18 elegantes uñas en tonos durazno y coral que querrás llevar esta temporada.


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Get summer-ready with these stunning peach and coral nails! Add a pop of vibrant color to your manicure for a fresh and trendy look.

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the days get longer, it’s time to trade in your dark, moody nail shades for something with a vibrant and playful twist. Enter peachy and coral nails, the go-to colors for the spring and summer seasons.

Synonymous with warm weather, beach vacations, and a carefree spirit, these nail hues can be the icing on the cake of any summer outfit, whether you’re vacationing by the pool, attending a wedding, or spending summer in the city. In particular, we love them with white dresses!

To get you started, we’ve featured 18 nail art designs that we think you should save for your next mani. To go the extra mile, match your pedicure to your fingertips for the perfect hot-weather look.

The Best Peach & Coral Nails To Try

1. Pink & Peachy French

Combine light shades of pink with a peachy orange for the perfect candy-inspired look! To create a seamless look, alternate between solid pinks and peaches as well as French-inspired nails. This is such a fresh color combination and perfect for the summer!

2. Dotted Lines

Mix and match your nail designs for a unique summer nail look. Paint some of your nails in a classic coral hue, while keeping your thumb and ring finger halfway with a coral French tip. As for your index finger, start with a nude base and play around with dots of gold, white, and coral, copying the same design on the edges of your ring finger’s tip.

3. Coral Glitter

Instead of opting for a solid nail color, sparkle up your nails with glamorous coral glitter. You can easily recreate this glittered ombre effect at home!

4. Bright Swirls

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate peach and coral hues into your next manicure, look no further. This abstract nail perfectly combines these two hues into this fun and fresh swirly manicure.

5. Peachy Florals

When you can’t decide between peach or floral nails, choose both. We love the idea of combining fresh floral motifs on clear accent nails with peach-colored nails.

6. Glazed Coral

We love the classic glazed donut look, but if you’re looking for a fresh, brightly-colored take on it, why not try it in coral?

7. Valentine’s Twist

Valentine’s nails usually consist of pinks and reds, but they don’t have to. This peachy French manicure with peach-colored love hearts is the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a twist on the classics. Recreate this manicure by starting with peachy French tips, and leave the ring finger as your accent nail – decorate this with peachy hearts (or actual peaches, if that’s more your vibe!).

Why choose one nail trend when you can choose three? Alternate between chrome, glitter, and solid color in coral hues to achieve this stunning manicure. Keep your nails short for an on-trend look.

9. abstract Lines

This is another fabulous abstract nail in peach and coral hues. Recreate this manicure by using a nude base to start and then, paint wavy patterns in peach and coral using a small nail art brush. The lines don’t have to be perfect!

10. Gold-Dotted

Try these gorgeous coral nails with understated gold dots for your next summer event, be that a wedding or a pool party. Alternate between solid coral nails and clear base nails with gold and coral dots for a rhinestone-like effect. While this look is best achieved by enlisting a pro, you can use a bobby pin or the end of a safety pin to create the dots yourself.

11. Daisy Fields

A dainty daisy manicure is always a great idea to brighten up your day. Paint all your nails in your favorite shade of coral, and draw small daisy nail art on the nails of your choice – simple.

12. Short & Sweet

This pink and coral combo works so well together, especially on short nails. The contrast is so vibrant and summery – perfect for an everyday look.

13. peach half moons

Simplicity is elegance, right? We love these nude nails with peach-colored half moons – so simple yet eye-catching. Just be mindful of the fact that this manicure is quite high-maintenance with new nail growth!

14. Ombre Tips

These coral ombre nails are a summer manicure dream come true, and a low-maintenance girl’s best friend. If you’re into DIY’ing your manicure, there’s a new nail trend you should try. Instead of creating a classic ombre with two nail polishes and a sponge, instead, opt for eyeshadow.

That’s right – after applying nude nail polish, simply tap some eyeshadow onto your nail, concentrating on the tip to create an ombre effect. Seal the design with a clear top coat and voilà – you have the perfect ombre.

15. Floral French

Instead of opting for a classic French, why not create the illusion of a French tip using some floral motifs? Opt for two nails on your left hand to make DIYing the manicure more manageable.

16. Glitter Accent

If you’re going on a sunny vacation, glitter is always a good idea. Combine your regular ombre with a bold glitter accent nail to elevate your overall manicure.

17. Touch Of Gold

Gold makes any manicure better. If you don’t want to commit to an entire set of gilded fingertips, an accent nail with gold glitter will do.

18. glitter Ombre

This is one for parties. If you don’t want to commit to a fully colorful manicure, choose one accent nail as your pièce de résistance and tie the remaining nails to the look with glitter in the same hues.

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