15 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas to Transform a Small Space


The tile in your bathroom has a huge impact on the style and overall look of the space. Colorful tile can brighten up the room, patterns can add interest and evoke different design styles, and plain black tiling can even make a bathroom look upscale and luxurious. And since bathrooms are usually one of the smaller rooms in your house, updating the tile can be a much easier undertaking than reflooring most other rooms.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to remove the tile you already have–floor tile stickers are budget-friendly, super easy to install, and can transform your bathroom in less than a day. But if you’re looking for a more permanent upgrade, you can give new life to your bathroom just by laying new tile. Whether you choose to install the new tiles yourself or leave the task up to a professional, these bathroom floor tile ideas can act as inspiration for your bathroom makeover.

In this bathroom design, the tile pattern is the showstopper. Black triangles create an eye-catching geometric pattern across the floor that serves as the focal point for the room. Small touches of black coordinate with the tile in an otherwise white bathroom.


The bold print of this bathroom tile doesn’t just cover the floor. The green and black tiles create an illusion around the tub and shower with a placement partway up the wall. They also serve as the floor tile for the shower, and pale green cabinets help tie the colors of the tile into the entire room.

Annie Schlechter

Bathroom tile doesn’t always have to match the rest of the room, but coordinating colors can have a beautiful effect. In this room, light blue, white, and navy tiles pair with dark navy cabinets. Combined with marble wall tile, the patterned floor tile helps add elegance to the bathroom.

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Using black slate tile makes this bathroom appear more dramatic and elegant. Black tiles help set off the dark wood cabinets, and are a great backdrop for highlighting a sophisticated red patterned area rug. Pairing the darker tile with white subway tile and wood panels on the walls give the space dimension without becoming too dark.

Adam Albright

At first glance, these bathroom tiles might look plain, but check again. Small hexagon tiles in shades of white and gray create a honeycomb pattern across the floor. The small-scale pattern adds interest while the neutral colors let other elements of the room—such as the dark wood cabinets and marble wall tile—shine.

Marty Baldwin

This spacious bathroom is the perfect backdrop for large-scale geometric blue tiles. The bold print pairs well with simpler white subway tile on the walls, with just a small accent of blue mosaic tiles. The coordinating colors also help the natural wood cabinets surrounding the sink stand out even more.

In this smaller bathroom, neutral tiles help keep the space from feeling cramped. Especially when paired with a larger vanity, the white and pale pink tile brings lightness to the room. It also coordinates with the wall tiles and tub, bringing cohesion to the small bathroom.

Nathan Schroder Photography

Black and white hexagon tiles form elegant flowers in this bathroom’s floor tile. The upscale, two-tone pattern matches the aesthetic of the bathroom with gold mirrors and fixtures and black walls. Rather than making the space look dark, using black for just half of the walls adds elegance and richness.

Laurey Glenn Photography

Rather than traditional square tile, try herringbone for a unique twist. This still-neutral pattern adds interest to the bathroom while still providing a basic backdrop for other design elements. In this room, the black and white herringbone helps set off the black clawfoot tub and black bathroom door.

Batter Homes & Gardens

Even in a space without much visible flooring, a large-scale tile pattern can still be a good fit for a smaller bathroom. Since the pattern used here is made up of neutral colors, it helps add interest without becoming overwhelming in the tight space.

Adam Albright

This bathroom proves that patterned tile can elevate a basic space. White subway tile and black cabinets provide simple decor, while bold patterned tiles become a focal point. The black and white pattern matches the rest of the space in color, but adds interest and immediately draws the eye.

Adam Albright

In a more spacious bathroom, large-scale herringbone tile creates movement through the room. The gray and white tile is a neutral but still eye-catching backdrop, and it complements the light blue walls without overwhelming the space. The color from both the tile bathroom floor and walls helps the stark white tub stand out.

Kourtni Munoz

The large gray hexagon tiles in this bathroom can work in almost any space. The slightly different shades of gray are a neutral starting point for any design style. In this bathroom, they help set off the natural wood vanity and storage shelves.

Better Homes & Gardens

Large, detailed black and white tiles create an intricate pattern in this bathroom design. The large scale of the pattern in black and white adds detail to the room while also acting as a neutral base. Pairing them with black cabinets, mirror frames, and a paneled shower door ties the entire space together.

David A. Land

This bathroom proves bold design can work in any size space. The patterned green bathroom tile floor pairs well with the potted plants used for decoration in the room. Combined with a forest-theme wallpaper accent wall and wood vanity, the entire bathroom feels tropical but elegant.

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