10-Year-Old Doesn’t Know Her Dad Is About To Adopt A Dog After Years Of Waiting



She thinks her dad is there to do a photo shoot for rescue dogs. What she doesn’t know is she’ll have 10 mins to pick one for her very own.

They are at the North Shore Animal Rescue League of America to shoot a ten-minute photo challenge. But her photographer dad, Jordan Matter, has plans to give her a very special surprise.

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The 10-year-old has always wanted a dog and has been carrying around a stuffed animal ever since she was a little girl. She’s been begging for a dog for the past 3 years. So, now her dad is going to see if he can turn her stuffed animal into a real animal.

So, in the next 10 minutes, they will be taking as many photos of rescue pets as they can and if there is one that happens to be right for Salish, they will bring it home but there is no promise the right dog will be there that day.

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So as the rescue league quickly leads them through the facility so they can photograph animals as fast as possible, the adorable Salish is assisting her dad by posing with the animals that are available for adoption.

As they rush through the shelter taking photos, the tension builds. How many adorable animals can they help in the next 10 minutes and will Jordan be able to surprise his daughter before their time is up?

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Salish is a natural with the animals and poses with the cutest kittens. She’s clearly falling in love with each animal but now since they are done with the kittens, are on their way to the puppy room.

Salish loves posing with cute dogs. And, the dogs love her back. It’s one big photo shoot puppy party and Salish’s smile couldn’t get any bigger. But the question for her dad comes, can they get a dog?

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Dad explains these dogs are too big but Salish can bathe a dog instead. She’s such a trooper and doesn’t show her disappointment as she heads down to bathe an adorable puppy. Once they are done, it’s off to the next part of the shelter, the big dogs.

Since Salish knows she’s never getting a big dog, you can imagine how she might be feeling. But, she’s so happy to help the shelter dogs but still longs for one of her own…in the meantime, she keeps posing for pictures with the pups.

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The next stop on the photo shoot is the outdoor area. More cute pics to follow and more big dogs for Salish to pose with. So far, there are no little dogs in sight.

But then, when they have only 30 seconds left, here comes the cutest little dog, ever. A white fluff of cuteness runs to Salish and it’s easy to guess what is going to happen next. The 3-year-old nameless dog needs a home of his own and has been returned to the shelter several times.

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Salish gets her dream dog, and two shelter lives are saved, the white dog and the dog that will eventually take his place. It’s the sweetest happy ending for all. We hope you enjoyed their cute story. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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