15 Festive Gold Chrome Nails to Send Off 2023 With!


There’s less than a month until the end of the year, meaning we have 1 more visit to the nail salon, so I say we make it worth it! Although everyone is riding the cherry red and burgundy wave, there’s another major trend that’s just as deserving of our attention – chrome. If silver was all the hype in the summer, this winter we’re dipping our fingers in gold! Let’s immerse ourselves in opulence during the Holidays with these stunning gold chrome nails!

negative space gold metallic nails design idea

What Base to Use for Chrome Nails?

The most commonly used base color for chrome nails is black, as it makes the metallic effect more visible. However, this is not the only color you can apply chrome powder to. You can use any highly pigmented dark nail polish as a base to create a unique effect and different shades of gold. You can also use white nail polish as a base if you want to achieve a lighter, pearl-like effect.

Are Chrome Nails Long Lasting?

After the chrome powder is applied, it is sealed with a top coat which prevents it from rubbing off the nail bed. However, if you have a long manicure, or you haven’t covered the edges of the nail too well with the top coat, you can expect to see the base color peeking through around the second week. Overall, chrome gel nails can last you up to 4 weeks with the right maintenance.

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 Festive Gold Chrome Nails

cherry red nails glitter gold chrome accents christmas manicure design inspiration

You can never go wrong with gold, especially when it comes to a festive manicure design! Whether you choose to go all out and adorn each one of your fingers in solid chrome, or incorporate it into a more creative concept, the results are always nothing short of amazing! Browse through our team’s selection of trendy designs to find inspiration for your next set of Holiday nails!

Gold Chrome Ombre Kitty Claws

taupe gold chrome ombre long almond nails

There’s something about the almond and stiletto nail shapes that’s incredibly feminine and alluring. I became especially fond of them after seeing Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle clear kitty claw manicure on “The Batman”, and nothing has been the same for me ever since. For a more festive appearance, you can dip the tips in gold chrome powder and create a beautiful ombre effect that melts into nude or taupe nail polish.

Mint Green with Gold Ornamental Elements

mint green nails gold chrome ornaments festive manicure 2023

I hardly ever see anyone wear mint green nail polish and truthfully speaking, I think it’s rather underrated. If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from a bold nail design, this Marie Antoinette-esque manicure with intricate gold ornaments is guaranteed to make a statement!

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Melting Chrome

gold 3d chrome nail design swirls

3D nail art is progressively becoming one of the most sought-after trends, regardless of the polarizing opinions that it raises. This is certainly not among the most practical manicure choices, however, there is something incredibly aesthetically pleasing and artistic about this abstract liquid-like design.

Minimalist Christmas Nail Design

gold chrome french tips christmas tree star decorations 2023

If you want a manicure that embodies the spirit of Christmas without going overboard with bright colors and intricate drawings – this is the one! A simple clear base, classic gold French tips, and minimalist chrome stars, and Christmas tree decorations are perfect for your inner aesthete.

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More Gold Chrome Nail Design Ideas

burgundy french tips gold chrome paint details christmas nails design 2023

Elegant Christmas Manicure with a Beautiful Reindeer Painted Decoration

gold chrome ombre nails reindeer decoration snowflakes christmas manicure design idea 2023

Angled French Tips with Gold Foil Outline

square angled red french tips gold leaf christmas nail design idea 2023

Classic Short French Tips with Silver and Gold Chrome Stars

classic french manicure gold silver chrome stars christmas nails

Burgundy Glitter Nails with Gold Christmas Decorations

burgundy red glitter nails gold chrome paint christmas decorations

Elegant Abstract French Manicure with Snowflakes

elegant abstract gold chrome french tips snowflakes design winter manicure 2023

Red, Gold and Black Plaid Christmas Nails

long red almond nails gold chrome plaid design christmas 2023

Chic Abstract Black Nails with Gold Leaf Accents

abstract black nails with gold leaf decorations festive christmas new years eve manicure

Square Acrylic Negative Space Gold Chrome Manicure

long square acrylic nails abstract gold chrome design winter 2023

Black Velvet and Chrome

black matte velvet nails abstract gold chrome decorations

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