10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World


I am sure you have been a German Shepherd owner for years. But there are some incredibly rare dog breeds you’ve probably never knew existed. Not a Goldendoodle or a White Schnauzer, we are talking about some super unique and super adorable dogs that you might not see the next time you visit a dog park.

Around 200 dog breeds are living on the globe. People adopt Corgis, Labradors, and tiny Chihuahuas and to bring colors to their lives. However, a few pet owners look for a status symbol or desire to have the best dog.Ezoic

We have squeezed a list of ten rarest dog breeds in the world. You won’t witness them on every sidewalk or a dog park. They are few in number, and for this reason, AKC refuses to recognize some of them officially. Let’s begin!

Caution: They are beautiful companions, but some breeds are considered to be endangered.

1/10- Stabyhoun

Around 4000 dogs left in the world, Stabyhouns come from a province of Netherlands, known as Friesland. They are famous for their all-round nature. They serve as an extraordinary guard and hunting breed.


Only found in their homeland, Stabyhouns are used to catch rats and moles. They can endure extremely low temperatures, thus used as a working breed. The beautiful animal is hardly found anywhere except the Netherlands.

2/10- Mudi

Generally known as a “Moodie,” the Mudi is a herding breed grown for work and show. The curly-coated Hungarian animal is a compelling and energetic breed that is loved by agility lovers. A Mudi might not be as famous as other Hungarian dogs, but its qualities distinguish it from other breeds.


It can company you for a long walk and loves jogging with the owners. At the same time, people use them as a flock guardian, skilled hunter, and a rodent exterminator. This 19th-century breed is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

3/10- Lagotto Romagnolo

This devoted, affectionate, and fluffy breed comes third on our list of most rare dogs in the world. Popular as a gun dog or a lake dog, Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed. They make adorable family pets only if you find one.


Lagotto Romagnolo will love truffle hunting, but they are mostly used as water retrievers. A purebred Romagnolo is a highly trainable dog and takes care of its owner. Although they look like a cute teddy bear, Romagnolos are intelligent and attentive dogs.

4/10- Thai Ridgeback

Apparent from its name, the Ridgebacks come from Thailand. The mysterious dogs were not recognized until they got fame in their country of origin. A ridge of hair that runs along their backs and grows in the opposite direction of its coat makes them unique animals. Surprisingly, they join the family of 2 other breeds having this distinctive trait.

If you are planning to adopt a Thai Ridgeback, make sure you have tight security and keep an eye on them. Yes, you guessed it right. The ancient breed is an escape artist and loves freedom. Although rare, Ridgebacks are gaining popularity in other countries as well.

5/10- Azawakh

This leggy hound originates from West African. Azawkhs serve as a guard as well as a good company for their owners. These sighthounds are slim, tall, and active breeds that make them a perfect choice for those looking for a running and hunting option.

The speed enthusiasts prefer Azawakhs as they can chase gazelles at a speed of around 40MPH! That’s crazy!!!

This intelligent breed has its own personality and is found in different markings and colors; however, the thin coat remains in all varieties. The AKC acknowledged the Azawakh breed in 2011.

6/10- Norwegian Lundehund

Cute at first glance, Lundehund pups were initially bred for hunting Puffins in Norway. Unlike four-toed legs, they have six toes on their feet that make them unique and a rare breed of the world.

Moreover, the elastic joints and flexible neck allows Norwegian Lundehunds to move their heads back, increasing the range of body movements. Privileged to be the only dog, bred for hunting Puffins and its eggs, a Lundehund is a great pet to have (only if you’re able to find one.)

7/10- New Guinea Singing Dog

The famous, but rare dog from New Guinea is named name after its strange vocalization. Yes, they do sound like they are singing. Primarily known as a wild breed, the New Guinea Singing Dogs have made their way to many people’s homes. They can be a perfect companion of children and make lovely pets.

Traditional tribes of New Guinea kept them as a hunting machine. Their physical ability and intelligence are not less than any other breed. If you are looking for a dog with totally different features, look no further than the Singing Dogs.

8/10- Kooikerhondje

Formerly developed to hunt waterfowls, a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a breed of Holland. The end of World War ll also put its existence in danger. Thanks to the breed enthusiasts who kept the dog alive, that is why it is one of the rare dog breeds of the world.

Due to the scarcity of species, the cute pups are still finding acceptance in the world. They are loving dogs who love to spend time with the owners.

9/10- Tibetan Mastiff

Large size, double coat, and long fur give them the appearance of a lion. Hard to believe, the inhabitants of Tibet still keep this scary breed to protect livestock. They are good hunters and excellent guard dogs.

An adult Tibetan Mastiff is no less than a beast, and it is challenging to train these massive dogs. Not many people prefer to keep the scary animal in their living rooms!

10/10- Otterhound

This webbed feet breed was not as famous in the 19th century as it is today. Initially bred in ancient England, Otterhounds are rare dogs with a double count that gives them a rough look.

They have outstanding hunting skills, but as they are few, people use them as domestic pets. They are exciting, noisy and friendly dogs. What else do you need from a family pet?

Wrapping Up!

I bet you were unfamiliar with at least one of the above mentioned rare dog breeds. All of them are adorable companions and make excellent domestic pets.

What are you thinking? Are you interested in buying one for you? Go ahead. Who knows, you might find a GEM!

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