10 Best-Selling Behr Paint Colors of All Time

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
10 Best-Selling Behr Paint Colors of All Time

The paint colors we choose ultimately set the backdrop for the way we live in our homes. Each coat of paint sets a visual tone and has the power to instantly transform a space. To help you find the perfect shade for your next painting project, we asked Erika Woelfel, Behr’s VP of color and creative services, to share the brand’s best-selling paint colors of all time.

“Consumers are leaning towards sophisticated neutrals, from beige to taupe, to white and gray,” Woelfel says, explaining that neutrals continue to be popular. She explains that these colors offer more versatility within the home, which is why they top the best-sellers list year after year. She also points out that they can be used to build upon with furniture and decor for the perfect living environment. The list of fan favorites also includes dark tones that add depth and drama, as well as a nature-inspired green that’s as fresh as it is classic. So whether you’re on the hunt for an exterior shade to boost your home’s curb appeal or a calming pick for the bedroom, here are Behr’s most popular paint colors.

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Blank Canvas

Walls in a living room painted in Blank Canvas

Courtesy of Behr

Blank Canvas is the perfect backdrop that is easy to build upon to highlight other features in the home,” Woelfel says. The soft shade is a beautiful choice for a light and airy tone-on-tone look. “It is a warm, welcoming white with the transformative power to offer limitless design opportunities,” she says.

Paint Color: Blank Canvas by Behr

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Adirondack Blue

Wall behind an upholstered bed and wood nightstand painted in Adirondack Blue

Courtesy of Behr

Whether you’re looking for an accent paint color for a bedroom or a stylish shade for family room built-ins, Adirondack Blue is a popular pick. It brings just enough color without being overpowering, and Woelfel describes it as a reassuring slate blue that adds timeless sophistication. Pair it with warm wood tones and natural textures for a relaxed and layered aesthetic.

Paint Color: Adirondack Blue by Behr

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Chic Gray

Walls in an eat-in kitchen painted in Chic Gray

Courtesy of Behr

Chic Gray is a cool and sophisticated silvery gray that sets the tone as an elegant style statement,” Woelfel says. Opt for this soft gray tone to create a modern, open, and airy home and add light wood tones, organic textures, live greenery, and matte black metals to complete the space.

Paint Color: Chic Gray by Behr 

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Cracked Pepper

Dining room wall painted in Cracked Pepper

Courtesy of Behr

As the brand’s 2024 color of the year, the deep shade of Cracked Pepper is both timeless and modern. “It is a versatile soft black that will instantly elevate not only the room you’re in, but the way you feel in it,” Woelfel says. Dark paint colors have been trending this year, and this moody hue offers the perfect blend of drama and warmth for a stunning design statement.

Paint Color: Cracked Pepper by Behr

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Creamy Mushroom

Hallway with floor to ceiling windows and walls painted in Creamy Mushroom

Courtesy of Behr

Set a tranquil scene with Creamy Mushroom, one of Behr’s most popular neutrals.
“Creamy Mushroom is a calming, earthy tone of gray that is both relaxing and inviting,” Woelfel says. Use this warm paint color to infuse your home with a cozy feel and layer it with other neutrals for a modern space that’s anything but boring.

Paint Color: Creamy Mushroom by Behr

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Vine Leaf

Entryway wall under stairs painted in Vine Leaf

Courtesy of Behr

Go bold with Vine Leaf, a deep garden-inspired green that’s equal parts fresh and classic. “It’s a dignified green that makes a statement,” Woelfel says. It’s a pretty way to bring the outdoors in or create a stunning accent wall. Use this green paint color on kitchen cabinets paired with antique brass hardware, or juxtapose the saturated shade with crisp white trim for an elegant look.

Paint Color: Vine Leaf by Behr

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Jungle Camouflage

Home exterior painted in Jungle Camouflage

Courtesy of Behr

If you’re looking for the perfect paint color to boost your home’s curb appeal, look no further than Behr’s Jungle Camouflage. “This is a subtle and relaxed gray-green that possesses unlimited versatility for effortless transformations of interior and exterior spaces,” Woelfel says. It adds a hint of color while being neutral enough to pair well with outdoor hardware and lighting in a range of metal options, from copper and brass to black iron.

Paint Color: Jungle Camouflage by Behr

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Dark Crimson

Fireplace mantel painted in Dark Crimson

Courtesy of Behr

A nod to aged fine wine, Dark Crimson has scarlet tones that give it a vintage-like quality and timeless appeal. Woelfel says this deep and exquisite red is an excellent way to add a note of elegant luxe to your home. Choose this shade to highlight architectural features such as an ornate fireplace mantel or traditional millwork.

Paint Color: Dark Crimson by Behr

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Office shelves painted in Platinum

Courtesy of Behr

Use Platinum to infuse a bedroom, bathroom, or home office with a calming atmosphere. “It is a light, soft gray that soothes the heart and mind,” Woelfel says. It’s a lovely choice for a wall color or built-in bookshelves, given it’s soothing tone, but Platinum is also a great pick for color drenching an entire room.

Paint Color: Platinum by Behr

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Ceramic Beige

Styled Built-in shelves painted in Ceramic Beige

Courtesy of Behr

Ceramic Beige is a filtered golden beige that helps convey a feeling that is both comforting and classic,” Woelfel says. Pair this creamy hue with soft pastels to emphasize its lighter, more youthful side. Or, elevate the warm shade with darker neutrals for a cozy and inviting space.

Paint Color: Ceramic Beige by Behr

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