15 Best Aqua Paint Colors That Are Sure to Make a Splash

Stephanie Montes
15 Best Aqua Paint Colors for Your Home
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With a name like aqua, the Latin word for water, it’s no wonder the hue boasts a bright shade of blue-green, one similar to the beaches you see on a screensaver. And similarly to those picturesque waters, the color varies from the brightest blues, perfect for eclectic spaces, to the deepest teals, which can skew more moody. With so many shades, tints, and tones available at our fingertips, navigating a sea of aqua shades can feel impossible. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 15 spaces—from living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms—sure to make your paint selection feel like smooth sailing.

  • Color Family: Blues
  • Complementary Color: Orange
  • Pairs Well With: Brown, gray, metallics, neutrals
  • Mood: Calming and moody
  • Where to Use: Accent walls, living rooms, and dining rooms
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Retro Glam

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Strike the perfect balance between retro kitsch and unexpected glamour with a pairing of a bright blue aqua shade and a pastel tone of mint green. The green undertones in both hues complement each other flawlessly, while touches of marble, gold, and crystal give both modern and vintage flair.

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Warm and Cool

aqua rooms


Blue is the coolest color on the color wheel—both literally and figuratively—and while we quite like that, it could use some warming up in a living room scenario. Make the cool hue feel more inviting when you incorporate shades of orange and brown into your design. We love how this living room pairs a jewel-toned aqua shade with an orange rug and warm woods throughout.

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Ride the Wave

aqua rooms


If ever there was a way to make a green-toned teal feel infinitely more sophisticated, it would be to incorporate more of it. We love how this space goes all in with a deep peacock shade painted on the walls, built-ins, window ledges, and tops off the look with a pair of coordinated armchairs.

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Deep Blue Sea

aqua rooms


Reminiscent of the color you’d see sailing deep in the Meditteranean, this dark aqua tone looks sophisticated splattered across these kitchen cabinets. Sure to stun anyone who steps foot into your home, the moody hue pops against a gray marble and gold hardware.

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Office Blues

aqua rooms


Take the term ‘office blues’ and turn it into a positive with an inspiring shade of blue-green washed throughout your home workspace. Transform your home office into a space you won’t want to leave when you splash this calming tone across your desk. Keep the top white to make things feel streamlined up top.

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Sand and Sea

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If ever you find yourself stumped with creating color combinations around your home, remember, one found in nature is always a sure bet. This living room pairs a deep aqua with sandy tones on the ground (from the hardwood floors to the rug). And what’s most impressive is that this setup doesn’t skew the least bit beachy—the leopard print, chandelier, and statement pieces make it feel glam. 

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Beachy Keen

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When in doubt, work with monochromatic palettes. Working tone on tone is sophisticated yet totally foolproof to pull off. Colors within the same hue but slightly different tones—for example, a bright aqua on the walls and dark navy tapestries—will always look stunning. The addition of shiplap will always help a space skew more coastal chic.

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In the Blue

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If you’re going through the trouble of retiling your entire shower, you better make sure you’re landing on a look you’ll love for years to come. If you’re caught between tile colors, allow us to sway you towards a bright blue shade that would normally be found somewhere in the Caribbean. This shower stall is like a vacation for the eyes every time you hop in to rinse off the day.

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Blue Skies Above

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If you’re looking to wow guests—Because why wouldn’t you?—forget the statement wall and opt for a statement ceiling instead. This aqua shade above makes the ceiling feel 20 feet tall and provides an unexpected twist in this Mid-century living room.

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Coastal Cool

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A classic color combination found everywhere, from Cape Cod homes to beach California bungalows, a pairing of blue and white is never a bad idea. The soft aqua-toned accent wall behind the headboard ties the blue hues throughout the room together. The addition of white feels clean and fresh, natural wood tones add depth, and texture complete the space. 

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Let’s Take This Outside

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In case you didn’t already know, color isn’t confined to just the inside of your home. We love the use of this deep, moody, dark shade of aqua on the exterior of this home. The enclosed porch and the blue make this space feel like an added room in the house. 

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Cooking Something Up

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Gone are the days of wooden or white lacquered kitchen cabinets—these days, your cooking space is an extension of your interior design and your personal style. A breath of fresh air, this bright shade of aqua makes this space feel anything but outdated—the chevron tiles, wide windows, and printed rug help too.

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Blue Suede Room

aqua rooms


Trust us, this room would not make the same impact with plain, white walls. Going monochromatic with the same moody blue paint on the walls, built-ins, and coffered ceilings gives this living area a next-level ‘wow’ factor very few can. A deep aqua feels glamorous and so expensive.

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Air Out That Laundry

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Laundry rooms and linen closets tend to show off little style—they’re most often a blank space used to house your necessities. It’s often practical and rarely stylish, but this aqua linen closet and laundry catchall is proof you can have it all. Stick white shelves for a pop of contrast and tons of personality in this often-dark closet.

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Out Of the Blue

aqua rooms


It’s pretty amazing what some molding, metallic accents, and a deep, opulent shade of aqua can do. You can transform even the tiniest, simplest powder rooms into one worthy of a palace with the right touches. For a truly showstopping look, paint the ceiling to match the walls. 

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