13 Velvet Nail Ideas For the Most Sumptuous Autumn Mani

Close up of a shimmery velvet magnetic manicure in a golden-brown tone
@disseynails / Instagram

Few nail art trends feel as perfectly tailored to the cooler months as velvet manicures. The plush polish, usually brought to life with the help of a handheld magnet, evokes cozy living rooms and attire fit for royalty (hence the name). And fall colors—think deep shades of brown, orange, purple, and green—just amp up that sumptuous feeling.

Ready to slip your fingernails into something a little more luxe? Scroll on to check out 13 of our favorite fall velvet manicures.

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Close up of a brown chrome manicure with deeper brown velvet details
@heygreatnails / Instagram

Did you know chrome looks even more stunning with some velvet trim? Velvety French (and double French) details help this frosted mani stand out.

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Penny For Your Thoughts?

A copper velvet manicure against a sunlit white background
@heluviee / Instagram

You heard it here first: You’re about to see copper and bronze everywhere this fall. They are arguably the members of the brown color family that best adapt to the two biggest nail trends of the moment—chrome and velvet—making them appealing autumnal options.

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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Close up of a dark manicure with velvet details in blue and purple-ish pink, the hand against a gray background
@heygreatnails / Instagram

Magnetic nail polishes can help you (or your nail tech) create your most out-of-this-world mani. Nail artist Aiste Haas layered several shades to achieve this multi-dimensional look.

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Closer to Home

Close up of a purple velvet manicure with pink and blue flecks that evoke outer space
@melanatedmani /Instagram

If you don’t have the time to layer magnetic polishes (or just don’t want to), you can still get a gorgeous velvet galaxy mani from a single bottle. For this set, artist Anna used Mooncat’s Magnetic Polish in Cheshire Cat ($16).

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Crimson Peaks

A long, stiletto-shaped manicure in crimson velvet, topped with gold 3D chrome web details
@afreshset / Instagram

Nail artist Alora referred to this set as “the perfect nails for fall,” and who are we to disagree? In this burgundy manicure, velvet pools are framed by 3D gold chrome. Unless you have plenty of patience (and practice), you’ll want to go to a pro to recreate this set.

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Give Me Some Space

Close up of a manicure with a milky base and blobby velvet details in a deep red
@naileditbyalyssa / Instagram

A negative space manicure—especially one featuring shifty, fiery swirls against a milky base—is a great way to dabble in velvet if your taste errs on the minimal side.

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Lush Life

A brown velvet manicure with French tip detailing in the same shade
@disseynails / Instagram

Bring the French illusion manicure into the cooler months in the most autumnal way possible: By layering shades of gold and brown.

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That’s Deep

Close up of a skittles manicure in shades of velvet caramel, blue, purple, and green
@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Aqua blue might not immediately come to mind when you think of the autumn color palette, but it provides a welcome pop of color amidst more staid shades like eggplant purple and olive green.

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Close up of a hand with a brown-copper-bronze magnetic manicure, folded over a chunky sweater
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Nail artist Lauren used Nails.Inc’s Magnetic Nail Polish in Attract What You Want ($5) for this cozy bronze set that, dare we say it, almost veers into cashmere mani territory.

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Shifting Gears

An olive green velvet manicure manicure
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

Once late fall hits, we’re on the hunt for nail art that transitions seamlessly to winter. This green velvet moment—which shifts from olive to amber to evergreen, depending on the light—fits the bill flawlessly.

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A Touch of Class

Close up of a brown velvet manicure with glossy solid black details
@amyle.nails / Instagram

Black and brown is a timeless pairing, one further elevated here thanks to a creamy brown velvet base with glossy black circular details.

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Written in the Stars

Close up of a manicure with velvet tips and zodiac decals on the natural-colored base
@disseynails / Instagram

Silver might not be the most obvious choice for fall (it’s very winter-coded, we admit), but it’s perfect for a celestial mani. Pair silver velvet tips with decals representing the autumn zodiac signs—Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius—for an extremely seasonal mani.

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Caught in Your Web

Close up of a silver-ish black magnetic manicure with cobweb French tips
@nailartbyjen / Instagram

Finally, what’s a fall nail gallery without a little Halloween inspo? Nail artist Jeanette Flores whips up many inspiring velvet Halloween manis, such as this black cat eye set with cobweb French tips.

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