweaters, and beyond.

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    Decorate With a Pedestal

    pedestal in landing

    @home_with-candy_sky / Instagram

    Don’t underestimate the power of a pedestal. This one adds a bit of European style to the landing and doubles as a stand for a beautiful fluted vase. Fill it with your weekly flowers to elevate the corner.

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    Use Wall Space to Your Advantage

    mirror in landing

    @number1_thecountryside / Instagram

    If a full-length mirror just isn’t feasible, hang an oversized wall mirror in your landing to serve a similar purpose. There are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from.

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    Maximize Your Console Table

    console table in landing

    @homewiththedarlings / Instagram

    A narrow console table can serve as a valuable command center in the landing if you have the room. Tuck baskets underneath it and use them for blankets or magazines. Hang a mirror above the console and decorate the top surface with favorite trinkets.

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    Curl Up in a Soft Chair

    soft chair in landing

    @irishvernacularnewbuild / Instagram

    Who wouldn’t want to curl up and take a breather in this soft white chair positioned in the landing? If you’re in need of a reading spot outside of the living room or bedroom, this could be your solution.

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    Hide Away Under the Stairs

    yellow accent chair in landing

    @metcafs_at_marton_ave / Instagram

    If you prefer something even more cozy, opt for a setup like this one, where a colorful accent chair is tucked nicely under the stairway.

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    Plop Down on Some Pillows

    pillows in landing

    @gabysbohohome / Instagram

    You can make yourself at home on the floor of the landing, too—all you’ll need are some oversized cushions or a stack of throw pillows, and you’re free to lounge around.

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    Buy a Storage Bench

    storage bench in landing

    @larabelleathome / Instagram

    If you do prefer to be seated upright, opt for a storage bench that does it all—this one contains three cubbies that are the perfect size for storage bins. Decorate the bench with any throw pillows to add some warmth to the space.

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    Keep Odds and Ends Hidden

    wicker storage basket in landing

    @journeyat_number30 / Instagram

    A storage basket like this one is also a suitable choice for the landing, given that it fits right in with the cottage core aesthetic. The landing isn’t a place in which to display see-through storage bins; those will only result in a cluttered appearance.

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    Think Multipurpose

    wooden bench in landing

    @my_yorkshire_barn / Instagram

    This handmade bench is a fantastic rustic addition to this landing area and can double as a table if needed. Depending on what function you may need, you can change it up as many times as you like.

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