22 Pretty Ideas for Living Room Corners


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The living room corner can sometimes feel like an awkward space where nothing really goes and nothing really fits. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Living room corners can be the perfect spot for extra seating, a home bar, or even a workspace. Keep reading to find out 22 ways to style your living room corner.

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Living room corners are great spots for an extra seat or two. Even if they’re not used daily, extra seating in the living room is helpful when you’ve got extra company or are entertaining.

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Need an extra spot to get some work done or jot something down? Add a small desk to your living room corner. Simple vintage writing desks are the perfect furniture for this, as they’re small enough not to take up too much space but still look stylish enough to not look too industrial.

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When styling a living room corner, it’s crucial that the corner complements and meshes with the decor in the rest of the living room too. Take inspiration from the rest of your space to decide how to style a corner.

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Living room corner, meet the L-shaped living room sectional. L-shaped sectionals are a great furniture pick for tight corners, as these compact sofas fill the space with stylish seating and use a sometimes-awkward space efficiently.

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When you’re trying to figure out what to do with any kind of empty space in your home, the answer can almost always be: houseplants. And living room corners are no different. Add a variety of houseplants to bring in some lush color and texture to your living room.

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If you’re looking to add just a few houseplants, you may need to add some height to your empty living room corner to make it look full and balanced. To do this, use a small, simple table and add the plants on top of it. (And if your corner is near a tall window, this will give the houseplants better access to sunlight too.)

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Shelving is another easy win for an empty living room corner. A couple of shelves can become a new home for your favorite books or a few board games. Add a chair next to the shelving and you’ve got a wonderfully styled living room corner.

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Living room corners are often out of the way, but are still seen quite often. Use this not-quite-out-of-sight feature to your advantage by adding a shelving unit or display case to display a few of your favorite things, like souvenirs or a small collection. Its location in a corner keeps the entire room from feeling cluttered, but they’re still on display in a prominent part of the home.

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Who says you need to add anything to the floor of a living room corner to fill it up? The wall can work too. A gallery wall can be a great way to use an unused corner. Plus, what better way to add a little personality to your living room?

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For larger corners (or otherwise tricky spots) in a living or great room space, add a small conversation set. This will provide a nice place to get away from the hubbub of the main space, and it can be a great reading nook too.

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Another way to fill an unused corner is with a living room favorite: built-ins. Built-ins bring extra storage to your living room and can add style to a space without adding clutter.

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Wall coverings are another great way to bring visual interest to a space, like the shiplap in the corner above in the space from House 9. They add texture and character without adding extra furniture or decor—a helpful addition if your living room already veers on the side of a-little-too-full.

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A small side table (or two nesting tables) is a helpful addition to nearly any living room, as they provide flexible usage for extra guests or dinners in front of the TV. And a great spot for said side tables? The living room corner.

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In the age of the flexible home, sometimes a living room corner is the only space for a home office. To make this look work, pick a desk that fits the corner and try to keep it tidy outside of work hours or when the desk isn’t in use.

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There are few things that say cozy as much as a window seat on a rainy day. And a window seat (or a bench) are great additions to a living room corner that can really up your living room’s hygge factor.

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Looking for a more unique seating option for your living room corner? Look no further than a chaise. The luxurious and elegant chaise brings a unique touch to any space, and it’s sure to be the statement seat of your living room.

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For some subtle storage (and style), add a console table to your living room corner. Console tables are a great place to store a few small items, like remotes, a magazine or two, and some keys. They also offer enough surface space to display a few pieces of decor too.

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Sometimes living room corners can be awkwardly built, with nooks and crannies that are deeper or different shapes than the rest of your living room. Use this to your advantage by picking furniture that fits well, even in the trickiest of spaces.

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To really add some height to a living room corner (and plenty of green), add a potted tree. Look for dwarf varieties that are hardy to changes in moisture and temperature, don’t need tons of sun, and include some interesting foliage to boot.

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Another match-made-in-living-room-corner-heaven is the corner bar. Add a cabinet or two, a wine fridge, and a few shelves to get the living room bar of your dreams, and get ready to throw a party.

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Many living room corners often contain windows. It’s important to highlight living room windows—they’re great sources of natural light and they can offer a lovely view into the world outside. To show off a window in a corner, use high-quality curtains in a pattern that meshes well with the rest of the space.

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If you’re tight for space, or just want another spot to work on a puzzle or take a quick bite, add in a small table and set of chairs. To finish off the look, add a simple statement light and a large piece of art or two.

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