25 Bedroom Office Ideas That Maximize Your Work-From-Home Space

By Andrea Beck
Andrea Beck
25 Bedroom Office Ideas That Maximize Your Work-From-Home Space

If you don’t have a whole extra room to dedicate to a home office space, just turn part of a bedroom into your own private work space. In most cases, all you’ll need is a desk, chair, and your computer to transform spare space into a home office. A large primary bedroom can be a great choice for setting up your work-from-home station. However, if you want to separate your desk from your bed, consider creating a guest bedroom office in a less-frequently used room. These bedroom office ideas will help you turn almost any room into a dual-purpose space.

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Coastal Bedroom Office

Coastal bedroom office

Phillip Ennis

Bring coastal style into your bedroom office. This calming bedroom uses neutral tones accented with light blues and seafoam greens (plus a starfish gallery wall) to create a relaxing space. A desk placed in one corner next to a large window functions as a workspace that takes advantage of natural light.

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Small Space

Small bedroom office

Michael Partenio

If you ever find yourself staring out the window for inspiration while your work, take cues from this design and place your desk in front of a large bedroom window. This setup lets in natural light, and also helps separate the desk from the bed. For a smaller bedroom, this arrangement helps the office area feel a little larger than it is.

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Built-In Office

Bedroom built-in desk

Edmund Barr

Built-in shelves are ideal for a bedroom office in a smaller space. The shelves provide lots of storage, and also separate the desk from the bed. Cabinets and shelves can also hide files and papers from sight when the work day is over.

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Dark Office

Bedroom office with black walls

Heather Anne Thomas

Bedroom walls don’t always have to be a light color to be relaxing and calming. This bedroom makes a bold choice with almost-black walls, but it looks elegant when paired with white furniture. A cozy cushioned chair and mirror above the desk means this office area can pull double-duty as a vanity when not in use.

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Cozy Bedroom Office

Bedroom office

Emily Followill

Thanks to the structure of the bedroom, this corner office almost feels like it has its own room. While windows let in lots of natural light, their corner placement helps separate the office space from the rest of the bedroom. A desk and chair provide a comfy office space, and an armchair with a lamp creates a cozy area for reading or additional office tasks.

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Glass Desk

Bedroom with grasscloth wallpaper

Paul Dyer

Especially if you’re setting up a home office in your own bedroom, you don’t want work and sleep to mix too much. This design does a good job of separating the two on a budget by creating two distinct areas using rugs. The glass desk is visually distant from the bed, and a mirror placed on the wall further creates the illusion of separation.

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Vanity Desk

Bedroom vanity

Miki Duisterhof

When not in use, a desk placed in a bedroom can double as a vanity. This small bedroom office has a mirror mounted on the wall so it can act as a place to get ready for the day. The desk itself also has a couple of built-in drawers, either for storing office supplies, makeup, or jewelry.

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Large Bedroom Office

Large bedroom office

John Bessler

This grand bedroom has plenty of room for a home office. The large desk is positioned to face the bed, but it has a dark wall with art prints behind it, which can be a nice set up for frequent virtual meetings. The matching patterned curtains, pillows, blanket, and armchair create cohesion for the bedroom set while also separating it from the black desk and white chair.

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Colorful Office

Pastel bedroom office

Jay Wilde

If you have more eclectic tastes, add brighter colors to the bedroom like pastel blues and bright pinks. A unique corner shelving unit adds storage and place to display books. The unique desk extends from the center wall, creating a small office nook in the corner separate from the bed.

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Alcove Office

Alcove bedroom office

Edmund Barr

Use a small alcove in a bedroom to set up a desk and create a home office. If you have plenty of closet space, you can also achieve this look by removing bifold closet doors, and placing a desk in the empty space. This design further personalizes the area with a collage of photos and pictures.

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Lofted Office

Loft bedroom office

Laurie Black

Built-in counters overlooking a staircase create a great home office in this loft-style bedroom. Long counters provide plenty of space to spread out. They also include built-in shelves (that could easily be turned into cabinets) for additional storage.

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Retro Style

Retro bedroom decor

Embrace office designs from the 60s and 70s for your work from home space. This guest bedroom office features a wood desk with colorful built-in drawers. It’s paired with a retro orange office chair that complements the triangle-pattern accent wall.

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Artistic Office

Artist studio office

Greg Scheidemann

If your home office needs to double as a studio, use this bedroom for inspiration. A tall desk provides space to write or work on the computer if needed, and can double as storage. An easel nearby provides room for creativity near the bedroom’s large windows.

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Window Desk

Bedroom bay window

David A Land

Fill a slightly awkward space created by three windows by setting up a home office. The long wood desk fits the alcove in this bedroom perfectly. The simple design paired with a sleek white chair creates a modern home office.

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Accent Wall

Accent bedroom wall

Tria Giovan

This small bedroom office places the desk directly next to the bed. In this spot, the desk and lamp can double as a nightstand and night light. A yellow wallpaper accent wall brightens up the entire room and office area.

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Closet Office

Closet bedroom office

Edmund Barr

Turn an unused closet into a private office space. Simply remove the doors to allow enough space to put a desk into the small bedroom office. This design takes the idea a step further by painting the former closet walls with bright colors to separate it from the rest of the room.

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Stylish Shelving

Colorful office decor

Edmund Barr

If your bedroom or guest bedroom has an L-shape or a corner separated from the room, it can be a great place to put an office. This room has a slightly more private corner with just enough space for a desk and chair. Colorful pennants brighten up the white walls.

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Shades of Pink

Pink bedroom decor

Jean Allsopp

This small bedroom office features all shades of pink. Painting the ceiling pink contrasts with the white walls, and also brightens the space. This helps maximize the natural light from the windows by the home office.

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Curtain Divider

Bedroom office

Brittany Ambridge

Separate your desk from your bed with hanging curtains. This bedroom design has rods installed above the bed with curtains that can be pulled to separate the two and add privacy. This feature almost creates two separate rooms within the same main bedroom.

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Western Theme

Western bedroom decor

Anthony Masterson

Go full Western in your bedroom with Southwest prints and large cowboy art piece. This bedroom is large enough to also include space for a home office. Placing the desk next to the bed and window creates a small, cozy office space.

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Extendable Desk

Farmhouse style bedroom

Jason Donnelly

For a small bedroom office, consider using an extendable desk. This wood desk can be folded up when not in use so it doesn’t take up too much space in the bedroom. However, it can also be unfolded to create more surface area when needed during the workday.

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Bedroom Table

Home office in guest bedroom

Jay Wilde

Curtains around the bed in this home office bedroom can be drawn for privacy. In this guest bedroom office, the bed is actually tucked into an alcove, while the long table serving as a desk dominates the space. A cork board on the wall allows space for pinning notes and reminders.

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Twin Office

Twin beds in guestroom

James Nathan Schroder

Two beds in this guest bedroom office have plenty of space for household visitors to stay. When not in use, the desk between the two beds can function as a home office space. A bench with drawers at the foot of one bed also adds space for files, papers, and supplies.

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Dramatic Bedroom Office

Guest bedroom with built-in storage and desks

Kim Cornelison 

This bedroom office provides multiple options for working. Two desks with stool-style seating can allow two people to work at once, or give options for changing seats partway through the home workday. Large, dramatic rattan light fixtures also make a bold statement in this modern bedroom.

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Small Guest Bedroom

Small bedroom office

Dane Tashima

Make the most of an extra bedroom by using it as both a guest room and a home office. Two beds in this room allow guests a place to sleep, and the desk in the center is a natural place to work from home. Placing the desk in a guest bedroom also prevents work from intruding on your relaxation space in your main bedroom.

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