20 Entryway Bench Ideas to Create a Warm Welcome

By Andrea Beck
Andrea Beck
20 Entryway Bench Ideas to Create a Warm Welcome

If you have space in your entryway, a bench is a versatile addition that can make your front room or hall more stylish. Some entryway benches can provide extra storage for shoes and bags, while others act as an easy place to stop and tie your shoes before heading out the door. You can also find entryway benches that are purely decorative to add style just inside the front door. No matter what you’re looking for, these modern entryway bench ideas will help you create a welcoming space in the foyer of your home.

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Modern Entryway Bench

Modern entryway bench

Kim Cornelison

This small alcove has a sleek and modern aesthetic. Anchoring a flat piece of wood to the wall creates a bench with open space below for shoe storage. Gray accents, such as the throw pillows and area rug, complete the modern design.

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Farmhouse Entryway Seating

Farmhouse entryway

Edmund Barr

Keep the entryway simple with just the essentials. A no-fuss wood bench inside the doorprovides a place to sit, and has space underneath for shoe storage. A set of hooks hung just over the bench provides additional room for coats and hats.

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Sleek Drop-Zone

Modern entryway bench

Marty Baldwin

Fill out an entryway with plenty of space with modern storage solutions. The sleek entryway bench has a cushioned area for sitting down, plus a cubby underneath for boots and shoes. The other side stacks up shelves, with one long shelf across the top and hooks for keeping all the essentials.

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Entryway Bench with Storage

Entryway storage with built-in cubby

Adam Albright 

For larger families (or households with little ones), use an entryway bench as an opportunity for more storage. This built-in bench includes cubbies above and below with storage bins for shoes, backpacks, and more. It even has hooks within each frame to make it easy to separate items by family member.

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Bright Entryway

Colorful entryway

Paul Costello

Sometimes, an entryway bench is for decoration as much as it is practical. This entryway has a small side table decorated with potted plants and colorful vases that complement the pink front door. A small bench with a sheepskin rug provides an area to sit just inside the door.

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Entryway Bench for Small Spaces

white entryway with wood bench


This small entryway bench idea proves there’s always room for a narrow shoe rack or bench. The wood bench doubles as both, with a flat surface on top and space for shoes in the middle. The small size of the bench not only fits the space, but keeps the focus on the large print on the wall.

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Narrow Entryway Bench

Entryway bench storage

Christopher Shane

Add storage with no installation with this small entryway bench idea. This unit can easily be moved if needed, and includes a bench, shoe storage shelf, and spare hooks for a practical drop-zone. The metal combined with wood also gives it a modern farmhouse feel.

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Gallery Wall Entryway

Entryway gallery wall

David Tsay

Cover a plain entryway space with a gallery wall of art and photos. Placed above the bench, the row of picture frames adds dimension to the entryway hall. The square shapes also mimic the black and white checker pattern of the floor.

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Large Entryway Bench

Blue entryway

Adam Albright

For entryways that open directly into a larger room, set the bench just beside the door. This creates a small entryway space inside the bigger room with hooks and shelves for storage. Placing a chair on the opposite side of the door creates almost a small hallway into the room and visually separating it from the rest of the space.

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Hidden Entryway Storage

Mirrored entryway

Kim Cornelison

Large mirrors placed inside the entryway create the illusion of a larger hallway. The mirrored doors also conceal a coat closet. Plus, the built-in bench by the door also doubles as an open shoe rack for even more storage.

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Hallway Entryway Bench Ideas

Entryway wood bench

Annie Schlechter

wide hallway provides plenty of space to create a welcoming entryway. A simple wood bench sits against one wall with end tables for additional storage. This larger entryway is also a great place to lay out a large, colorful, patterned rug without making the area feel busy.

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Window Seat Storage

Entryway window bench

Greg Scheidemann

This entryway bench decor idea doubles as a space to relax. With a window positioned just inside the door, it’s a great place to install a window seat that doubles as an entryway bench. This cushioned area also includes storage bins below.

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Maximize Space

Entryway staircase bench

Lisa Romerein

A narrow space by the stairs is filled in with a stylish entryway bench. Tucked out of the flow of traffic, this cushioned bench is a great place to sit for a moment before heading out the door. Though it’s lower to the ground, it still has enough space below for a few pairs of shoes.

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Contemporary Entryway Bench

Contemporary entryway bench

Carson Downing

Colors from this entryway bench are mimicked in the wall art, creating a cool, contemporary entry area. The design complements the light gray floors and white walls, keeping the entire space clean and sleek. The minimalist bench design also leaves open space beneath for storage.

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Front Hallway Bench

Narrow entryway bench

Jean Allsopp

Add style to an otherwise empty hallway inside your front door. This small bench adds seating to a narrow space right along the staircase. A few decorative throw pillows liven up the area and complement the blue glass art along the wall.

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Colorful Accessories

colorful entryway bench

Carson Downing

Mixing color in the entryway creates a bright, welcoming space as soon as you walk in the door. Here, light pink wallpaper gives the walls dimension, while a simple wood entryway bench adds warmth to the space and an area for decor. Matching blue stools provide seating if needed and complement the vases and artwork inside the entry.

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Modern Farmhouse Bench

Modern farmhouse entryway

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

In this narrow entryway, a plain wood bench adds seating and a touch of farmhouse style. Several throw pillows soften up the bench and add color to an otherwise neutral space. A row of large hooks over the bench with a built-in shelf adds coat and bag storage.

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Painted Entryway Bench

Colorful entryway decor

Joseph Keller

Show off your favorite color as soon as you walk in the door. This entryway bench is painted blue to complement the striped rug lining the hallway. The bright colors pair well with the patterned wallpaper accents on display as you walk into the home.

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Simple Entryway Bench

Bench storage

Tria Giovan

Create a stylish entryway on a budget. By placing a simple white bench along the wall rather than building an alcove or built-in unit, this entryway adds storage and a place to sit inside the door without busting the budget. Simple magnetic frames with hooks provide a place to hang keys and stick reminder notes.

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Built-In Entryway Bench

Entryway built-in bench

Jeff Mcnamara

If you need small entryway bench ideas that won’t block your home’s flow of traffic, consider a built-in option. This entryway has a small alcove just inside the door with enough room for a narrow bench. The cushioned bench provides a spot to rest or store items, while hooks above add storage for hats, coats, and bags.

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