16 Storage Shed Organization Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try

Ashley Knierim
16 Storage Shed Organization Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try
Shed for a desk

Breathing Room Organization + Styling

When it comes to decluttering, getting an organization plan down to a science is key to keeping things neat and tidy. And if you have a project as big as a storage shed, it may seem more daunting to set up an organization plan than if it were, say, a linen closet. But the good news is there are many ways to start organizing your shed without getting overwhelmed.

The first step is to come up with a plan and focus on exactly what you need to store in your shed. Then, prioritize the stuff you use frequently and make sure it is easy to access and easy to store (the key is to ensure your plan is easy to follow).

No matter what you have to store in your shed, we’ve rounded up a handful of great ideas to get you started. Read on for the inspiration you need to finally tackle that project this year.

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Use Adjustable Clips

Hanging tools in a shed

Courtesy of Settled

If your shed has vinyl or metal siding, consider using adjustable U-shaped hooks to hang up your must-haves such as shovels and rakes. This will allow you to move your system around as you need to without re-installing permanent hooks.

This is a great idea for those who find themselves buying new tools and goodies frequently.

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Add a Workbench

Storage shed

Neat by Meg

If you don’t have a garage, a storage shed is the next best thing when it comes to creating a place to work and DIY. If you have an unused wall or corner of your shed, consider finding space to add a floating table and storage cabinets to keep all of your tools and other must-haves.

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Try an Adjustable Wall Organizer

Clear organization shed

Design Organization

If you have a lot of brooms or garden tools to store, consider hanging an expandable wall organizer that you can easily pop tools in and out of. Remember, the easier your shed storage, the more likely you are to not just toss those rakes to the corner of your shed.

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Use Every Inch of Wall Space

Wood walls of a shed

Home With Chelsea

When space is at a premium, it’s important to utilize every open inch. Sketch out your system before you start nailing into the wall and be sure to consider using the space all the way to the ceiling. Just be sure to keep the items you use most frequently at arm’s reach.

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Add a Shelving Unit

Shed with a hanging ladder

Design Organization

If you don’t want to install shelves, consider a wire shelving unit that can be easily placed where you need it for extra storage. Opt for moisture-resistant bins to keep mold and mildew out, and don’t store anything close to the ground that can be damaged by moisture.

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DIY a Rack

Rack for shovels

Busy Dads Workshop

If you’re handy and you want something a little closer to the ground, consider this wooden rack perfect for garden tools. It’s on the ground so it provides easy access for you to get what you need without reaching up high and separate hooks to keep everything in order.

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Always Label

Storage tubs in a shed

S.T.O.R.E. by Steph Organizing

When you are maximizing a small storage space, stacking things vertically can give you the most bank for your buck. But because you don’t want to pull every box out when you’re hunting for that one item, make sure everything is labeled.

While opaque storage bins may look better, we suggest clear ones so you can see everything you have at hand.

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Consider Floating Shelves

Wooden crates in a shed

Tidy My Stuff

Floating shelves can be a great way to add extra storage space in your shed and remove items from the ground. They can easily be DIY’d and a track system allows you to move them around as your needs change.

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Use a Pegboard

Ped board for tools

Coastal Clarity Home Organizing

Hanging a pegboard is a great way to access all of your tools easily. It is incredibly simple and totally versatile for when you need to mix things up and store new items.

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Use a Pegboard for Larger Items, Too

Wreath in a storage shed

Pretty Real Blog

While we typically see pegboards used for smaller garden tools and other items, don’t dismiss the idea of using one for your larger items, too. Here, a wall-sized pegboard is perfect for storing rakes, shovels, and more.

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Make the Most of the Space

Ladder in a storage shed

Homestead in the Hood

Even a tiny storage shed can provide maximum storage if you use it wisely. Take advantage of the corners and sides first and make sure you leave room for maneuvering around, too.

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Add a Second Level

Shed with a second story

Ulrich Barn Builders

If you’re building a new storage shed from scratch, consider adding an upper level for even more storage. This is a great idea if you lack a basement or a garage for seasonal items you rarely need to get to, but also want to keep at an arm’s distance. Just be sure to keep a step stool or ladder close by for easy access.

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Consider Bike Storage

Shed with bikes

Obair Gordons

It’s easy to simply toss your bike in a shed or a garage and forget it, but it takes up way too much space and makes it difficult to navigate around the shed. Instead, install racks that allow you to quickly put the bike on the wall and out of the way.

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Hang Up Those Cords

Shed with hanging cords

Top Shelf Organizing

Think about what causes the most mess in your shed. If you have a handful of unruly cords and hoses, you are probably constantly battling them when you get to work. Take an extra few minutes to always wrap them up neatly and add moveable hooks that can hold cords and wires when you need it.

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Customize Your Storage Solution

Storage tubs in a shed

Andy and Helen’s Home Projects

Before you head out to buy racks and shelves, be sure to measure your space and find items that fit it as perfectly as possible. A bulky shelf that only uses a quarter of your floor space can actually make your organization system even more unruly. Try to fit the space as best you can or call in a professional to create a custom solution.

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Rethink Your Shed

Shed for a desk

Breathing Room Organization + Styling

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea if you have a storage shed that isn’t really being used properly. Consider transforming the shed into a well-organized office space. Not only will this provide a great “work from home” solution, but it also frees up space in your home if square footage is at a premium.

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