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In a small living room or studio apartment, it is nearly impossible to accommodate a lot of seating space. This is why we suggest sectional sofa sets and ottomans along with foldable chairs. These seaters can be easily repurposed during regular days and make for extra seats when entertaining guests.

This is also perhaps a family room where your loved ones gather for a get-together. It is only fair that your decor ideas accommodate enough space for them all. Some additional seating, accent chairs, and low stools could easily do the trick.

seating arrangement for small living room

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In small spaces, it can be difficult to create distinguished zones for different areas of the house. Lay down area rugs to separate the spaces.

You can use area rugs under a small coffee table and create a sitting area with cushions as they do in Japanese interior design. You can also lay down a small area rug near the bookshelf with a seat to create a reading space. You can also incorporate area rugs near the Futon but avoid sliding them under side tables.

rugs for small living room

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Line your furniture pieces along the wall to open up the living space in a small living room. It makes the overall space feel more open and expansive not to mention it adds form to functionality.

Consider using wall-mounted furniture and utilizing small nooks and corners. If possible, incorporate sliding doors and windows to save space. You can also use screens and room dividers to create sectionals in your small living room.

dividers for small living room

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Much like any small space in a small house, a small living room benefits from using the vertical space for storage and functionality.

Incorporate tall instead of wide furniture pieces and bookcases. Hang tall curtains to make the room space feel larger. If necessary, install shelving at a height and use stools to access them. This creates a rustic and glam look all at once.

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small living room storage design

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Much like the color scheme, small spaces call for bright lights to illuminate every nook and cranny. You can choose a small chandelier for elegance or use ceiling lights to prevent obstruction of the small space.

Here’s an idea – hang string lights on the walls or along the edges of furniture pieces. This illuminates your home and adds the glam factor.

Also, don’t forget to install glass ornaments and reflective surfaces as much as possible. This makes your small living room seem larger.

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lighting for small living room

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