22 Best Landscaping Along a Fence Ideas To Beautify Your Outdoor Space


What is landscaping along a fence and is it actually needed?

Creating a garden along the fence can be arisen by one of the following reasons: to balance nature and artificial; for camouflage; for extra privacy; to improve the curb appeal of the outdoors.

The typical wood fence or the picket fence needs smoothening which usually happens with plants. Other fence materials like chain link fences need more than smoothening.


They don’t offer any visual appeal and if it wasn’t for their practical and cost advantages, they would have never been one of the preferred fence types.

The landscaping along the fence is the only way to camouflage the metal fence. Some people create a garden along a fence to add visual interest to the yard and make that part of the outdoors homier and inviting.

Best Landscaping Along a Fence Ideas. Check out some fence line landscaping ideas to spruce up the area along the fence. Add flowers, planters, or flower bed to boost your curb appeal and beautify your outdoor space. #decorhomeideas

The Best Landscaping Along A Fence ideas we have prepared for you will surely inspire your own landscape design for a garden along a fence.


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The powder painting method gives the metal slats a realistic wood texture. The fence panels form a consistent outdoor divider that ensures privacy and also gives the property a finished look.

The garden formed along the fence acts as an edge of the front yard and also as a decoration of the fence.
Planting one kind of plant into the entire flower bed creates a symmetrical and aesthetic living hedge.


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If the slats of the fence panels are positioned at a wider distance, you can fill the gaps with natural material. Vines line ivy are easy to maintain and grow quite quickly.

In case there are horizontal support bars on the fence panels, you can use them as trellises for the ivy to define its spread and direction.


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If you prefer a flower bed along the fence instead of climbing vines, here is an appealing landscape idea. The flower bed is divided into a few smaller gardens. Each section is differentiated with black pavers.

The plants are different kinds to create an elevated landscape. Those closest to the fence are of taller height while those closer to the house are short trees and bushes.

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Trace your face line with boxwood to create a classic landscape along the fence. The glossy green leaves stand out against most of the fence materials and make a beautiful living decoration.


You can shape the boxwood as a hedge and also as a tree. Combining these two shapes will give the fence landscape a modern look.

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Whether you live on the coast or you want to have a piece of the ocean on your own property, this garden along the fence is fantastic! It features a combination of ornamental and tropical plants which combine together in an aesthetic symmetry.

The pattern of alignment repeats steadily on the ground covered with pea gravel which enhances the nautical impact of the garden.

6. #decorhomeideas

The garden along a fence can be created only in one spot in the front yard. This idea for a garden along the fence is located only in one section that stays in front of the fence opposite the front door.

The boxwood bushes are shaped like spheres which creates an elegant outdoor décor. It complements the stylish and luxurious finish of the walkway and the patio stairs.

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This idea is a good opportunity to improve the outdoor look of your fence and also enjoy a variety of flower arrangements.

Instead of planting the flowers directly in the ground, you can build planters from solid materials that complement the design of the fence.

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This idea shows a classic execution of a garden along the fence. The timeless look and evergreen nature of conifer shrubs will create an elegant finish for your property.

Choosing an evergreen plant instead of a seasonal flower is very practical for people with a limited budget and time to maintain the garden.

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The shape of the flower bed is another way to improve the curb appeal of your outdoor terrain. Use the fence to create a garden along it that follows the curves of the fence structure.

Define the flower bed with pavers, bricks or stones to differentiate it from the rest of the yard.

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The garden along the fence can be used to strengthen its safety and privacy properties.

Especially if you haven’t invested in a solid fence, in time, you may feel the need to fill the gaps of the metal chain link fence or a fence from panels with metal rods.

Climbing vines, shrubs, bamboo and some kinds of fast-growing trees are great for this improvement.


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If you have planned to cover the ground between the fence and the front porch with a walkway, you can plan in advance gaps for planters.

Outline them with solid material that will ensure their integrity for long years. You can plant seasonal flowers or go for an evergreen kind.

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Planting tall trees in the flower bed along the fence is a visually appealing approach, especially when they are combined with plants that grow lower.

To enhance the interest, cover the flower bed with river stones.

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To achieve this visual landscape interest, you need to leave a continuous gap between the fence and the lawn or the walkway and fill it tightly with plants and flowers.

That creates an amazing edge garden that blends the yard with the privacy structure.

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Choosing green plants for this yard is a visually winning landscape design! The white fence provides a solid and purely bright canvas for the plants to stand out.

Tall palm trees add a tropical flair that mixes perfectly with the timeless elegance of the boxwood shrubs.

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The garden along a fence can be positioned at the side facing the street. This landscape feature will create a good first impression for your property of people walking by your house and your special guests.

The garden arrangement here features a row of pine trees backed up by another kind of evergreen tree. They sit in a bed covered with white pea gravel which coheres with the modern look of the cement fence.

16. #decorhomeideas

The fence landscaping idea here includes a line with boxwood shrubs cut at a low height to create a hedge. This idea can be incorporated both at the inside of the yard and at the rear side of the fence.

The evergreen shrub hedging will look good not only against a metal fence but also against a picket fence, a brick fence or a stone fence.

17. #decorhomeideas

The modern look of the stamped walkway is complemented by a well-maintained garden along the wrought iron fence.

The flower beds are preliminary planned and traced with cement bricks with the same grey finish as the walkway material.

The beds are covered with mulch which limits the growth of weeds and also highlights the fresh green color of the shrubs.

18. #decorhomeideas

If you are tired of maintaining the front lane, you can take a bold decision and cover it with a stamped cement layer. The texture of the cement can mimic stones, tiles, pavers or bricks.

Leave a small garden around the cement front yard and the fence to make the front of the house more attractive.

Plant evergreen shrubs and tall trees like palms to enhance the contemporary look of the front yard design.

19. #decorhomeideas

If you have already created a walkway and you haven’t allowed for a space for a garden along the fence, you can always create one with planters.

This appealing landscape design features a combination of gravel and stepping stones and natural decorations with tall green trees.

They are placed right in front of the fence to create an additional privacy layer.

20. #decorhomeideas

Even in landscape design good planning is the key to an appealing final result.

As you can see in this landscape idea for a garden along a fence, the designer has allowed in advance space between the fence and the paver walkway.

It is filled with a wide variety of plants alternating low shrubs and climbing vines.

21. #decorhomeideas

The rocks when used as a landscape feature allow the creation of whimsy shapes and patterns in the outdoor gardens.

They are also great for the prevention of weeds and good drainage.

In this idea, we can source additional inspiration from the well-maintained front yard and the beautiful combination of evergreen trees and blooming flowers in the garden along the fence.

22. #decorhomeideas

Adding planters at the rear side of a wrought iron or chain link fence will make it look more natural and appealing.

A live hedge is one of the best choices for gardens along a fence. It is timeless in look; it requires pretty low maintenance and the kinds used for this type of live screen are always with thick greenery which stops the curious eyes.

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