18 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Instantly Enhance Your Space


Dining room tables do more than provide a place for a sit-down meal. They’re also a place to show off a beautiful display that showcases your decor style. Whether you’re decorating a farmhouse kitchen or putting the finishing touches on a formal dining room, there are endless ways to amplify your dining table.

While seasonal decorating and holiday centerpieces are popular choices, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion! Start now by borrowing some of our favorite dining table decor ideas.

Annie Schlechter

If you’re the type of decorator who likes constancy throughout the house, finding dining table decor will be a breeze. Choose items like table runners, centerpieces, and dinnerware to match your existing color scheme and decor style. If you’re on a budget, gather items you already have from around the house since you already know they fit with the rest of your decor.

Ryann Ford

Create a light and airy scene on your dining room table that’s eye-catching but not overwhelming. Scandinavian style is perfect for this; use Scandinavian style, minimalistic decor and natural materials to create a tablescape that evokes a calming feeling.


If you aren’t where to start when it comes to adding decor to your dining table, start small. Two staple elements will keep things simple but add visual interest to the scene: A table runner and a centerpiece. Placing these two simple decor pieces on your table will give it the effortless facelift you’ve been looking for.


In a neutral setting, let the centerpiece of your dining table be the focal point. Choose flowers or a piece of decor that will pop against the most frequently used shades in your color scheme. Here, a bright yellow arrangement steals the show in this black and white dining room.

Anthony Masterson 

Add interest to your dining room table by surrounding it with all different styles of dining chairs. Stop by a local antique store or flea market to find pre-loved seats. Or, upcycle chairs you already have with a fresh coat of paint. Because the chairs add so much visual interest, you can keep the table decor simple with a neutral runner and vase of flowers.

David Tsay

Gather your favorite vases, containers, and any other vessel that will hold a stem or two, and organize a floral medley on your dining room table. Cut the stems of your flowers to different heights so some are soaring above while others hold down the fort closer to the table. Group them together in the center for a bold centerpiece, or line them down a rectangular table for a more casual feel.

Carson Downing

Mixing patterns can be a daunting task, but there is a simple way to play matchmaker. The trick to a cohesive end result is to stick to similar colors and incorporate different sized patterns. Here, the blue and orange color scheme is repeated in both the large pattern of the runner and the intricate details of the dishes and napkins.

Annie Schlechter

Forego busy patterns and lively colors and opt for timeless neutral decor. To add interest to a neutral dining space, opt for just one patterned element, and keep in mind that larger prints in monochromatic colors will feel less busy. This geometric runner adds interest without overwhelming the space.

Edmund Barr

Don’t stop decorating once the table scene is set. Carry the accessories to the dining room seating for a cohesive, cozy feel. Add throw pillows to increase comfort and expand the decor throughout the room.

Annie Schlechter

Tablecloths are an easy way to completely change the feeling of a dining space. It adds a touch of elegance to the scene while hiding any imperfections the table may have. This key element can be easily switched out for any season or event.

Ali Harper

If you’re passionate about travel, let the decor be a daily reminder of the beautiful cultures and places you’ve experienced. Deck your dining room with souvenirs you’ve collected from around the world. Stepping into this room will take you back to far-away places and have you reminiscing about meals shared across the globe.

Kritsada Panichgul

A simple way to decorate your dining table is to find a table runner or tablecloth that matches the upholstery of your seats. This visually appealing dining table decor idea is simple and ties elements together for a cohesive look. Swap out the decor piece in the center as the seasons change for an easy setup.

Jay Wilde

Traditional interior design has proven to outlast the test of time as trends come and go. If you want to update your traditional dining room with more modern elements, opt for subtle upgrades. Consider a glass vase to tie in with a chandelier overhead, or look for chairs made with traditional material but in a unique form.

Hector Sanchez

Soften up a stark white dining room by adding strategic decor. Use soft pastels to grace your tablescape and seats upholstered in suede or similar fabrics in warm colors. In a space like this where the chairs steal the show, keep the table bare except for a vase of flowers or another simple decor item.

Adam Albright

Jewel tones will give your dining table decor a new, bold look. These saturated tones include emerald greens, amethyst purples, and rich blues. Typically used in modern or boho spaces, these colors make a statement with whatever interior design style you prefer.

Julie Soefer

Shed some light on the dining table and draw the eyes up with an accent chandelier. Whether you go for something glamorous, a modern style, or something with rustic charm, a chandelier is an easy addition to the dining room. Since the light fixture acts as a focal point, stick to simple decor on the table itself.

Jay Wilde

This dining room table uses several different materials that tie together flawlessly for an eclectic mix of decor styles. A repurposed wooden table is centered with a contemporary light fixture, while the table is set with a colorful cloth and rustic dinnerware. None of the items match, yet they all complement each other.

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