25 Dreamy Light Purple Nails For A Whimsical Manicure


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Dreamier shades of purple are perfect to adorn your fingertips in the spring – so, we’ve collated the 25 light purple nail designs worth recreating at the salon.

Springtime calls for all the fashion cliches to be brought to your fingertips: bring on the florals, pastels, and other lighter shades to contrast the festive and dark colors of winter months.

Among many classic springtime nail designs is a fairly newly popular nail color – lavender. This whimsical shade started gaining traction with the surge of y2k fashion, and we predict it’s here to stay.

Like many other pastel shades, light purple nails look gorgeous when paired with dainty nail art elements like dotted flowers, marble effects, and silver and gold accents. Take a look at the 25 gorgeous designs below to narrow down the choice for your next manicure.

The Best Light Purple and lavender Nails

1. Crystal Lavender-inspired french

Light purple French tip nails with pearls.
via @phoebesummernails

These gorgeous lavender-inspired French nails are so elegant and ethereal. The pale pink nail with the lavender tip contrast is so classy and we love the crystal decal touch. Pair this manicure with cute dainty rings for a fashion-forward touch.

2. Lilac and Purple Swirls

Light purple nails with squiggles.
via @nails_by_annabel_m

This lilac and purple contrast is so cute! We love the alternating lilac nails with the abstract purple swirls. Make sure to try these fun curvy shapes on your next purple mani!

3. Purple Florals

Pretty lavender nails with light pink.
via @gelpolish_bar

This smooth and dainty nail design is what floral dreams are made of. The combination of milky smooth nails, with clear and dainty floral detailing is so chic. The delicate drawn-on florals make this manicure extra feminine.

4. Pretty in purple

Lavender nails with pink glitter.
via @nailsbypaulin

Pink and purple combos are perfection. We love this unique idea of these smooth light purple nails with an added pink glitter nail for added prettiness. These nails give us major Elle Woods vibes.

5. Purple and gold

Light purple nails with French tips.
via @monika__nails

You can never go wrong with gold elements, especially when it’s beautifully detailed on a purple manicure. The dainty gold detailing makes this purple and pale pink pop.

6. Lavender Fields

Short matte lavender nails.
via @safinailstudio

Looking at these nails brings me straight to a lavender field in Provence. So beautiful and delicate, be sure to try this design next time you are dreaming of French rolling hills and beautiful floral fields.

7. Glazed Lavender

via @vivianmariewong

This manicure is taking the glazed donut trend to a whole other level. We are obsessed with this glazed lavender look and will be trying it this summer with our glowy tan. The glazed donut effect is incredibly versatile, so you can wear this mani on both long and short nails, depending on your preference.

8. Neon Purple

Light purple and lime green swirl nails.
via @charsgelnails_

If you are looking for something abstract and fun, this manicure is the way forward! Get creative with the neon green and purple combo and choose your own design for each nail but use this idea as your template.

9. Lilac Glitter Swirls

Light purple swirl nails with glitter.
via @artdecom

As we all know, glitter is always a good idea. We love this purple glitter backdrop with swirly lilac hues. This sparkly manicure will put an instant smile on your face.

10. Lavender Abstract

Short light purple nails with swirls.
via @peachinails

Another fun and abstract nail idea. Try this smooth lavender and pale backdrop combined with cute dainty lavender swirls next time you are in the mood for something a bit different.

11. purple dreams

Light purple French tip nails with swirls.
via @vivianmariewong

This elegant and dainty purple manicure is what dreams are made of. We love the changes in the nail backdrop, paired with dainty white swirls.

12. Purple Daisies

Light purple nails with a touch of pale yellow.
via @nailsbypaulin

This adorable nail idea features purple, white, and yellow hues – the perfect colors to get you ready for the spring. The daisies add such a cute and feminine touch to this manicure.

13. Lilac Sparkle

Light purple nails with glitter.
via @nailsbypaular

These milky lilac nails combined with pale glittery nails are so soft and cute. Make sure to try these if you are dreaming of the perfect summer date night nails.

14. Purple Glitter Flakes

Light purple ombre nails with glitter sequins.
via @o_pro_nail

This simple springtime nail idea is so feminine. We love the pale backdrop blended with glitter flakes on the two middle nails, perfectly combined with simple, monotone nails on the remaining fingers.

15. Barbie World

Short light purple nails with swirls.
via @amyguynailartist

Still dreaming of the fabulous Barbie movie? Same. Fear not, as this nail design perfectly embodies the Barbie aesthetic in a fun and fabulous way, to make all your pink and purple nail dreams come true.

16. Purple Florals

Short lilac nails with daisies.
via @learnahstarbuck_nailartist

These lavender floral nails are perfect for the spring. Light and fresh, you will be so happy you went with this design. We love the singled-out nail idea with a pale backdrop and dainty floral detailing in white and purple hues.

17. purple Gradient

Long purple gradient nails.
via @the_gelbottle_inc

Can’t decide which hue of purple to paint your nails? Pick every shade of purple that you have in your arsenal, and try these cute gradient nails.

18. Celestial Purple

Purple ombre nails with stars and crescent moon.
via @vivianmariewong

Counting down the days to Halloween or in the mood for a bit of magic? These celestial ombre nails in purple are the perfect manicure. With these nails, you will be the chicest witch in town.

19. Purple Matte French

Light purple French tip nails with silver.
via @elina.nails.art

Elevate your nails with this beautiful matted lavender French-inspired manicure. The light purple tips with the silver detailing are so elegant and perfect for any event.

20. Lavender daisy dreams

Long lavender nails with daisy nail art.
via @artdecom

The clear daisy nails are the perfect addition to these solid lavender nails. Try this design next time you want to add a little freshness to your solid nails.

21. Purple and Orange abstract

Light purple nails with peach swirls.
via @lindseysbeautylounge1

Dreaming of those warm summer night sunsets? The purple and orange hues are the perfect combination for a summer manicure, recreating those beautiful sunsets on your fingertips.

22. Butterfly Magic

Lavender nails with butterfly nail art.
via @nails_by_annabel_m

It’s hard to imagine a more magical and adorable manicure than butterfly nails. The glittery pink outlining of the butterfly contrasts the pale purple backdrop – perfect for your next garden party.

23. Purple Rhinestones

Pastel purple nails with French tips.
via @paznokcie_malami

Rhinestones are always a good idea, especially with this manicure. We love the combination of these soft solid lavender nails and the glitzy French tips nails featuring these gorgeous dainty rhinestones. Try this super cute versatile nail idea for both long and short nails.

24. French Tips With Daisies

Short lilac nails with French tips and daisies.

Image via @nailsbypaulin

Another adorable combo using solid light purple nails and purple French nails featuring daisy detailing. These cute nails are perfect for a picnic date.

25. Glitter florals

Pastel purple and pale yellow nails with glitter and flowers.
via @artdecom

These glittering garden nails are ideal for the spring/summer season. Featuring gorgeous yellow and purple hues and floral detailing, these are a must-try!

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