200 Pound Dog Goes Everywhere With This Grandpa


His daughter thinks her dad loves his Great Dane more than her.

Cooper is a big dog with a big heart. And, since he weighs in at 200 pounds, he’s hard to miss. But his massive size doesn’t stop his dad from taking him everywhere that he goes.

Cooper and his dad spend all their time together. When Dad invites his daughter out for the evening, it’s a given that Cooper will also be going along, even to the local bar. The daughter loves Cooper but sharing dinner out with him is a bit much for her.

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Since Dad lives down the street from her house, the two always see each other. That means that Cooper goes to her house where he loves to get into mischief and slobber all over everything. Since he’s so big, he seems to take up the entire house and even steals food right off the table.

Cooper’s dad says that Cooper takes the boredom out of life and simply adores him even though his daughter doesn’t appreciate the chaos and mess he brings as much as her father does.

And even when Dad babysits his two grandkids, Cooper is right there to help in his own way. He loves to help the kids eat their meals and will take a nap with them even if he takes up all the room.

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Eventually, the daughter convinces Dad that life would be better if Cooper had some better manners. So, they decided to hire a trainer to help. Cooper is a good boy eager to please his human family, but will Dad be as trainable as Cooper?

To the daughter’s delight, Dad really works hard to transform Cooper from an indoor tornado to his best boy self. Soon, Cooper is sitting on command and no longer stealing food off people’s plates.

Cooper is still adorable and full of fun even if he is a little better behaved. The sweet big boy just needed a little guidance and some boundaries to help him contain his enormous energy and excitement about life.

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We’re so glad Cooper’s family loved him enough to work together to make everyone happier. We hope you enjoyed his story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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