20 Cozy and Gorgeous Stone Fireplace Ideas

Rabekah Henderson
20 Best Stone Fireplace Ideas
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Pick Gray

stone fireplace ideas gray

Amy Bartlam

A sleek and understated gray stone fireplace can make a room instantly feel more elegant. For an ultra-modern look, keep the space between stones as small as possible and use grout that matches the stone for a seamless effect.

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Make It Rustic

rustic stone fireplace ideas

Arbor & Co

Very few things scream ‘cozy log cabin’ more than a stand-out, textured stone fireplace. Get the look in your own home (even if it’s nowhere close to a mountain range) by pairing dark, textured stone with wide grout lines and a facing that emphasizes the natural curve of the rock.

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Add a Stone Wall

stone fireplace ideas wall

Amy Bartlam

For a unique fireplace look that’s straight out of a rustic villa, cover the entire wall your fireplace sits against with matching stone. You’ll have a statement feature like no other and a beautiful fireplace in the middle of it. And remember, fireplaces aren’t just for living rooms—they can fit in dining rooms or bedrooms too.

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Keep It Small

small stone fireplace ideas

Laura Brophy Interiors

Looking to make a smaller statement? Small stone fireplaces can still look great. Additionally, if you’re trying to refinish an existing fireplace with a stone look, it’s often easiest to start small.

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Aim High

stone fireplace ideas tall

Amy Bartlam

Fireplaces don’t need to stop at the mantel—instead, take them to the ceiling. Not only will this extra-tall look make your stone fireplace stand out all the more, it will also make your space feel taller too.

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Think Outside the Box

stone wall fireplace ideas

Laura Brophy Interiors

Your fireplace needn’t be a perfectly square box. If you have a long wall and you’re looking to place a large TV above your fireplace, install one that’s wide and short. Likewise, if you have a short wall that needs an accent, try out a tall and narrow fireplace.

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Try Out Tan

stone fireplace ideas tan

Amy Bartlam

A tan stone fireplace makes any space feel a little more Mediterranean, giving your home an luxurious, Italian feel. Even better, the neutral coloring of this fireplace means that it will work well with nearly any color, so it’s a great choice for rooms that already have plenty of bold color.

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Use a Half-Wall

half wall stone fireplace idea

Arbor & Co

Want the ‘oomph’ of a wall of stonework without the commitment? Try out a half wall. Extend the stone of your fireplace to the ends of the wall, but don’t bring it higher than your firebox. You’ll have a fun, contemporary look that’s not too overwhelming.

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Try a Standalone

narrow stone fireplace ideas

Tara Kantor Interiors

Want to keep your open-concept while still having a fireplace? Try a standalone one. These dramatic stone fireplace picks often have a very sculptural vibe and they’re a great way to bring the look of a stone fireplace to two different spaces.

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Stack It Up

stacked stone fireplace ideas

Charbonneau Interiors

Another contemporary favorite? A stacked stone fireplace. A stacked stone fireplace can bring lots of linear interest to a space and provide textural contrast to an otherwise neutral room.

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Paint It

black stone fireplace ideas

Simply Grove

Just like you can paint brick, you can paint stone too. This is an easy way to fix up a fireplace that’s a little too dirty to restore back to its original look or doesn’t fit in with your style, and it’s a great way to provide a pop of color to your space.

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Use Marbled Stone

marbled stone fireplace ideas

Charlie Coull Design

For a marvelously minimalist look, pick a stone fireplace front that’s one piece (as opposed to tiles or multiple stones) and has some marbled detailing. This elegant combo can make your room feel more glamorous without adding extra visual clutter.

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Try a Wide Standalone Fireplace

stone fireplace ideas island

Mindy Gayer

Looking for that standalone stone fireplace look, but don’t have 12-foot-tall ceilings? A standalone fireplace can still look great in an 8-foot-tall room—just make it wider. A wider and shorter standalone fireplace provides an eye-catching, sculptural centerpiece to nearly any space.

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Make It Neutral

neutral stone fireplace ideas

Charlie Coull Design

Stone fireplaces don’t have to be bold or especially flashy—they can be understated and neutral too. For a toned-down look, use a lighter colored, smoother stone that matches your walls or other major parts of your room.

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Opt for Oversized

oversized stone fireplace ideas

Whittney Parkinson Design

Many times, the fireplace is naturally the center of the room. But when you want to make it stand out even more, make it oversized. Use the stone from your fireplace all along a wall and incorporate built-ins, light fixtures and shelving to make the oversized stone feature feel like it’s really a part of your space.

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Add It at an Angle

angled stone fireplace ideas

Mindy Gayer

An angled stone fireplace is a great pick for an otherwise-unused corner, and its unique tilt makes it stand out more in a space. Plus, its angle means that you’re more easily able to gather more seating around it.

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Use Stone as an Accent

stone fireplace ideas accent

Devon Grace Interiors

If you want stone in your fireplace, but don’t want an entirely stone fireplace, consider using stone as an accent. A great way to do this is with a stone surround near the firebox.

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Use Stone as Trim

stone fireplace ideas trim

House 9

Another easy way to bring in a little bit of stone? Use it as trim. A small length of stone provides a pop of elegance in a sea of wood or brick.

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Mix Materials

stone fireplace ideas mix materials

Erin Williamson Design

Stone fireplaces don’t need to be entirely stone—mix it up with other materials too. Stone can look beautiful paired with a wood surround, or brick accents. Neutral stone also pairs well with sleek marble or granite accents as well.

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Leave It Exposed

exposed stone fireplace ideas

Black and Blooms

Sometimes stone can be painted or glazed to provide a more finished look. But stone fireplaces can be left au naturel too—exposed, ‘raw’ stone brings a uniquely rustic look to your space.

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