10 White & Blue Nails To Wear For Intriguing Looks


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Get your nails summer-ready with these stunning white and blue nail designs, perfect for a beach vacation.

Choosing a summer nail color can be tricky, as there are so many options that fit many different moods. However, if you’re looking for a festive color combination for Memorial Day or the 4th of July but don’t want to go for instantly obvious patriotic designs, why not try a set of white and blue nails?

While white and blue may seem like an odd pairing, when mixed together, they’re reminiscent of crisp ocean waves and cloudy blue skies, creating a calm and serene vibe. And if you’re not convinced yet, they’re also the perfect contrast against tanned summer skin.

If you’re due for a manicure, browse through this list of 10 creative ideas and screenshot (or pin) your favorite for your next nail appointment!

The Best White & Blue Nails To Copy

1. Fine China

White and blue tile nails.
via @nailsbyrobinandnicky

Each of these gorgeous blue and white nails features a different porcelain or fine china design to create a stunning look. The nails have a white base and are decorated with intricate designs, similar to those you would find on porcelain, creating a beautiful summery aesthetic.

2. Bold Florals

White and blue daisy nails.
via @phoebesummernail

Go for a striking look with this bold floral design. The thumb, middle, and ring fingers have a white base then are decorated with stone blue flowers, while the rest of the nails feature the floral design on the white French tips – the perfect design for the spring and summer months.

3. Gold Foil + swirls

White and blue marble nails with gold foil.
via @meraki_nails_cardiff

We love the glam look of this manicure, with the delicate blue swirls and gold embellishments. Each of the nails has a sheer white base then half of the nail is decorated with a blue and white swirly marble design, and finished with gleaming gold foil for an opulent touch.

4. Florals + Oranges

White and blue swirl nails with oranges.
via @nailsbyrobinandnicky

This fruity manicure is just perfect for your next summer vacation, with gorgeous blue and white flowers and cute little oranges. Start with a sheer pink base then are a wave of white polish at the edge of the nail and decorated with intricate blue florals. Finish the nails with little oranges dotted around each nail.

5. Water Droplets

Short light blue and white nails.
via @peachinails

This white and bright blue design reminded us of water droplets and splashes – making it the perfect manicure if you are off on a beach or poolside vacation soon! The nails alternate between blue and white bases and then are decorated with drops, waves, and splashes in the opposite color to create this unique design.

6. Evil Eye

Minimalist white French tip nails with blue evil eye motif.
via @nailsbycharlx

Add an extra special touch to your classic French tip manicure with this evil eye nail look. You just need to add a row of blue polka dots just below your crisp white French tip, then turn the middle polka dot into an evil eye for an unexpected finishing touch!

7. French tips + Waves

White and royal blue French tip nails.
via @nailsbysmf

If you are looking for a chic and sophisticated blue and white manicure, then this French tip and waves design is just what you need! The nails have a sheer pink base and are finished with a white French tip, except for the ring finger which has a royal blue French tip. Each nail is then decorated with an abstract wave of blue or white polish for an artistic touch.

8. A lemony touch

Blue and white Mediterranean tile nails with lemons.
via @heygreatnails

For those of you heading off to a Mediterranean country this summer, you really need this lemony manicure! The glossy nude nails have been decorated with blue and white patterns, either at the tip or all over the nail, then a little bright yellow lemon is added to each nail – so cute!

9. Glitter + Flowers

Short dark blue and white daisy nails.
via @nailsbybrooke___

This glittery flower manicure is so pretty and will add a little extra sparkle to your everyday look. Three nails are painted with navy blue glittery polish, while the middle and ring fingers have a sheer, nude base and are decorated with white flowers, with navy blue glitter centers to create a beautiful manicure.

10. Floral French tips

Short white and blue French tip nails with tile motif.
via @allyssapower

This is another blue and white manicure that reminds us of the designs on fine china – so gorgeous! The nails have a sheer pink base which really lets the white and blue floral and polka dot design on the tip of each nail shine. This nail design is perfect for the summer months for both long and short nails.

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