24 Boho-Style Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

Sarah Lyon
24 Boho-Style Living Room Design and Decor Ideas
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    Neutral Tones

    neutral boho living room

    @everyday_home / Instagram

    No detail is overlooked in this boho-style living room from @everyday_home, which is filled with fresh flowers, outdoor-themed coffee table books, and plenty of natural hues. Draping a throw blanket over the sofa keeps the well curated space looking nice and casual.

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    Southwestern Influences

    boho living room

    Jessica Brigham

    This boho-style living room from Jessica Brigham combines Southwestern-inspired textiles, rattan furniture, plants, and more—all while looking cohesive thanks to thoughtful styling and color choices.

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    Moroccan-Style Details

    boho living room with moroccan rug

    Liz Caan & Co.

    Moroccan rugs are a boho-style classic. Often spotted in boho-style living rooms like this one from Liz Caan & Co., these traditional Berber rugs still feel modern and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. As a bonus, a black-and-white patterned rug looks lovely when paired with colorful fabrics.

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    Mixed Textiles

    boho living room decor

    The Beauty Revival

    Brittany Robertson of The Beauty Revival stuck to neutrals in her living room, which combines her love for boho design and farmhouse style. Fringes, tassels—and of course, plants—shine in this space.

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    Colorful Boho Style

    colorful boho living room

    Kim Armstrong Interior Design

    Kim Armstrong Interior Design highlighted the exposed ceiling beams in this bright and airy living room by hanging a sparkly chandelier that complements the colorful throw pillows and patterned rug.

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    Pink and Orange Accents

    boho living room with pink and orange accents

    The Urban Darling

    We see a lot of oranges and pinks in boho-style living rooms like this one from Esperanza Lorena of The Urban Darling. Black and white accents pop against the brighter colors.

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    Midcentury Modern Mix

    boho living room with midcentury modern

    OhMeOhMy Blog

    Midcentury modern furniture is the perfect complement in a boho-style living room, like the coffee table in this space from OhMeOhMy Blog. A vibrant patterned area rug adds contrast.

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    Patterned Textiles

    boho living room with mixed textiles

    One Brick at a Time

    In boho-style living rooms, pattern mixing is more than encouraged. Take a cue from this space from One Brick at a Time, which features a wide range of prints and colors that make it look cozy and welcoming.

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    Plants Galore

    boho living room with plants

    Casa Watkins Living

    Say goodbye to traditional potted planters and incorporate woven baskets into your space for a down-to-earth vibe like this boho-style living room from Casa Watkins Living. Hanging textiles or baskets on the wall is also an excellent way to add boho design flair.

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    Vintage Pieces

    boho living room with vintage accents

    Erin Spain

    We see a lot of modern boho-style spaces with solely contemporary furnishings, but don’t feel wary about introducing vintage or antique pieces, too. Blogger Erin Spain’s vintage card catalog is an eye-catching piece that looks extra lovely styled with traditional boho design accents.

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    Colorful Mix

    colorful boho living room

    Deeply Southern Home

    Blogger Leslie Davis of Deeply Southern Home installed a beautiful beaded chandelier in her boho-style living room that doubles as a piece of art. Her intentional use of pink and green paired with black and white is an unexpected but stunning assortment of hues.

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    Layered Rugs

    boho living room with layered rugs

    Place of My Taste

    jute rug is a versatile piece that works with any decor style, whether grandmillennial, traditional, coastal, or, yes, boho design. Blogger Aniko Levai from Place of My Taste layered a soft Moroccan rug on top which helps soothe tired feet and adds some textural intrigue.

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    Two of a Kind

    boho living room

    Design by Brooklyn Home Company / Photo by Matthew Williams

    Firm poufs can serve as a boho-style alternative to a traditional coffee table. Place two side by side as the Brooklyn Home Company did here, and you’re good to go.

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    Budget-Friendly Bliss

    boho living room

    Champagne & Savings

    Blogger Katie Hennessey of Champagne & Savings purchased most of her living room decor online, proving that it’s more than possible to successfully achieve the boho-style look on a budget. (We never would’ve guessed her plants are actually fake.)

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    Wicker Accents

    large boho living room

    Liz Caan & Co.

    Wicker ottomans don’t have to purely lean coastal; they’re excellent choices for boho-style spaces, too, like this living room from Liz Caan & Co.. Stash them away under an entryway console and then pull them out when it’s time to entertain.

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    Added Storage

    boho living room

    Lavender Julep

    Blogger Julie Garel of Lavender Julep masterfully decorated her living room with boho design touches while making the most of storage possibilities. She hung open shelving, displayed a leaning blanket ladder, and styled a gorgeous sideboard all without veering from a boho-style aesthetic.

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    Bold Patterned Rug

    boho living room

    Sugar Love Chic

    If you’re hesitant to add a ton of color to your living space, start with a bold rug for major impact. A colorful patterned rug really pops in this boho-style living room decorated with white and wood tones from blogger Krista Perez of Sugar Love Chic.

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    Hang Some Art

    boho style living room

    Living With Lolo

    Love abstract art? Living With Lolo makes it work in this boho-style living room by choosing muted tones on the rest of the decor to keep the casual look going strong.

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    Desert Tones

    boho living room

    Love Jen Marie

    Blogger Jennifer Douglas of Love Jen Marie turned to the desert for inspiration in this living room that mixes Southwestern and boho design. Cacti (whether present in artwork or flourishing in a pot) are a must.

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    Eclectic Mix

    boho living room

    The White Arrow

    This living space from The White Arrow mixes a number of styles—farmhouse, midcentury, and southwestern—to create an eclectic boho design living room with a minimalist, sophisticated feel.

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    Oversized Lighting

    boho living room

    The Brooklyn Home Company

    In a boho-style living room, have fun with lighting fixtures, like the oversized pair of paper lanterns in this space from The Brooklyn Home Company. Additionally, mudcloth prints like the ones used here are a great way to liven up a blank wall.

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    Bold Moves

    boho living room

    Erin Williamson Design

    This living room from Erin Williamson Design mixes bold color accents on the walls and patterned rug with curvy snow-white seating and midcentury furniture, lighting, and wall art to create a vibrant mix with boho design flair.

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    Low-Slung Seating

    boho living room

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Eymeric Wilding Photography

    In a boho-style living room, poufs and ottomans can stand in for accent chairs, like this moody basement lounge space from Louis Duncan-He Designs. As a bonus, poufs are easy to move throughout the house as needed (and they also double as footrests).

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    Layered Textiles

    boho living room

    Design by Ryann Miller for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This casual and inviting boho-style living room from Emily Henderson Design features a cozy warm cognac leather couch, moody dusky blue walls, vintage furniture, and layered textiles from the assortment of throw pillows to the vintage rug and patterned tapestry strung up on the wall.

What are the key elements of a boho-style living room? 

Boho-style living rooms often feature white walls, light wood finishes, rattan furniture and decor, patterned textiles, global accents, and an abundance of plants. Modern boho-style interiors are often mixed with popular styles such as Scandinavian and interpreted with a neutral palette and a minimalist touch. But you can feel free to channel the more maximalist, free-spirited style of original Bohemian-style interiors that were characterized by a colorful and maximalist embrace of the eclectic and the eccentric to create layered decor that feels personal and collected over time. 

What colors should you use in a boho-style living room?

Many modern boho-style living rooms are a minimalist interpretation of the original style that feature neutral palettes and wood and woven accents, accessorized with natural greenery in the form of plants. But you can feel free to mix in warm earth tones, multi-colored, patterned textiles, or to channel the original Bohemian style of the past with bold jewel tones and an anything-goes mix of colors and patterns.

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