20 Ways to Try the Ceiling Maximalism Trend

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
20 Ways to Try the Ceiling Maximalism Trend

The ceiling maximalism trend elevates the fifth wall by using wallpaper, bold colors, high-gloss sheens, and decorative molding overhead. For your next room refresh, skip the standard coat of standard flat white paint and opt for a statement ceiling.

This bold ceiling trend can be used in any room in the home and works with any design style. When it comes to choosing where and how to embellish the ceiling, interior designer Amy Youngblood says, “My main tip is to first of all utilize the trend in a room where you really want a bit of ‘wow’ power or glamour effect, for example, your dining room or an entryway.” Once you’ve pinpointed a space, she suggests balancing the space with neutral walls “Balance it out with calmer, more neutral walls in order to avoid an overly crowded and busy look”, she says.

As is the case with most design trends, an adorned ceiling is not an entirely new concept. “I see decorating our ceilings not so much as a new trend but more as stepping back into another period in time,” says interior designer Gillian Gillies. “If anyone has visited historic palaces and places of worship in Europe where ceilings are weighed down with painting and artifacts, what we are seeing now is much simpler, less grandiose, and much more attainable.”

If you’re ready to give your space a dramatic makeover, take inspiration from these maximalist ceiling ideas that make a big impression.

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Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling kitchen

Stacy Zarin Goldberg 

Make a timeless statement with a coffered ceiling that instantly infuses a space with historic charm. The classic architectural detail adds a linear pattern in the form of square, rectangular, or other shaped raised panels to create depth, dimension, and the illusion of tall ceilings. For a subtle and elegant effect, stick to a crisp white paint color and elevate it with a high-gloss sheen.

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Rustic Wood Beams

white kitchen with wood ceilings

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Rustic wood beams mounted on a wood planked ceiling add ample warmth to this heart of the home. The perpendicular layering creates visual interest while maintaining a consistent look, and the woods’ warmth is amplified through crisp white cabinetry and cool slate floor tile. A great way to highlight a unique ceiling design is to hang an oversized statement light fixture that draws the eye and stylistically complements the colors and materials used on the fifth wall.

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Color-Drenched Ceilings

Blue living room

Annie Schlechter

Go all in with a single saturated paint color on the walls, trim, and ceiling for an immersive experience. Referred to as color-drenching, this design technique turns the ceiling and other architectural details into an integral part of the room. While it may seem like it would feel overwhelming, sticking with one deep hue makes for an extra cozy and comfortable space.

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Dark Ceiling

Living room with black ceiling

Jim Franco

Instead of using a dark paint color on the walls, flip the script and keep the walls white while adorning the ceiling with a moody shade. The crisp contrast between the two adds a sophisticated edge to the space and the dark painted ceiling is an unexpected element that visually helps lower the ceiling for a cozy feel.

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Wallpaper Ceiling

Kitchen wallpaper ceiling

Sarah Alba

Transform a white kitchen with a bold wallpaper pattern on the ceiling. This one moment of surprise immediately takes the space from standard builder-grade to high-end design. To integrate the bold ceiling with the rest of the kitchen, pull colors from the wallpaper and dot them throughout the space, whether in the form of a stovetop kettle or baking dishes displayed on shelves.

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Vaulted Ceiling with Wood Beams

Long open kitchen space

Astrid Templier

Highlight the grandeur of a vaulted ceiling with wood beams that expose a striking architectural frame while infusing the space with old-world charm. Allow the beams’ material and placement to stand out by painting the vaulted ceiling a soft, warm white hue that opens up the room and helps bounce natural light around.

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Painted Porch Ceiling

Light blue porch ceiling

Kritsada Panichgul

Create the illusion of blue skies by adding a splash of light blue paint to your porch ceiling. Most commonly seen in the south and sometimes referred to as haint blue, this subtle color choice adds charm and personality while supposedly keeping birds and insects at bay.

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Lacquered Ceiling

Blue bedroom with lacquered ceiling

 Josh Grubbs

For the ultimate “wow” factor, use a shiny, high-gloss finish on your ceiling. “A lacquered ceiling—either using paint or wallpaper—can visually double the height of the room and it helps to bounce what light there is around”, says Gillies, adding that it’s a great trick for darker spaces or those with lower than desired ceiling heights.

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Painted Wood Beams

Living room with white ceiling beams

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Maintain the structural and linear effect of a wood beamed ceiling but lighten it up by painting it white. This is a relatively inexpensive way to completely transform the room and give it a modern coastal look, while preserving its original architectural features.

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Ornamental Ceiling Pattern

Blue and yellow dining room

 Annie Schlechter

Take a coffered ceiling to the next level and highlight its raised pattern with a bold paint color such as this cobalt blue. It creates a dramatic effect, especially if you use a high-gloss sheen for an extra glamorous feel. Use this technique in a more formal setting such as a dining room and a space that’s large enough where the ornamental ceiling has room to breathe.

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Wood Panel Ceiling

light blue and wooden entryway

Patrick Biller

A natural wood panel ceiling warms up this modern farmhouse-style entryway. In a space where the same material, such as wood paneling, covers the walls and the ceiling, create differentiation by painting one of the elements and leaving the other as it is. In this case, the wood paneling on the walls is painted white for an modern update, while the natural wood on the ceiling mirrors the hardwood floors and ties in other natural materials around the room, such as a wicker armchair and woven wood window shades.

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Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Blue and white patio

Carmel Brantley

A blue tongue and groove design adorns a vaulted ceiling on this elegant blue and white patio. The ceiling’s straight lines and light blue paint color echo the striped seat cushions on the comfy outdoor seating and a modern ceiling fan adds a practical and decorative feature to this traditional space.

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Greenery-Covered Ceiling

Living ceiling

David Land

Take inspiration from the living wall trend and bring nature indoors with a greenery covered ceiling. Make a small attic ceiling nook look extra special by covering it with the textured live or faux material, and surround it with potted plants to enhance the nature-inspired theme. To continue the organic look, pair your green ceiling with neutral tones, light woods, and worn-in leather accents.

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Unexpected Ceiling Paint Color

Yellow and green entryway

 Annie Schlechter

Part of what makes a space memorable is an unexpected design moment, which in this charming entryway is a cheery yellow painted ceiling. The vertical wallpaper pattern points to the ceiling for emphasis and crisp white trim and molding details add a classic touch to balance out the more playful elements.

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Shiplap Cathedral Ceiling

Farmhouse living room

Jeff Herr

Use white shiplap on a cathedral ceiling to add subtle detail while sticking with the classic ceiling color. To break up the horizontal lines and delicate aesthetic of the shiplap, juxtapose it with the rugged nature of wood beams that create an upside down V-shape to draw the eye up.

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Starry Ceiling

Kids bedroom with star wallpaper ceiling

Annie Schlechter

Add a magical touch to a kids’ bedroom with a star-covered ceiling. There are several ways to achieve this look—gold star-shaped decals, a starry wallpaper, stenciled star shapes, or a painted Van Gogh-inspired starry night design on the ceiling.

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Vertical and Horizontal Beams

Modern farmhouse living room

Jared Kuzia

A mix of vertical and horizontal wood beams make a stunning statement in this modern rustic space. Exposed structural beams add a sculptural element and help fill the open space created by the vaulted ceiling, while the round shape of a wagon wheel-style chandelier breaks up the ceiling’s linear features and ties in the beams’ black metal hardware.

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Wood Slatted Ceiling

an outdoor covered deck with white columns and fun decor

Tria Giovan

A statement ceiling isn’t just for interiors. Boost curb appeal and give a front porch added visual interest with a wood slatted ceiling. Pair the natural accent with green siding and off-white trim for a nature-inspired exterior that extends a warm welcome.

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Painted Beams

Mid-century modern living room

David Land

Create a layered effect and update a wood planked ceiling by painting the beams black. In this modern industrial living room, the black paint color extends to the exposed pillars surrounding the seating arrangement, while oversized windows and crisp white walls balance out the dark ceiling.

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Dark Wood Ceiling

Midcentury modern living room

John Bessler

Dark wood panels and beams on a ceiling pack a punch in this cozy midcentury modern living room. To prevent the space from looking overly dark or formal, a round paper light fixture lightens up the aesthetic, introduces a new shape, and fills the vertical space.

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