16 Stylish Homework Nooks the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Jane Kim
16 Stylish Homework Nooks the Whole Family Can Enjoy
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Set a Serene Ambiance

rustic floral working room

Ashley Montgomery Design

Set an ambiance where you feel calm and collected when doing your work. You can often feel overwhelmed if you have a lot to do or you have a deadline to meet, so counter those feelings by being in a serene space. It’ll help you slow down and focus on getting everything done accordingly.

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Divide Study Nooks

double homework nook with divided walls

Michelle Boudreau Design

With any family, there is bound to be an overlap of work so it’s crucial for there to be enough space so everyone can complete their assignments worry-free. A simple wall divider guarantees privacy, so whoever is working can completely concentrate on their work without any distractions from their neighbor.

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Bring in Plants

bright and airy homework nook

Black and Blooms

Liven up your homework nook with some greenery, whether it’s real plants or fake ones. They will uplift your mood and give you an excuse to take a break to water them. Plants can also transform your dull space into a bright one, so have fun picking out plants that you love.

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Stick to a Theme

colorful modern homework nook

Studio Peake

When creating your homework nook, consider picking a theme and using it as a guide to decorate the space. Whether you choose a specific color or style, a cohesive theme allows everything to look and feel orderly.

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Make the Most of Every Corner

small homework nook near entrance

Kate Marker Interiors

Any space can be used to create a small and comfortable homework nook to sit down and do some work, especially unused corners. This unused space is transformed into a useful area to do last-minute assignments or write a shopping list before leaving the house.

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Work With a View

dark green homework nook

Bespoke Only

Working long hours indoors may feel a bit isolating if you don’t have the time to go outside to enjoy the weather. Working in front of windows gives you the sense that you’re outside while working, so you can feel more connected to nature.

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Create a Designated Room

white and bright homework nook

Kate Marker Interiors

If you have a big family, consider creating a whole homework room instead of just a nook. This way, multiple family members can come and go as they please without waiting for the other person to finish or scheduling specific times.

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Make It Yours

rustic wooden homework nook

House 9 Interiors

Your homework nook is as important as any other room you customize to your personal taste. It should be a space where you enjoy being. If the space is reflective of your personal style through the décor details, it will excite you to work thanks to the time and effort that went into cultivating a space that speaks to you.

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Stick With a Simple Theme

white and airy homework nook

Calimia Home

The theme of your homework nook should feel easy to work in without so much going on with the interiors of the room. Sticking with a simple color palette and a cohesive theme will help you stay focused.

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Simplify Your Nook

small and compact homework nook

Cathie Hong

If you’re lacking the space to dedicate a whole corner or room to a homework nook, don’t throw in the towel just yet. A homework nook can be incorporated into the lower shelf of a ladder shelf, so you can have the benefits of it being décor for the room while a workspace when being used.

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Share the Space

dual homework nook

Kate Marker Interiors

This kind of shared set-up is ideal for any couple, study duo, or for tutoring sessions. It allows two people to work in their own space while also having some company. When not working together, they can simply face their respective side and continue working by themselves.

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Elevate Your Space

Neutral homework nook with rattan chair

Anne Sage

Most homework nooks are at eye-level, but elevating the height of your homework nook makes it look a lot chicer and more unique. If you’re ever feeling tired of sitting the entire time of your homework session, just move the high chair over and stand while doing your work.

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Incorporate Storage for Everyone

light oak homework corner with natural light

Kate Marker Interiors

Shared homework nooks can feel impersonal or disorganized if your essential supplies are always out of place or lost. This homework nook has enough storage for each family member to claim their own, so they can be more organized when they’re using the space. The best part? There will be fewer arguments about who moved whose stuff.

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Have Good Lighting

green homework nook

Michelle Boudreau Design

No work can be properly done if there is not sufficient light to help you see and focus. Invest in a good light fixture right above your workspace, so you can keep your nook always well-lit, especially if others are sleeping in the same room.

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Change Up the Workspace

homework nook with oak table

Kate Marker Interiors

Sitting in the same chair and at the same table can start to be uninspiring after a while. Arrange different working stations in the same space, so you have the opportunity to freely move around and refresh your layout without feeling stuck.

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Take a Breather

open aired homework nook

Dan Rak

Consistent long work hours can be exhausting. Setting up a homework nook near a balcony or door that can be fully opened will allow you to step outside, and take frequent breaks whenever you need to stretch or soak in some sun.

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