22 Brick Fireplace Ideas to Elevate Your Home


A brick fireplace adds cozy warmth and a homey feel to your space. Whether you prefer a limewash finish, a fresh coat of paint, surrounding built-in bookshelves, or a creative mantel, our collection of favorite brick fireplaces has design ideas for every style.

Turn your brick fireplace into an eye-catching focal point no matter which room it’s located in, then keep its architectural features in mind when choosing artwork and decorative accents. Whether you live in a traditional Colonial house with a neutral color palette or love an eclectic aesthetic filled with bold colors and vintage treasures, a brick fireplace is a timeless and versatile way to cozy up your home.

James Nathan Schroder

Red brick and sage green millwork add a cozy feel to this traditional living room. The paint imparts timeless color and extends to low built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace. For a casual, homey look, lean and layer multiple mirrors or pieces of art on the mantel or go for an asymmetrical display with an odd number of vases or candlesticks. Create height by propping items on stacks of books.

Stacy Goldberg

This stunning brick fireplace with intricate millwork extends to the ceiling for a striking living room focal point. Painting both the brick and woodwork the same warm gray paint color creates uniformity while modernizing the fireplace. If your fireplace features a linear design, break up the straight lines with a round object, such as this simple round mirror that features a brass frame that pops against the gray fireplace.

Annie Schlechter

For a bold look, consider covering your brick fireplace, walls, and ceiling in the same saturated color, such as this jewel-tone blue. The fireplace becomes a seamless part of this eclectic space and a backdrop for unique artwork and a bamboo fireplace screen. A mix of textures, including the brick, grasscloth wallpaper, and leather sofa, create an interesting layered effect.

Jeff Herr

A floor-to-ceiling white brick fireplace keeps this living room bright and spacious. It ties in seamlessly with the white shiplap walls and ceiling, allowing dark wood floors, furniture, and decorative accents to stand out. A traditional brass grate holds white birch logs that add to the cozy feel of this neutral space.

Jay Wilde

Showcase a brick fireplace by incorporating it into a wall of built-in bookshelves. The traditional red brick fireplace pairs with bright white shiplap and bookshelves for a fresh and functional twist. A brick hearth continues the warm tones featured on hardwood floors and provides a spot to store extra firewood.

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

A double-sided brick fireplace serves as a source of warmth for more than one room and provides a visual separation in an open floor plan. The red and orange tones in this brick fireplace give the space a homey feel that’s continued with a rustic wood mantel and two wooden ceiling beams. A traditional landscape painting in a gilded gold frame dresses up the mantel and ties together the elements of the room, including a Chesterfield sofa and an ornate chandelier.

John Gruen

If you’re tired of your old brick fireplace but a new one isn’t in the budget, a fresh coat of paint provides an instant, affordable update. Bricks are porous, so be prepared for multiple coats to achieve full coverage. Once painted, a brick fireplace can be more easily wiped clean if soot dirties the surface over time. To add dimension and character, a chunky wood mantel breaks up the white paint on this brick fireplace and ties in the wood ceiling beams.

Laurey Glenn

A charming brick fireplace makes this kitchen even more inviting. It features an arched alcove for extra firewood and features a wide wood mantel that holds a collection of polished silver trays and blue-and-white china that contrasts the rustic red brick. A simple black fireplace screen keeps the hearth uncluttered, allowing the classic brick to shine.

Adam Albright

To make two different materials blend seamlessly, paint them the same color. A white brick hearth transitions into a shiplap accent wall painted the same color to form this modern farmhouse fireplace. A light wood mantel breaks up the neutral color scheme and echoes the simple, clean lines of the firebox.

Katie Fiedler

Limewashing is a great way to brighten and update an old brick fireplace. It’s a quick and inexpensive makeover that makes a huge visual impact and instantly modernizes brick that’s dark or outdated. Another benefit of limewashing is that it fits in with a variety of design styles, whether your home is more traditional or features a modern aesthetic.

Helen Norman

The stone backdrop of this fireplace matches the walls in this living room, making it blend in rather than stand out. A simple frame of red bricks around the opening of the firebox draws attention to the fireplace and accentuates its curved shape. A light grout makes the brick stand out, and a reclaimed wood mantel contributes to the room’s rustic look.

Helen Norman

Red brick surrounds a tall fireplace, reaching more than halfway up the wall. The small firebox design minimizes the size of the fire while creating a focal point fireplace. A rich jewel-toned magenta is used as a pop of color against the brick for a unique color combination.

Karyn Millet

Even in small doses, brick adds texture and interest to a fireplace design. Here, the use of brick allows other elements to shine, while bringing just the right amount of texture to the otherwise sleek black room. The warm tones of brick tie into the leather desk chair and light fixture. The stark color contrast makes the fireplace the focal point of the moody study.

Laura Hull

Rather than being built into an exterior wall, this fireplace stands between two living areas. The thick pillar is made up of dark-toned bricks. Varying gray tones on the bricks add dimension to the fireplace and juxtapose the light, cheery colors in the rest of the room.

Greg Scheidemann

This firebox breaks tradition by using bricks to create a chevron pattern as opposed to the basic, stacked design. Varying shapes and sizes of the light-color stones on the hearth and fireplace surround are more organic, contrasting the orderly brick pattern in the firebox.

Werner Straube

Light-color bricks on the fireplace in this sunroom allow the space to remain neutral, and bridge the gap between the dark floor tiles and the white paneled ceiling. The bricks match the facade of the house for a cohesive look. The tall fireplace draws attention to the high ceilings and the beam detailing in the room, and the transparent back of the fireplace opens the room to the outdoors even more.

Emily Gilbert

Pairing wood with brick in a fireplace design is the ultimate way to create visual warmth. In this living room, a single outline of bricks around the firebox gives an earthy look to the room in a discreet, simple way. The natural color of the bricks reflects the different tones of the wood in the room and adds to the basic, natural feel.

John Bessler

A natural brick fireplace surrounded by a classic white mantel draws attention to the simple fireplace in a colorful room. The design of the white mantel echoes the window frames and doorway, as well as the grout lines between the brick, giving the room a cohesive design. Similar to the feeling in the rest of the room, the brick on the fireplace gives it a casual tone.

Reed Davis

Brick is usually seen in traditional or rustic spaces but with a sleek treatment, it looks right at home in a contemporary design. Here, a white brick fireplace adds a warm, yet contemporary touch to this living room. A simple white mantel provides display space but maintains the clean aesthetic of the fireplace.

Jay Wilde

Give a traditional brick fireplace a little extra flair by adding variety to the layout of the bricks. Changing the orientation of bricks creates a dynamic look, as do bricks that jut out from the facade of the fireplace. Here, protruding squares are unique accents that look like corbels for the mantel shelf.

Paula Illingworth

Weathered, antiqued bricks surround this living room fireplace to contribute to the elegant style of the space. The light color palette and formal furniture and decor lend sophistication to the room. Brick adds a rustic touch while still matching the room’s old-world theme.

Robert Brinson

A white brick fireplace gives a clean, sophisticated look to this living room. Light gray walls and the simple, white fireplace contrast the dark furniture and area rug. The plain black doors on the firebox and the sleek TV mounted above stand out against the crisp white bricks, and the elevated hearth adds more dimension to the room. Brick fireplace designs bearing a dark or dated finish can easily be updated with paint.

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