20 Barbiecore Nail Ideas Perfect for the Dreamhouse

Barbiecore nails
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Mark your calendar (and maybe go ahead and book your ticket), as the much-anticipated Barbie movie officially hits theaters on July 21. If you plan on getting in the spirit ahead of time—and who isn’t, with all the Barbenheimer talk right now?—we can’t think of a better way to channel your own inner Barbie than getting a fresh mani. From hot pink details to shimmering patterns, there’s a fun-filled nail design out there for Malibu Barbie, CEO Barbie, Groovy Barbie, and everyone in between. Start practicing your best Barbie ponytail, stock up on a few doll-like products, and keep reading for 20 of the best Barbiecore nail ideas to ask for at your next manicure.

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Ballerina Barbie

Manicure with pearlescent pink base and 3D pearl, heart, and bow accents

Ballerina Barbie would absolutely twirl around in these nails. With a pearlescent pink base and coquette details including bows and pearls, we can’t get enough of this show-stopping mani.

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Mermaid Barbie

Coral pink nails with subtle shimmer finish, viewed close up

Mermaid nails, meet Barbie. This shimmery coral nail polish perfectly melds this summer’s two biggest trends, especially if you’ve planned a beach trip full of seaside afternoons and glamorous nights out.

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Astronaut Barbie

Sparkly silver nails with iridescent finish, viewed close up

If Astronaut Barbie got a manicure, this would be it. When it comes to this blinding silver shimmer shade with a stunning iridescent finish, ET had better watch out, as these nails are headed straight for the stars.

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Party Barbie

Manicure with pale pink base and sparkly ombre top finish

Party Barbie? Yes, please. These pastel pink nails are confetti-esque with their sparkly details and chunky clusters, making them tailor-made for a giant blowout party (you know the one: with all the Barbies, planned choreography, and a bespoke song).

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CEO Barbie

Manicure with sheer, subtle pink polish and shiny finish

If you’re spending the summer getting ahead in your career, try going for the CEO Barbie vibe with some sheer, subtly pink nails. The clean, ultra-shiny finish here proves that sometimes, less is more.

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Punk Rock Barbie

Pink and silver heart nails, viewed close up

We could totally see Kourtney Kardashian rocking these punk rock Barbie nails for a night of watching husband Travis Barker at one of Blink 182’s concerts (or just for a fun statement). With hot pink and silver heart-shaped flame accents, this mani is the perfect way for emo lovers to embrace Barbie summer.

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Barbie Hearts

Pink manicure with radiating heart-shaped accent nails

In your lover era? Whether you’re focusing on relationships or are trying to romanticize your life, these Barbie heart nails in a monochromatic pink palette are sure to get the job done.

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Malibu Barbie

Clear nails with heart, star, cherry, pearl details, viewed up close

Malibu Barbie is all about living a carefree, beachy life, which is why we just know she’d adore these vibrant Barbiecore nails. Complete with cherries, pearls, and stars all in a pink and white color scheme, this look is fit for all your summer adventures.

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Tropical Barbie

White manicure with hot pink flower designs

You’re sure to find Tropical Barbie lounging on the beach in this manicure. The stark white background and coral flowers give all of the coastal vibes, making it the perfect choice whether your favorite animated Barbie film was Barbie as the Island Princess or you simply spend as much of your summer in warm, lush locales as possible.

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Pop Art Barbie

Fuchsia, hot pink, pale pink, and lavender nails with pop art accents

This candy-colored mani is exactly what a Barbie in the pages of a book or cartoon would want to wear. We love how carefully placed black and white lines take an otherwise simple gradient mani into pop art territory.

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Camo Barbie

Camo print nails in monochromatic pink color scheme

Even when she’s feeling tough, Barbie is always certain to stick with her signature shade. These pink camo nails will distract enemies and show the world just how powerful you are.

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Monochromatic Barbie

Pink glitter velvet manicure with hot pink 3D bow accent

Barbie loves nothing more than a monochromatic moment, and she would obsess over this glittery pink manicure. With the velvet finish, French tips, and 3D bow accents, there’s a lot going on here—in a good way.

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Juicy Barbie

Bubblegum pink manicure with sculpted mermaid shell details

Cue Doja Cat’s “Juicy”! Appropriate for mermaid Barbies and everyone else who wants to have some summer fun, we can’t look away from this bubblegum pink mani with a 3D water droplet effect.

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Neon Barbie

Matte neon pink manicure close up

Come on Barbie, let’s go party with a neon pink mani! If you’re all about making a statement in an unexpected way, these classic pink nails with a matte finish are it.

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Feminine Floral Barbie

dried flowers pressed in clear nails, viewed up close

We’re phoning our manicurists after seeing this elegant Barbiecore nail look. With dried flowers, this mani gives off milk bath vibes, transitioning this year’s biggest nail trend into Barbie summer territory.

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Cherry Barbie

French manicure with pastel pink tips and red cherry designs

Pretty please with a cherry on top? We know that Barbie would approve of a sweet mani like this, featuring cherry accents and pink French tips.

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Groovy Barbie

Manicure with pink, orange, blue, and green retro swirl design

Keep it groovy. If Barbie went back in time to the disco era, we imagine she’d have nails like this, featuring a retro swirl design and vibrant colors.

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Candy Barbie

Silver chrome nails with pink and orange 3D blob details

If you’re a Barbie fan with a penchant for 3D statements, you need to check out these candy-inspired nails. With a silver chrome base plus pink and orange candy droplet accents, we’re in love.

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Pink Barbie

Pastel pink nails with pink and white 3D bow details

Barbie looks best in pink, which is why she’d absolutely go for these classically pink nails. Featuring 3D bows and loads of pink, this mani belongs on your mood board for Barbie movie weekend and beyond.

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Graphic Barbie

Manicure with hot pink nails, silver sparkle, Barbie logo and silhouette, and Barbie designs

Don’t let people forget just who inspired your mani. These Barbiecore nails show off Barbie’s name, silhouette, logo, and so much more, resulting in something that feels like a full-blown celebration of the iconic doll.

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