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Everyone likes their home to be colorful and invigorating. However, monotones of a color palette actually offer a better vantage point. These days, modern architecture and contemporary home decor are all the rage. These homes are highly functional and optimized for efficiency. What fascinates homeowners of modern homes most is the lack of redundancy in respect to furniture pieces, home decor, and the needless rainbow colors.

Although, the psychology of color dictates that happy colors such as yellow, orange, etc. along with cooling shades of blue and green help to calm the senses while hot colors like red help stimulate the inner drive. It is true, yet there are colors such as white, grey, or black which signifies personality, balance, and organization.

Don’t get us wrong, you can still use bright colors or cooling shades. But whatever color scheme you choose, make sure to keep it as singular throughout your living space as possible. So if you want a powder-blue house, then run wild with it. If you want a completely yellow color scheme, mix it with a little lighter shades of the paint. But if you want a red house, then think it over and refer to our article on the psychology of color to learn the kind of effects the tint has on your mindset.

A studio apartment layout is quite limited as it is. White shades are actually recommended for small spaces mainly because they make the overall space feel and look more expansive. The refractive quality of white tints works wonders in tiny apartment living. You can consider white for the walls and floors. A combo of light shades of blue and green which are close to white tinting may help add some color but still keep the space open and expansive.

You can also take the completely opposite route and go all black. The darkest color of the spectrum makes things appear more organized and helps hide grime and clutter. This solves a major problem in studio apartment living. Although the color scheme may seem a little dull, consider using shining materials such as black marble or tiles. You can add silver to most furniture pieces and use stainless steel appliances, thus, making the home seem more futuristic and functional.

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colour decor ideas for studio apartment

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You know those DIY videos all over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, what have you… Well, these videos are actually quite useful. The furniture design and home decor ideas that they share are actually very resourceful, especially for small apartment living. Studio apartments with their limited square footage, call for furniture pieces and home decor that can be easily removed or tucked away.

Therefore, consider using folding screens in your home instead of installing massive doorways to separate the living space. You can bring them out when you need them, otherwise, the floor plan remains open and spacious during the day.

Additionally, studio apartments actually, usually, come with optimal nooks and nails. These are optimally located to support wall-built furniture pieces or to create more storage space. You can use the nooks on the wall to install a foldable dining table or coffee table, maybe even your ironing board. They are also great to hang chairs and laundry baskets in enclosed shelving.

You can also use the nooks to mount foldable, wall-hanging closets rather than installing a walk-in closet. They also make great hiding places if you implement some curtains or sliding doors that take up limited space but help keep your clutter away from view.

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