11 Must-See Modern Dining Room Ideas

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
11 Must-See Modern Dining Room Ideas
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Modern Rustic Dining Room

modern dining room with wood beams and cane chairs

Erin Little

Rustic wood beams on the ceiling, light-toned hardwood floors, and natural wood dining chairs with a cane detail fill this white dining room with inviting warmth. A streamlined black dining table brings in a contemporary touch and pulls in the black color from the window and picture frames for a balanced look. A stunning bubble chandelier draws the eyes up and makes a modern statement in stark contrast with the ceiling beams. Iconic Hoffman side chairs add timeless style, and using an armed version of the chairs at each end of the table creates symmetry and additional visual interest.

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Modern Meets Traditional

modern dining room with wall mural

Max Kim-Bee

A neutral color palette and an interesting mix of textures gives this bright and open dining room a modern edge. An oval-shaped glossy white dining dining table stands on a natural jute area rug and is surrounded by rich brown leather chairs. A modern light fixture introduces an industrial design touch and a new material. These contemporary elements are in contrast to a more traditional mural-style wallpaper displaying a pastoral scene. When blending two contrasting styles, maintaining a cohesive color scheme makes the space feel intentional and harmonious.

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Midcentury Modern Dining Area

modern dining room with brick walls and wood ceiling

Annie Schlechter

A walnut midcentury modern-style dining set gives this dining room a welcoming feel. A matte black three-arm ceiling light continues the streamlined design theme and a light beige jute rug brings in an organic texture and anchors the furniture. When a room features different materials on the walls and ceiling—such as this mix of brick and wood paneling—use the same color on both to create visual continuity and give the room a modern update. In true midcentury form, a cool green potted cactus adds height and brings the outdoors in.

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Dining Room with Statement Lighting

modern dining room with pink walls and round table

David Land

Soft pink walls create a calming backdrop for this eclectic dining room. A sculptural pendant light creates a striking centerpiece above a mid-century modern tulip dining table. Both pieces add a splash of bright white color to modernize the space. A built-in L-shaped bench provides ample seating around the oval table and holds colorful throw pillows. Dining chairs upholstered in bold fabric pop against the mainly solid features throughout the rest of the room to help tie the color scheme together.

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Vintage-Inspired Accents

modern dining room with wood floors and rug

Dane Tashima

vintage-style area rug on warm-toned herringbone hardwood floors creates a collected, lived-in design base. A long tapered-leg wood dining table with a sleek marble top sits under a statement light fixture whose modern design draws attention to the tall ceiling height, creating a sense of space. Abstract artwork in simple white matted frames adds interest to the walls while maintaining a light and airy aesthetic.

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Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

modern dining room with wood floors and pendant lights

Dane Tashima

This modern farmhouse dining room is as cozy as it gets. A large wood dining table, plush sheepskins, leather seat cushions, and green metal pendants create a space that invites you to sit and linger. Metal dining chairs are a contemporary addition, while a textured area rug with a blue stripe and fringe detail soften the room. Woven wood shades on the windows bring in extra warmth and texture while allowing natural light to flood in.

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Sophisticated Dining Space

dining room with bench and chandelier

David Land

Tufted dining chairs, an emerald-green bench, and navy blue walls make for a timeless and elegant dining room. To balance out these more traditional elements, white wainscoting, solid curtain panels, and a soft, abstract area rug brighten and modernize the space. Touches of antique brass in the curtain rods, light fixture, and ornate frame add warmth and pair well with the pops of deep blue and green for a subtle jewel-toned color scheme.

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Eclectic Dining Room

modern dining room with wood floor and rug

Annie Schlechter

Deep blues, light pinks, and contrasting shapes work together to create a layered, eclectic feel in this modern dining room. A round area rug—a non-traditional choice—echoes the shape of the dining table. A dark accent wall creates color contrast and highlights a framed piece of art. For a jewelry-like finishing touch, a brass Sputnik-style chandelier adds a linear feature and fills the negative visual space created by a tall ceiling.

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Contemporary Colors

modern dining room with wood floors and a round dining table

Kim Cornelison

Saturated terracotta walls frame the entrance to this ultra-modern dining room. The bold color choice pulls in the warmth from the hardwood floors and cane detail on the Cesca chairs, leading the eye to a contemporary piece of art that echoes the burnt orange wall color. A round tulip table and white pendant light continue the modern theme, keeping the space bright and uncluttered.

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Black and White Dining Room

modern dining room with black chairs and subway tile

Max Kim-Bee

wet bar with white floating shelves and classic floor-to-ceiling subway tile is a bright backdrop for a rustic wood dining table and black cafe dining chairs. A wet bar is an excellent alternative to a traditional buffet and provides ample storage, a display surface, and functional features such as a sink and a wine refrigerator. Two understated farmhouse-style pendant lights complement the color scheme and add a vertical element to break up all the horizontal lines.

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Moody Dining Room Colors

modern dining room with rug and large wall mural

Jay Wilde

A foggy mountain scene takes center stage and sets a moody tone in this modern dining room. A mural-style wallpaper makes a bold statement and a dark gray ceiling accent creates the illusion of a stormy sky, tying together the dramatic accent wall. Wallpaper murals tend to be used in more traditional spaces, but if you want give the wall covering a contemporary twist, treat it more like artwork by framing it. A slim wood frame pulls in the warmth from the leather and bamboo dining chairs, while deep red and charcoal tones in the faded area rug create a cozy feel.

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