13 Bedroom Fireplace Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
13 Bedroom Fireplace Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space
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Midcentury Bedroom with Gray Fireplace

master bedroom fireplace leather chair
Hector Sanchez

A charcoal gray fireplace mantel with clean lines and a white stone surround pops against warm white walls. Painting the millwork on your fireplace is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to create a striking design statement. The charcoal paint color gives this wood-burning fireplace a modern feel that’s perfect for this midcentury modern bedroom.

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Marble Fireplace Wall with Built-In Bench

white marble fireplace in a bedroom

Dominique Vorillon

A sleek fireplace with a modern surround made up of a single slab of stunning white marble forms the focal point of this bedroom. Its clean lines and simple design offset more detailed architectural features such as a built-in bench, a storage compartment for wood, and millwork details surrounding a pair of floating shelves. If space permits, add to the coziness of your fireplace with built-in seating.

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Wood-Filled Bedroom Fireplace

black walls in master bedroom with white firepace and bed
Katie Charlotte Fiedler

You don’t need a roaring fire to make a design statement. A classic white fireplace is filled with birch logs for color and texture contrast in this modern bedroom. It stands out against moody charcoal walls and its details echo the intricate crown molding in both color and material. Attach a mantel to one of your bedroom walls and fill the hearth with short logs to create the illusion of a real fireplace.

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Painted Brick Fireplace

white brick fireplace in bedroom

Don’t love your red brick fireplace? Or maybe it doesn’t fit the rest of the room’s decor. Instead of investing in a new one, use a coat of white paint on the brick for an update that instantly transforms and brightens the room. The white fireplace, along with sand-colored walls and plenty of natural light from multiple windows, creates a calm and serene feel in this bedroom.

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Modern Bedroom Fireplace with Built-Ins

white bedroom with fireplace

Ryann Ford

Built-in shelves and drawers flank a white fireplace in this light and bright bedroom. Custom shelves on either side of a fireplace are an excellent use of space, help emphasize the fireplace as a focal point, and add storage. The simple lines of these built-ins echo the minimalist design of the fireplace that’s seamlessly integrated into this bedroom.

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Traditional Marble Fireplace

blue holiday bedroom with a fireplace

Werner Straube

A stately marble fireplace is a beautiful and fitting design element in this traditional bedroom that features tall ceilings, elegant crown molding, and a serene color palette. A wood-burning fireplace with a marble surround is a timeless feature that evokes old-world glamour and sophistication. Two simple wall sconces flank the mirror to continue the traditional design and serve as an additional source of ambient lighting.

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Rustic Bedroom with Corner Fireplace

rustic farmhouse bedroom with a fireplace

Ed Gohlich

A corner fireplace surrounded by plaster-finished walls adds to this rustic bedroom’s old-world charm. The placement of this two-sided fireplace creates a cozy reading nook along with a plush armchair and a small wood side table that ties in the stunning wood beams and ceiling. A corner fireplace also saves space since it doesn’t take up an entire wall. Instead, it’s tucked into a corner that might otherwise go unused and projects heat and light in multiple directions.

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Bedroom Fireplace Architectural Feature

stylish bedroom poster bed fluffy ottoman
Michael Partenio

If you live in an older or historic home, you might be lucky enough to have a fireplace that’s original to the building. Embrace the charm by decorating the room around the fireplace’s original architectural features. This bedroom features an elegant window alcove and detailed millwork in the form of crown molding and wainscoting that emphasize the stunning marble fireplace. An ornately carved mantel gives the space charm and character that contrasts a modern piece of art above it. If your fireplace isn’t functional, fill the hearth with a decorative element such as birch logs.

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Mounted Fireplace with Rustic Wood Mantel

bedroom with red, gray, and white decor
Edmund Barr

This striking modern bedroom features a mounted fireplace that emphasizes the tall ceiling height and clean horizontal lines on the floor-to-ceiling windows. A chunky wood mantel adds new material and textured warmth into the otherwise contemporary space, and provides a decorative ledge for decor pieces. The TV mounted above the mantel feels more integrated and decorative, as it resembles the fireplace door in color, style, and shape.

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Historic Bedroom Fireplace

cottage bedroom with a fireplace

Gordon Beall

This bedroom boasts a traditional fireplace with a brick-lined hearth and tall surrounding millwork. Instead of being a stand-alone focal point of the room, it feels like an integrated extension of the rest of the space. A vintage-style area rug plays off the warm wood tones and adds a bright pop of color to an otherwise dark and neutral bedroom.

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Angled Corner Fireplace

parisian inspired bedroom window treatments
Paul Dyer

An angled corner fireplace is a perfect solution for a room that doesn’t have a full wall available. Multiple windows, doors, and furniture can easily take up all the wall space in a bedroom, making a corner a great space-saving solution. This warm and inviting bedroom also proves that a room can have more than one focal point. The mounted built-in fireplace and upholstered bed both act as focal points that complement each other.

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Off-Center Electric Fireplace

teal room Budget Reupholstery
Greg Scheidemann

An off-center electric fireplace makes for a unique design feature in this blue bedroom. The asymmetrical placement of the minimalist fireplace and the mounted TV contrast with traditional artwork, patterned curtain panels, and a plush velvet wingback chair. To combine stylistic elements, use one main color to create continuity.

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Blue and White Bedroom Fireplace

coastal bedroom with a fireplace

Laurey Glenn

From the classic coffered ceiling and oversized windows to the modern white fireplace with a gray marble hearth and a built-in window seat, this bedroom is sophisticated in every way. To keep artwork above a mantel from getting lost, consider scale when selecting it. Keep the fireplace height and width, room size, and ceiling height in mind to ensure your art piece enhances the fireplace instead of diminishing its grandeur.

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