15 Creative Leopard Print Nails To Jazz Up Your Look


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Unleash your wild side, and add a hint of print to your look with these stunning leopard nails.

If there’s one animal print that’s never really left the fashion scene, it’s leopard print. With this said, in the era of quiet luxury, the way that fashion’s it-girls wear their animal print is definitely on the minimalist side, both in clothing and on their nails.

Gone are the days of over-the-top leopard print nails that resembled a literal jungle on your fingertips – this time round, we’re all about subtle sophistication and understated glamour with just a hint of wildness.

In this article, we feature 15 styles to help you achieve the perfect balance between trendy and tasteful. For ease, save your favorites on Pinterest or your phone – we wouldn’t recommend DIYing these looks at home!

15 Pretty Leopard Print Nail Designs

1. Between the lines

Beige leopard nails with gold decals.

via @oshkina diana

It can be difficult to incorporate a bold print into your manicure without it looking busy. A design like this allows for a portion of your nail to be blinged-out, while the rest can be nude.

2. Bambi

Brown leopard print nails for fall.
via @matuszewsk.a

In the same breath, this beautiful blend of brown tones is the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of nail art while still being chic.

3. pop of color

Short leopard print nails with bright orange.
via @nails.top.manicure

People often make the mistake of assuming the accent nail must be the nail with nail art. A unique way to do this is to make a block color your accent nail among your nail art.

4. Wild on ice

Classy white leopard print nails.
via @glossyglow_bycintia

A frosted base color is super on-trend, similar to the glazed-donut nails that became TikTok viral. If they feel too cold, warm up the design with something like this leopard print.

5. opposites attract

Short rose gold leopard print nails.
via @blingstar_nail

Opposite aesthetics like this light pink and leopard nail art work together perfectly, either layered or on different nails.

6. Barbie in the wild

Cute red and white leopard print nails.
via @yasmi.nailart

For all the girly girls, this pink-toned nail art design is a great way to incorporate some nail art into your look, while still sticking to your personal style.

7. the classic

Short matte brown leopard print nails.
via @safinailstudio

For animal print nails, nothing beats blends of beiges and browns. This matte look on short nails is the perfect vanilla-girl-friendly manicure.

8. The outer edges

Short French tip leopard print nails

via @jazzynailsx

This unique manicure is a statement, without being too much. The focal point is actually the neutral base, despite the nail being surrounded by nail art.

9. Something different

Pretty white and hot pink leopard print nails.
via @beautiful_nails_cory

Before your salon visit, do you ever find yourself saying you want “something different”? If so, this multi-design manicure is the perfect one for you.

10. The party girl

Short blush pink leopard print nails.
via @naildiary0

Something about animal print feels very party-ready. Likely, because many evening looks incorporate some form of animal print or exotic skin. This black and gold manicure is perfect for party season.

11. French with a difference

Neutral nails with cheetah print detail in almond shape.
via @matuszewsk.a

A classic way to do nail art for every day looks is to incorporate it into your French tip. This design uses the intensity of leopard print to create the illusion of a French manicure.

12. Welcome to the wild

Cute brown cheetah print nails with French tips.
via @marrina_nails

In an opposite theme, if you’re proudly into nail art and want to go all out, you could add a hidden message like this one to do the talking, literally.

13. Neon Jungle

Bright orange and cheetah print nails with French tips.
via @nails_michelleartist

For a vacation manicure, neon-colored nails work really well with animal print, because naturally, they are in neutral colors. You can incorporate the color through accent nails or make it your base color.

14. Short and sweet

Short pink and leopard print nails with gold glitter

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A short manicure is minimalist, but looks very high-end, and is a complete shift from nail extensions which were in mainstream fashions not too long ago. If the short nails feel a bit boring, add nail art to amp it up.

15. Creamy Claws

Neutral leopard print nails.
via @alongamentosdeunha.agora

During the fall and winter, doing your manicure in brown tones adds a certain level of warmth to your look, even if it’s cold outside. Rather than a boring set of nails, go for a fun nail art design in similar colors.

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