18 Back-to-School Nail Design Ideas for Teachers


The back-to-school season is almost here, and that means saying goodbye to late summer nights and hello to new school year adventures!

To help you get in the right mindset, I’ve rounded up eighteen of my favorite back-to-school nail design ideas for teachers that will make your transition from beach days to book bags easier.

From prints inspired by school supplies like ruled paper and erasers, to fun designs featuring iconic symbols like apples or the pi symbol, I’ve got all sorts of creative looks for you to show off during the start of this amazing new chapter.

Expo Marker Nail Design
Credit: haysalto

Add a pop of color to your nails with an expo marker-inspired nail design. Use bright colors for each nail, and then use white polish to fill in the text.

Chalkboard Nail Design
Credit: haysalto

Who said chalkboards were only for the classroom? Recreate this classic school look with a nail design that closely resembles an actual chalkboard. Use matte polish and draw on the details for a truly one-of-a-kind style.

Crayola Nails
Credit: uglyducklingnails

Have a little fun with your nails this back-to-school season by recreating your favorite Crayola colors on each nail. Stick to a monochromatic color palette for a simple but cute look, or mix and match colors for something that stands out.

School Supply Doodle Nails
Credit: nailsteria

This yellow nail design features school supplies like paper clips, and rulers, and you can’t forget the “back to school” text. If you don’t want yellow nails, remember to choose a color that will allow the black doodles to show easily.

Hello My Name Is...
Credit: nailsbyraybaby

I love the idea of including a name tag design on one of your nails. This is a great way to help new students remember the teacher’s name. These nails also have cute designs such as a crayon design, and even a “wash your hands” design.

Cute Paper and Pencil Nails
Credit: ricekittynails

I find this paper and pencil nail design to be incredibly cute. The colors are soft and feminine, and the addition of the pencil with a smiley face is just adorable.

Crayon Scribble Nails
Credit: nailzferatu

Bring your favorite childhood art activity to life with a crayon scribble nail design. Choose colors that coordinate well together and draw all over each nail in random directions for a fun look.

Black and White Back to School Nails
Credit: whatsupnails

Stick to a classic school-inspired look with these black and white nails. Use black polish to draw on fun designs like x’s and o’s, math equations, and more.

Pastel Doodles
Credit: nailsbylaney_

These nails use pastel colors and feature fun doodles like notebooks, globes, pencils, and paper airplanes. Think about some of your favorite school-themed items, and have them painted on your nails.

Apples and Notebooks Nails
Credit: tamaminails

The designs used for these nails are really quite creative. There’s a notebook with the ABCs, a drawing of the sun with hearts and clouds, and even an apple and pencil design on the tips of a few nails.

ABC 123 Nails
Credit: nailsbykatiebug

Show off your love of learning and teaching with a nail design featuring the ABCs and 123s. You can even include a simple math formula such as 1+1 =2 or 2+2=4.

Simple Symbol Nails
Credit: fi.nail.li

If you’re looking for a design that’s simple, but still has a school-related theme, these are perfect. Each nail includes a math symbol, and the middle finger has a red glitter apple.

School Supplies
Credit: hnnailsbyhoney

Add a fun twist on your school supplies nail design with an array of items like rulers, pencils, notebooks papers, binders, and more. Don’t forget to include a happy face.

Composition Notebook Design
Credit: pickynailart

In this collection, we’ve seen crayons, pencils, and notebook paper designs, but we have yet to see a composition notebook design. Growing up, I didn’t care for this type of notebook, but I sure can appreciate it as nail art.

Math Equation Nails
Credit: nailsmagazine

These nails include everything you need for math class. There are rulers, pencils, a chalkboard, and paper with math formulas. This design looks great with long nails, but would also work with shorter nails.

Pencil Design Nails
Credit: nailsbynaomi_d

These nails put a unique spin on back-to-school designs by creating one of the nails in the shape of a pencil. You’re sure to get plenty of compliments with this look.

Short Back to School Nails
Credit: blyssnailsupply

I like that these designs were done on shorter nails. That ensures that your nails are not only cute but also functional.

Simple School Supplies Design
Credit: bombergirlnails

Keep things classic with a school supplies nail design that uses all the essentials: ruler, pencils, erasers, and more.

There you have it, eighteen back-to-school nail designs for teachers that are perfect for the start of a new school year. With all these fun ideas, you’ll be sure to find a look that captures your personality.

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