16 tendencias de colores de esmalte de uñas de invierno de 2024 que dominarán la temporada


Cuando se trata de manicuras de temporada de moda, los frescos meses de otoño están muy asociados con colores de esmalte de uñas que son cálidos, acogedores y especiados, como las puntas marrón chocolate usadas recientemente por Hailey Bieber o las “uñas con aura especiada de calabaza”. visto en Halle Bailey .

A medida que la transición al frío del invierno comienza a aparecer, las paletas de colores de manicura más populares generalmente se actualizan para adaptarse al cambio de estaciones. ¿En breve? El ambiente es muy gélido, de mal humor, de tonos fríos y dramático.

Colores de uñas clásicos de invierno

Por supuesto, algunos colores clásicos probados y verdaderos son siempre una bandera verde durante los meses de invierno llenos de nieve, a saber, esmalte de uñas negro con brillo similar al de un diamante y manicuras rojas sensuales que son profundas, oscuras y verdaderamente listas para las fiestas.

Dicho esto, algunos tonos de esmalte de uñas inesperados se apoderarán de los próximos meses (como tonos de azul celeste que parecen hielo en las puntas).

16 colores de uñas para el invierno

Ya sea que sea un fiel asistente al salón o un pintor en casa, aquí hay 16 colores de esmalte de uñas de moda para el invierno de 2024 que definirán la temporada, según lo compartido por los expertos de la industria Betina R. Goldstein , Jin Soon Choi , Rachel Joseph , Julie Kandalec , Sarah Chue , Sonya Meesh y Elsbeth Schuetz .


Cromo bastante rosa

Los tonos de esmalte rosado dominaron los meses de verano y el color recibirá una actualización cromática para el invierno de 2024. “Barbie Pink fue definitivamente mi opción este verano, pero como amante del rosa, me encanta durante todo el año”, dice Joseph. un artista de uñas de Nailing Hollywood. “A medida que se acerquen las vacaciones, estoy seguro de que veremos muchos rosas con brillo reflectante y uñas de color rosa aterciopelado”.


Negro brillante

La bulliciosa “teoría de las uñas negras” es para las chicas independientes que quieren promover sentimientos de mayor confianza y mística.

Para los meses de invierno, Jin Soon Choi, manicurista y fundadora de JINsoon , predice que seguirá liderando las tendencias. “Las uñas negras son las favoritas debido a su frescura natural [y han] ganado una popularidad excepcional últimamente, lo que las hace muy atractivas tanto para mujeres como para hombres que desean hacer una declaración de estilo”.


Blanco invernal nacarado

For a frosty wintertime look on your nails, swipe on a timeless white shade with a pearlescent finish. “A pearl white like Lights Lacquer Polish in Frostbite, worn solo or as a topper over deep colors, is sure to please,” says celebrity manicurist Kandalec.


Classic Red

No matter the season, red nail polish serves up enviable “quiet luxury” vibes. Come winter, however, the beloved color is likely to go a bit deeper.

“The enduring allure of deep red nails remains popular because it exudes a sense of confidence, sophistication, and timelessness,” Choi notes. “JINsoon Audacity is a versatile color that complements all skin tones and never goes out of style.”

Beyoncé is the most recent celebrity to rock a classic red mani-pedi moment.


Creamy Milk Chocolate

The autumn months were filled with dark chocolate manicure moments. Come winter, Lee believes that the shades of brown polish will go a bit lighter instead. “I’ve been seeing a lot of lighter browns,” she notes. “I think these will definitely stick around for winter.”

Halle Bailey has already tapped the milk chocolate vibes with her recent velvet manicure.


Juicy Berry Tones

Alongside shades of classic red, deep berry nail polish colors with a slightly more pinkish undertone are forever a wintertime favorite.

Meesh, a celebrity nail artist, agrees that the color will be major — but with a sheer, almost jelly-like finish that leaves your nails looking juicy with serious high-shine.


Fairytale Silver Sparkles

Throughout the winter months, glam sparkles are truly take over the nail trends. Kandalec agrees, saying that her “clients are feeling shimmery, sparkly, and starry-eyed,” and naming a soft glittering silver look as one to watch.


Dark Academia Gray

Across fashionbeauty, and even home decor, dark academia is a buzzy aesthetic that taps those dark and moody vibes of ivy-covered, book-filled university campuses. And when it comes the world of manicures, that often translates to muted grey colors that complement that same vibe.

“I think grays are totally underrated,” Chue, an LA-based nail artist, explains to Bustle. “Next time when you want to go dark, try a charcoal gray instead of dark red or purple.”


Matte Black “Leather” Nails

Orly Matte Topcoat

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While glossy black nails are forever a go-to for winter, Schuetz, a manicurist and ORLY Brand Educator, tells Bustle that a trendy matte finish can completely elevate the traditional look to new heights. “I’m starting to see a black leather trend [with a leather-like] matte finish.”

As for created the coveted look at-home? Schuetz points to the ORLY Matte Topcoat to create that leather-like finish.


“Milk Bath” Nails

Stark white polish is a summertime staple, but you can expect the same white shades to be more sheer this winter.

“My go-to nail color is Chanel Le Vernis in White Silk,” says Goldstein, a Chanel nail artist with an impressive clientele that includes Margot Robbie. “It’s a beautiful alternative to the pink-hued, sheer nudes we apply in the summer. It has a hint of an ivory undertone, which adds depth and sophistication. I also love this as the base for a micro French manicure.”

Kourtney Kardashian Barker, for one, is a long-time fan of the minimalist trend, while Selena Gomez, too, has recently rocked the steamy hue.


Every Shade Of Green

From soft sage to deep emerald, manicurists agree that shades of green nail polish will be a wintertime staple for 2024. “I personally am loving the greens,” says Joseph.

In particular, Chue notes that she’s been seeing muted sage greens more frequently, while Meesh is partial to ultra-dark greens.

Schuetz adds: “I find [green] to be a color that symbolizes personal growth and helps one focus towards meaningful goals.”


Smooth Silver Metallics

The early 2000s influence is hard to avoid — and even when it comes to must-have manicures, Y2K-inspired silvers are still in. “Silver metallic and chrome nails are on-trend due to their ability to add a contemporary and chic touch to one’s style,” Choi notes.

Beyoncé most recently rocked the nostalgic shade of polish during her Renaissance Tour.


Sheer Neutrals

When in doubt, neutral shades of polish that complement your unique skin tone is an effortless way to tap those “model off-duty” vibes. Chue agrees, stating that she’s personally loving natural shades this winter.


Navy Night Sky

Fans of dark nails should consider adding inky blue shades to polish collection. “I am excited for a deep navy blue,” Goldstein says. “It’s an exciting alternative from the usual deep burgundy that we all tend to gravitate towards in the winter.”


Glittering Plum

Sultry shades of “cherry mocha” were major for fall 2023 — and this winter, the beloved polish shade is getting a glamorous makeover. Kandalec says to opt for “an ultra-deep plum with subtle glitter for a deep, luxurious feel at your fingertips.”


Icy Blue

Aside from dark shades of navy blue, baby blue nails are yet another pastel manicure trend that is set to take winter 2024 by storm. “Light blue stands out beautifully,” Schuetz muses.

Joseph chimes in to say: “I’m sure blue pastel with chrome will be around all winter as well to give a frosty, snowy look.”

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