23 Living Room Rug Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space


anne sage

A living room just isn’t complete without a rug. Living room rugs add texture and coziness—not to mention a soft spot for your feet to land. Their style is the perfect finishing touch for any living room, and there’s a rug for every space. Keep reading to check out our favorite living room rug ideas.

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house of chais

Looking for a brightly-colored living room rug that will really make your space pop? Look for one in blue and orange. These bold hues add a fun touch to any room, and they look even better when they’re used in fun patterns, like the ones in the space above from House Of Chais.

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house of chais

For a pattern that’s interesting without being too distracting, try diamond-patterned rugs. Diamond patterns add in fun angles without being overpowering to other patterns or items in your living room.

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house of harvee

Faded color may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s an easy way to bring in subtle color that would otherwise be lost or too distracting to a living room. To make this look work in your space, pick shades that appear elsewhere in your living room, like on furniture or decor.

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michelle berwick design

One of the trendiest things to do with rugs today is layer them. And living room rugs are no different. To achieve the perfect layered rug look, use a larger and more neutral rug as the bottom rug, and add a fun statement rug on top.

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bespoke only

Green living room rugs can connect your space with the outdoors and make it feel lush and vibrant too.

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michelle berwick design

A great way to spruce up a neutral living room is with a little bit of texture, and living room rugs are no different. Neutral-colored rugs with a unique texture or small pattern can offer visual interest without taking over a space.

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michelle berwick design

A classic color pairing is always found in black and white. But looking for something less stark in your living room? Try a black and cream rug. The cream is a softer alternative to bright white that will still contrast nicely against black.

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thomas guy interiors

To make a living room feel wider, use a rug with subtle horizontal detail, like the barely-there stripes in the rug in the space above from Thomas Guy Interiors. The long lines help trick the eye into making a narrow space feel wider than it is.

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studio peake

If your living room is filled with built-ins or other architectural details that you really want to make pop, pick a living room rug that matches their color. The matching coloring will draw attention to your beautiful built-ins and molding, and you’ll be left with a cohesive living room look.

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ann living

Geometric patterns are another bold way to add life to your living room, and a geometric living room rug is a great way to do this. And if you want the fun design without too much color, look for a pattern in neutral colors like black, white or cream.

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studio peake

Another picture perfect color combo for your living room rug? Blue and red. These calming colors give a sense of elegance to any living room, and they make for beautiful patterns and designs too.

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herzen stimme

Rugs can be more than just a soft spot for your feet in a living room—they can be a soft spot to sit too. An extra-plush rug can double as some impromptu ‘seating’ when you’re in a tight spot, and they’ll make the space feel extra cozy too.

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dazey den

If your living room is full of bold color and pattern that you want to ‘bring down’ a little bit, use a neutral living room rug. They add some grounding to a space that could feel too loud otherwise.

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bespoke only

To make a living room feel moody, add lots of dark color, and don’t forget about the area rug. A darkly colored rug in black or deep gray, can set the scene for your mysterious seating space.

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dazey den

Color isn’t the only thing your living room rug can match with—it can also match patterns too. We love how the rug in the space from Dazey Den above echoes the patterns in the fireplace tile surround and throw pillows.

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becca interiors

Rugs are great at extending a theme or style in a living room, whether it’s loud and fun or calm and quiet. And in this space above, the neutral-colored living room rug continues the peaceful look and feeling of the relaxing living room.

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house nine

Fun and funky patterns have been all the rage in living room rugs lately. And it’s no wonder too—with their unique patterning and engaging color, they’re a great addition to almost any living room.

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leclair decor

If you’re looking for a rug that brings a calming presence to your living room, look for one in blue. A blue rug can instantly relax a space, and it’s perfect addition to a living room with a lush green backdrop, like the one above from LeClair Decor.

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leclair decor

To get a vintage look in your living room without having to source a vintage rug, look for one with a faded pattern. The distressed look gives the area rug character and distinction, and it brings in some pattern too.

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afro bohemian living

Rugs in the living room don’t have to be giant—they can also be on the smaller end too. Small living room rugs can be used to frame or emphasize extra seating or a side table, and they provide a great sense of scale.

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anne sage

Figuring out how to bring the outside in, especially in a more formal space like the living room, can be tricky. But rugs made with natural fibers like jute or bamboo can be an easy way to add that outdoor feeling and make your space feel a little more at one with nature.

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anne sage

The all-time fun pattern favorite can be found in the humble polka dot. It’s a great pattern choice for when you want to add a little bit of novelty while still keeping it classy—perfect for the living room rug.

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anne sage

Not all living room rugs must be squares or rectangles—they can be circular too. Pair circular rugs with square furniture for a stylish contrast.

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