20 Stylish Brown Living Room Ideas You Hadn’t Thought to Try


Lindsey Brooke Design

Need proof this earth-friendly hue can be equally as pretty as reliable? Brown, a color often associated with safety and security, can make for the most beautiful living room spaces if you embrace it.

But if your mind automatically drifts to brown painted walls, let’s change gears. You can effortlessly layer in this sturdy color in an infinite number of unexpected ways.

From sleek credenzas to hardwood ceilings and entirely brown painted rooms, here are 20 stylish brown living room ideas you hadn’t thought to try.

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Arbor & Co.

Light brown leather poufs are teeny pieces of furniture that pack a punch. Not only do these floor cushions moonlight as comfy footrests, extra seating, and kid-friendly coffee tables, but poufs also blend well with most design aesthetics. This light brown iteration shown above is cognac leather (available in vegan or faux options)—an ideal fabric for dressing up historic and farmhouse-inspired spaces in a snap.

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Twelve 15 Design Studio

You can never go wrong with adding accent chairs to your living room. These single seats bring comfort while lining up your other living room elements, like your rug, sofa, and end tables. Plus, accent chairs create a seating arrangement that builds a conversation area to relax with friends and family.

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Cathie Hong

If you prefer rustic, old-world craftsmanship or a prairie-style look, stick to natural, stained wood for your window casings and baseboards (instead of painting each white).

As you consider any of these brown living room ideas, err on the side of caution: be sure to offset any darkness brought on by brown elements through color-balancing techniques. For example, if you love dark brown window casings or baseboards, pick a light paint color. Or, vice versa, if you paint your walls a dark brown, consider light-colored furniture, textiles, or artwork. This approach will prevent your room from feeling gloomy or heavy.

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Forbes Masters

For total mood mastery, paint your walls a dark brown. Here, this chocolately brown painted wall looks classy and demure at the same time. Its darker shade revives this traditionally earthy tone while helping ground the space as a whole.

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onurdongel / Getty Images

Looking for a classic look that delivers high drama? Design a brown accent wall with paneling. This ideal backdrop can house artwork or help out a dull wall that’s in desperate need of some design magic.

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Nile Johnson

For a lively rhythm, dot your room with subtle touches of brown, a trick guaranteed to make any living space feel pristine. Whether you bring this hue in through artwork, lamp shades, or oil-rubbed bronze metaled accents is up to you!

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Becca Interiors

If your space lacks texture (a crucial design element), converting your fireplace to stone is an easy way to make your living space visually stunning. Plus, stone fireplaces will forever maintain their inviting appeal and provide a cozy atmosphere.

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Bespoke Only

To add an intimate look to your living space, forget the floor and add wood paneling to your 5th wall—the ceiling. This concept is typically best reserved for taller spaces (with high ceilings) prone to receiving plenty of light. However, to offset the darkness a wooden ceiling may inject, keep your textiles and furniture pieces in cheery shades. Here, cream curtains help balance the dark paneling right above.

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Bulgac / Getty Images

Decorating with brown in a living space can also mean going ultimately monochromatic. Bring different tints, tones, and shades of brown through your wallpaper, window curtains, built-ins, rugs, and furniture for a zen effect.

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Monica Wilcox Design

Since there are so many tints and shades of brown, it’s easy to find a hue that works with your living room style. Here, this wallpaper motif flaunts a juxtaposition of two different browns, forming an elegant backdrop for pink accents to take the lead.

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Will Brown Interiors

A brown upholstered sofa can easily create an earthy modern space that’s also pet- and kid-friendly. And performance fabric or not, brown won’t show stains as easily as other colors. It’s a reliable choice that will look good for years to come. Bonus points: brown sofas (especially leather ones) pair well with other patterns and colors.

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House Sprucing

A wooden coffee table is a long-lasting staple and a functional piece that will forever hold its design appeal. Wooden coffee tables can also come in several shapes, sizes, and colors—ideal for any style goals—whether you’re going for a casual, unstuffy look or a traditional feel.

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Desiree Burns Interiors

Rattan or seagrass baskets typically come in brown tones. The best part: these baskets are environmentally friendly. Rattan, for example, is one of the most available natural materials in the world. These baskets are also easy to maintain and flexible. Plus, their lidded iterations can keep clutter out-of-sign all while doubling as a piece of décor (or pineapple as shown here).

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If you live in a warmer climate, pick a neutral brown tile for your flooring. And if you choose a porcelain tile, you’ll definitely reap its benefits. Porcelain is typically slip-resistant and extremely strong, a great option for pet and kid-friendly spaces. If you’re not a fan of the traditional tile look, try wood plank tiles instead—tiles designed to look just like wood (but without the upkeep of natural wood).

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Lindsey Brooke Design

Built-ins offer an attractive display space (and a great shelfie moment), becoming a timeless addition to any home. Plus, you can use built-ins to frame your fireplace and television all while adding storage to showcase your collectibles. Truly, built-ins offer an outstanding aesthetic that will spruce up any sized space.

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Black and Blooms

Brown brick is a perfect way to add depth and warmth to your room. And when treated correctly, it can be super durable and great for high-traffic areas.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Curtains are a practical design addition that can also enhance the beauty of your home. Blackout curtains are specially designed to block out more light from entering your room (whether it’s streetlights, car headlights, or sunlight). Here, these checkered light brown curtains add an earthy, soft touch to this living space.

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Rikki Synder

Your big-ticket items like a cushy sofa and rug spearhead your space’s design, but what brings a room together depends on the power of accessorizing. Enter: ceramic décor pieces. Ceramics look stylish, and have been around for centuries.

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Brophy Interiors

If you still have carpet on your main floor, consider a hardwood swap. Hardwoods come in several shades of brown, and can truly warm up an otherwise cold, uninviting space. If hardwood isn’t a practical option for your budget or lifestyle, try engineered hardwoods, luxury vinyl planks, laminate, or porcelain wood plank tiles for the same effect (but with two added bonuses: less money and maintenance).

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Bringing in bold brown art is a beautiful way to recast a plain space. Larger pieces of art can also look more sophisticated and chic than grouping together smaller pieces if you have an extensive wall to fill.

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