22 Fall Color Schemes to Incorporate This Season

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
22 Fall Color Schemes to Incorporate This Season
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Blue + Orange

Autumn bedroom decor

Werner Straube

Like crisp orange leaves and a clear blue sky on a brisk autumn day, this color combination feels fresh and modern. Ground the two complementary colors with warm-toned neutrals and plenty of layered textures for a warm and cozy space.

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Gray + Brown + White

Neutral tone living room

Jay Wilde

Go the neutral route and create a cozy tone-on-tone fall living room with layers of gray, brown, and white. These calming neutrals exude comfort and warmth, inviting you in to sit and linger. To keep a neutral color scheme interesting, use a mix of textures and materials and incorporate natural elements, whether it’s through architectural features such as a stone fireplace and rustic wood beams, or decorative accents like woven wicker baskets and soft throw blankets.

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Sage Green + Orange

Sage green and orange dining room decor

Read McKendree

For a sophisticated fall color scheme, pair a calming shade of sage green with the warmth of saturated orange. The two colors balance each other out and create an earthy backdrop for light wood tones and cane details. Add a modern edge by introducing splashes of stark black through a piece of furniture or smaller details such as candle holders and pottery.

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Orange + Charcoal Gray

Orange and charcoal gray bedroom decor

Annie Schlechter

Give an elevated nod to the Halloween season with an orange and charcoal gray color palette. For a grown-up take on the holiday-inspired colors, use a mix of patterns and accent the saturated tones with pops of stark white. Add visual interest with tufted upholstery, a unique table lamp, or a vintage piece of furniture that help carry the color scheme while creating a layered space.

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Green + Gold

Green and gold living room decor

Werner Straube 

Invite seasonal warmth into your home with the luxurious and unexpected combination of green and gold. These deep jewel tones pair beautifully with warm leather and dark wood furniture. Introduce pops of white in the form of upholstery, wall trim, and lighting to brighten the space and use glass accents such as decorative vases for a light and airy touch.

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Brown + Green

Brown and green bedroom decor

Dane Tashima

Bring the outdoors in with a cabin-inspired brown and green color pairing this fall. Layer a moss green paint color that evokes an autumnal walk in the woods with the warmth of textured browns through woven wood blinds, rustic furniture, or a stylish jute rope ceiling light. Textiles such as rugs and blankets are a great vessel for introducing pattern, while light neutrals add comfort and visual balance to these nature-inspired tones.

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Yellow + Orange

Autumn front porch decor

Kritsada Panichgul

Take cues from nature and create a seamless transition between the outdoors and your front porch with two fall staples—yellow and orange. Gather an array of golden yellow and bright orange mums, add depth and dimension with a collection of different sized pumpkins, and set an inviting tone with plaid throw pillows create a warm welcome.

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White + Burnt Orange

White and burnt orange bedroom

Werner Straube

Inject a dose of quintessential fall coziness into an all-white room with a deep shade of burnt orange. You don’t have to redecorate the whole space to add an autumnal touch, simply give a subtle nod to the season with a single decorative accent such as a throw blanket or a piece of art in this familiar rusty shade.

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Cream + Light Brown

Warm autumn tone decor

Kelsey Hansen 

Create a soft look by layering cream and light brown tones to evoke the warm comforts of fall. Not only does this color scheme work well for this season, it’s an excellent neutral base that you can work with year-round. Set a cozy tone in your home with this calming color combination using grasscloth wallpaper, light wood furniture, lamps with linen shades, and mirrors that help bounce light around and reflect that autumnal glow.

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Black + Red

black white farmhouse bedroom buffalo check wall panels
Christina Schmidhofer

Black and red may not instantly make you think of fall, but when used right, the colors make for a beautiful pairing that exudes cozy cottage character. Instead of using black and red as solids that can easily overpower a space, break the colors up into smaller doses using mixed patterns and distributing them evenly throughout the space. For a neutral backdrop to balance out the bold pair, stick with warm white walls and dark-stained hardwood floors.

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Peach + Light Gray

Neutral color bedroom with gray and peach decor

Edmund Barr

Take the saturation level on a traditional orange and black color combination way down and choose peach and light gray to infuse your space with soft fall tones. Pair the two muted shades with crisp white to add a modern and sophisticated touch and bring in classic autumnal warmth with the addition of natural materials and brown accents such as a sisal area rug or a woven headboard.

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Black + Chartreuse

Black and chartreuse living room

Brie Williams

Make a bold design statement and choose an unexpected yet perfect-for-fall color pairing—black and chartreuse. A dark black wall color encloses a space and makes it feel incredibly cozy, while splashes of chartreuse stand out and add a luxurious, jewel-like accent, especially when velvet upholstery is involved.

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Teal + Orange

Front porch fall decor

Werner Straube

Incorporate teal and orange into your home this fall for a bright and cheerful celebration of the season. The cool shade of blue adds a modern touch to traditional orange, and if you’re looking for a third color to bring into the mix, go with a deep eggplant tone for contrast.

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White + Brown

White and brown living room decor

Scott Little

A rich shade of brown infuses a room with warmth while bright white gives it an updated edge, especially when the two are used as a wall color and trim pairing. This deep brown is luxuriously elegant and establishes a historic home aesthetic. To make a room with dark walls feel ultra cozy this fall, extend the paint color onto the ceiling. Liven up this color combination with plenty of fresh greenery or vibrant foliage for a colorful seasonal touch.

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Red + Brown

Rustic wood and red living room

Brie Williams

Rustic brown wood tones and a fall leaf-inspired shade of bright red come together for a beautiful autumnal color palette. Incorporate lots of neutrals to tone down the saturation of the red, whether it’s through matte black hardware and picture frames or an off-white linen sofa that softens the space.

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Green + White

Living room with vintage decor

Dane Tashima

Set a nature-inspired base for your fall decor with a green and white color scheme. A warm-toned moss green paired with white accents is fresh yet timeless, and like the changing foliage outside, provides the perfect backdrop for layers of reds, oranges, and yellows.

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Blue + Beige

Country traditional living room

Kritsada Panichgul

Pair blue, a color that doesn’t necessarily scream fall, with beige to freshen it up and give the traditional neutral an update. For a balanced space, use the two colors in equal proportion throughout the room, utilizing them in large doses such as an area rug and a sofa, as well as smaller pops like a painting or plaid throw pillows. Reinforce the color scheme by incorporating tonal variations of blue and beige to add depth without veering from the limited palette.

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Black + Light Brown

Home office

Ali Harper

Turn to a moody color palette of black and light brown for an unexpected way to fill your home with warmth this fall season. A dark paint color on walls or built-ins makes a room feel extra cozy and to add contrast without going too stark, balance out the black with touches of light brown. For an organic counterpart to the dark color, use varying shades of light brown in the form of a cowhide rug, sofa upholstery, or cane details.

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Orange + Gold

Orange and gold powder room

Werner Straube

Take inspiration from the vibrancy of autumnal leaves with a fiery orange and warm gold color palette. The intensity of these rich fall shades infuses a space with bold energy and if you want to experiment with this bright pairing, try it in a small space such as a powder room. Layer saturated orange hues with timeless brass accents, add depth with darker colors, break up the color intensity with pattern, and add in a natural material such as wood to lighten things up.

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Sage Green + Natural Wood

kitchen green wood copper window
James Nathan Schroder

Create an inviting space whose welcoming atmosphere is synonymous with fall by pairing sage green with natural wood tones and textures. This calming shade of green evokes a feeling of nostalgia, especially when grounded with warm tans and paired with copper accents.

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Orange + Black

Front porch fall decor

Werner Straube

For a classic fall look, you can’t go wrong with orange and black. A black front door provides the ultimate partner for bright orange pumpkins to adorn the front porch, but to avoid the pairing looking overly Halloween-y, mix in galvanized metal and natural jute accents for textural elements that help create a more grown-up, layered design.

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Faded Red + Gray

Bedroom with gray and red decor

Annie Schlechter

Blend cool gray with faded reds for a contemporary take on fall coziness. Textiles in all forms are an excellent layering tool, especially when it comes to a bedroom. Since this season is all about making the home extra warm and welcoming, add layers of blankets and a soft area rug to carry a color scheme and create a relaxed, lived-in feel.

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