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The temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, beach days are here, and suddenly, we have a sunny disposition 😌. As we bring out short dresses, linen shirts, and cute sandals from deep within our closets, I couldn’t help but wonder, what summer 2023 nail trends should I be pairing my outfits with?

Summer is when we tend to get more creative and playful with our manicures, which means the more inspo you can find the better. Sure we love a simple, solid manicure — but nothing says summer like a bright and colorful manicure. Now is the time to go all out, say, for that vacation, you have been counting down the days until. Try out this summer’s most popular color – a shade of blue by OPI – or try out a more minimalist look.

With searches for healthy-looking hair, clean girl aesthetic, & self-care at an all-time high, 2023 has also been a year for the manicure minimalists: expect to see minimalist nail trends that show off healthy, pristine nails buffed to perfection everywhere you look.

I’m all about trying new nail trends. In fact, nail colors and nail art is easily one of the most closely followed trends on this blog. Like, I’m the kind of person who scours Instagram and Pinterest for nail art ideas before I even *make* my appointment. Valentine’s Day nails? Had them planned out in October. Basically, I’m ~dedicated~ to my craft, which is why I’ve been asking every single nail artist I know lately what the biggest 2023 nail trends will be.

Today on the Style Edit I’ve searched high and low for all the latest and trending summer nail designs to give you some inspo for your next DIY attempt or appointment. I apologize in advance because you might struggle to choose your favorite.

Scroll on for the summer nails that I’ve been double-tapping nonstop!

What nail colors are in for summer 2023? Looks like we’re ready to paint the town blue this year.

I’ve been seeing this beautiful blue nail polish color all over Tiktok for the past month. This is obviously a simple manicure but I just cannot get over how gorgeous this shade of blue is. I can’t stop staring at it! It’s the perfect pop of color for summertime that goes well with both cold and warm skin tones.

Get this exact look by putting on a few coats of OPI’s Shore is coming.

For a look that everyone can mimic at home with minimal effort, a sheer, milky manicure is the upgraded nude. Appearing at shows like LoveShackFancy, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson, and others, this cool (and easy!) manicure is a must-have for summer.

To learn how to recreate this look at home (affordably) and ON YOUR OWN!!! Check out this how-to:

DIY: How To Do The Viral Milky Nails Trend At Home On A Budget

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I also love the jelly-pink rendition of this milky white nail mani.

For the nail lacquer girlies out there try these:

Gel lovers must try MEMEDA Neutral Gel Nail Polish or Essie’s Mademoiselle

Sometimes all you need is a few simple squiggles to turn your mani into art. Take the summer season’s most popular color, blue, or use white squiggles for a really fun and minimal look. For mani maximalists, consider switching colors for each nail.

If you have ever had your aura photographed, you might be familiar with the splotches of colors that have a whole lot to “say” about your energy. Now we’re recreating the aura look on our nails.

To get the look try dipping nail sponges dipped in a different shade to the first layer of polish. Common shades are orange, yellow, and aqua – it’s totally up to what your vibe is. I can’t speak to the exact meaning of the colors, but I predict good vibes all around. ✨

Getting a salon-worthy mani costs money honeyyyy, and I don’t always have the time (ahem, patience). That’s why my manicures now exclusively consist of nail stickers and studs.

Not only do these decorative adhesives allow anyone — including those of us with unsteady hands — to pull off DIY nail art, but they take mere minutes to apply.

So in honor of saving some $$$ and time, try any of the following nail stickers to get an instant mani

White Gradient Shapes Nail sticker

Looks like we have a thing for pearls this year – according to Pinterest and style experts. Adding pearl decals to your summer manicure, makeup, and even hairstyle is a really fun way to elevate your outfit. I got these adhesive faux pearls from Amazon and have been adding them to my manis and hair all throughout spring. You will NOT regret getting sticky pearls – in fact if you’re anything like me you will have so much fun finding new places to stick these mini pearls.

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I personally love flower nails! I find that they’re very delicate but abstract. Floral decals are a special addition to any manicure without being too girly. Plus, there are so many types of flowers you can do. The following two manis are a cute and very minimal twist on the classic floral summer mani.

Lava lamp nails are the retro-style staple you need this summer. From the era of Groovy Girl, the Tamagotchi, and Furbis, the good old lava lamp was truly a millennial childhood staple. And what better way to immortalize those swirling blobs of goo than to transform them into wearable art?

Whether you’re using gold foils, gems, decals, or raised patterns created with builder gels, textured nails offer a bit of subtle drama for 2023. Think of it as maximalism for the minimalists. You can ask your nail tech what gems, foils or chrome powders they have, plus whether they can offer products like blooming gel to add some dimension. The possibilities are truly endless. 

A look that won’t go away anytime soon is the mega-viral Glazed Donut nails. I put together a little how-to if you’re inspired to recreate the look at home:

DIY: How To Create Hailey Beiber’s Glazed Donut Nails At Home

The tl;dr: these short mermaidcore-inspired nails are just stunning. Go real abstract with pearly white and silver shimmer shades in raised edges to get that sea shell detail that makes these nails a true work of art.

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Molten chrome nails are a great way to spice up your neutrals. When two trends unite, you get this iconic set: A glazed donut base topped with molten metal. The builder gel design allows for a 3D look, giving these nails more character. It’s giving aespa ⭐️

By now, you’ve probably heard of, fallen in love with, and even tried the glazed donut nail design. This summer the mani getting a bright and shimmery upgrade! These summer nails have the glossy look of glazed donuts but with a glittery finish. They’re slightly more glam, and way more fun. Plus, they’re easier to DIY than you think!

True nail enthusiasts know that TikTok’s velvet nails are actually using the cat eye nail technique—where a magnet is used to manipulate the polish and create multidimensional effects. This trend has been stepped up a notch in 2023, using the cat eye effect as the base for added nail art over the top. We’re seeing starry nights, galaxy 2.0 designs and even optimal illusion—combining two 2023 designs together to create something truly spectacular. 

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