15 French Manicure Nail Ideas in Green You Definitely Want to Try Right Away to Stay on Top of the Trendiest Nail Colors

blue french tips

French tips are a classic nail design—the nude base and crisp white tips are a perfect pairing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your own creative liberties and make the traditional manicure your own. These days, it’s common to swap out the typical white tip for unexpected colors. And lately, we’ve been spotting tons of blue French tips all over our feed. Ahead, take a look at some of our favorite blue French tip nail designs.

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Royal Blue

blue french tips

If royal blue is your thing, this design is right up your alley. While this mani is largely simple and traditional, the heart-shaped design on the pinky nail adds an interesting touch.

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All The Blues

blue french tips

Blue French tips are anything but basic, but for a more chic, simple approach to the trend, go for an ombré effect. It’s giving 50 shades of…blue.

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A Whole Blue World

wave nails

These blue wave nails evoke The Little Mermaid vibes. While this ocean-inspired design may seem too complex to DIY, with @nuka.nails’ tutorial, you can easily bring these to life at home.

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Blurry Blue

french blue tips

Robin egg blue is one of the prettiest variations of the color. And this blurry ombre-like French tip is the perfect way to incorporate the shade into your manicure.

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Starry Blue

french blue tips

These nails remind us of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. From the blue swirly sky to gold night sky accents, these nails are truly a work of art.

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Midnight Blue

blue french nails with silver nail stickers

This midnight blue mani is moody and magical. Achieve the dark blue French tip using Holo Taco Polish ($15) in Twice In a Blue Moon. Give the look an extra dose of pizazz with silver nail stickers—like these from Lights Lacquer.

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All That Glitters…

Glitter french blue tips

These confetti blue French tips are the party nails of our dreams. If it’s your birthday (or any day, really), add these to the inspo board.

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Molten Blues

blue french tips

ICYMI: Molten metal nails are one of the year’s biggest nail trends. And this mani is the perfect example of why it’s so in demand. Here, the baby blue French tips are further elevated with strokes of molten silver nail art.

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Blue Chrome

chrome blue french nails

On the topic of the hottest trends of the year, it goes without saying that chrome nails are at the top of the list. This shimmery blue chrome mani is most certainly worth recreating.

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Frosted Tips

blue tips

This manicure is bringing a whole new meaning to frosted tips. These snowflake French tips are next level—and you’ll definitely want to keep this design in mind when winter rolls around.

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Cool Clouds

blue cloud manicure

Bring the beauty of the skyline to your nails. All you need to do is decorate your royal blue French tips with fluffy white clouds.

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Speckled and Sparkly

blue frosted tips

These icy French blue tips are speckled and sparkly. Recreate this look with the Static Nails Muted Pastels Palette ($60)—specifically using the shades Pistachio, Milkshake, Earl Gray, Crushed Diamonds, and Doe My Dear.

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Glacial Blue

blue french tips

This mani feels ripped right out of Frozen. These blue French tips combine all of the fun nail trends—3D nail art, chrome polish, and glitter accents.

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